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    Lucid Dream: "To the edge of Earth"

    by , 07-10-2011 at 02:15 AM (843 Views)
    Finally decided to start a online dream journal. Since i've been practicing for about a year now I think my LDs are starting to become interesting enough to share. Also, I might need to write down any connections through the International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming project.

    7/9/11 - "To the edge of Earth"

    I somehow become lucid in the yard around my house. I did a couple different reality checks and was sure I was dreaming. The dream was acting unstable so I rubbed my hands and slowly spun and it quickly stablized and became very clear. I noticed that my surrounding were snowy and white. In the sky I saw a deep, vibrant green-blue planet that resembled Earth except it had about four enormous craters on it (so beautiful!). In the distance I saw a large white house up off the ground like you see at the beach. I thought about flying toward it and seeing if there were any DCs to talk to. However, I then recalled my goals and decided to do something different. I decided to first practice my flying skills. I held my arms out in front of me and jump-flew up and tried to land on my house. I totally overshot my mark and faceplanted on the other side of the yard in the snow.
    Then I decided to try and do something i've always wanted to do... to leave Earth's atmosphere. I crouched, jumped and flew straight up with a great deal of speed. I quickly passed through many beautiful cumulus formations and was many many miles high. I looked out at the horizon and saw the endless cumulus clouds and oceans curving inward toward the horizon, backdropped by the deep blackness of space. It was so beautiful it nearly took my breath away.
    Now I decided to fly back to the ground and try to impact like an asteroid. I flew back very fast and hit the ground but the dream suddenly blacked out. I thought that was it when something very strange happened. My entire field of view was fixed upon a 2 dimensional screen which looked like a high altitude surveillance image and in the foreground were these horizontally moving rows of numbers and symbols, a lot like The Matrix. I couldn't read any messages. Then, I was back in a field near my house. I remembered my next goal, to experiment with expectation and belief. I slowly started saying to myself "When I turn around there will be a doorway to a place I need to see". Then, the dream quickly flashed away and ended without any fading.

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    1. Morte's Avatar
      Wow... Well that was one cool dream. Good luck with future epic LD's
    2. MatrixMaster92's Avatar
      Thanks man, this one was really not much compared to other more experienced guys LDs. I still have a lot to learn! Thanks though and good luck yourself =D