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    1. Prison

      by , 08-09-2014 at 06:17 PM
      So i was driving home from a two week vacation and it was a 14 hour ride I only remembered one dream from that ride so here it goes.

      I was in prison with two guys from a tv serie called Prison Break it was Micheal scofield and his brother Lincoln I am watching this show as we speak and we saw a dark tunnel in the prison so we ran in and at the end of the tunnel there was a couch and somehow this was very usual in this prison prisoners like to run and jump on the couch but we were there first than we can hear the intercom and we hear 'We almost forget to jump the COUCH!!' and the three of us now that we are in trouble but we see a hallway we can run into but also there are alot of couches when the prisoners run towards the couch we run into the hallway and micheal hides in a corner next to the couches so that he won't be run over and I suggest that as soon as the prisoners run towars the first couch we go back into the hallway and run back in the prison Micheal says '' Do what you gotta do' and i decide to stay and hide between two other couches all the time this happens I fear for being stabbed by a prisoner than the prisoners come running towards us we survive but a bold scarry guy lies on the ground behind me and starts talking to me that I should come and fight him I say 'No thank you' and he does a weird flip and is on his feet again I react and hit him but in this dream I have no power he still goes down but when i try to finish him but kicking his face in he doesn't feel anything there is another bold guy who is also trying to kill me but than lincoln and michael jump on top of them and lincoln has a gun and he tells the guy that he has to leave me alone or he will shoot him he doesn't listen and tries to kill lincoln than lincoln and micheal both put the guys in a armbar and than I woke up. It was a really weird dream.

      Ps. I'm new to this site so I hope I understand the concept of this forum if not please tell me I'm also new to lucid dreaming en dream recall.