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    Reading With My Eyes Shut

    I Hate my Mother

    by , 02-07-2011 at 09:20 AM (431 Views)
    My Notes

    I awake to my 6 hour alarm. Before I went to bed, I made sure to remember to be more alert when I awake. This worked, and I remembered to get up and think for a few minutes. I was in bed and started trying to WILD. I got in a comfy position after stretching and attempted to enter SP. After a few minutes, my feet began to tingle. Every few minutes, for a few moments, my heart rate would increase dramatically. This may have caused brief arousal .
    My entire body began to feel heavy. I did for a few moments begin to see small HI, but this never lasted long. It was mostly just weird textures. I eventually was forced to give up, as I went to bed later than I wanted and really needed my 8 hours.

    In my first dream, I'm extremely angry at my mum. I don't know why exactly, but I just am. We're in my family car (the old one) parked outside someone's house. I can tell it's a hot, clear sky day. Two kids are about to pass the car. I know I really shouldn't, but being extremely angry, I hit one of them very hard in the face through the window. For some reason I thought they were a threat. My mum and my brother (both also in the car) are horrified at what I'd just done. They made it seem like I committed murder. I remember seeing her calling someone on her phone. The police?
    I'm now inside my house, running from my bedroom to the living room. I pass my dad, who is sitting in the main TV chair.He greets me with a smile and asks me what's wrong. His calmness temporarily calms me down. I tell him how I really hate mum, and how I really mean it. Before he gets a chance to respond I run outside. There are black leather chairs and lots of rubbish outside. I sit on one of the chairs. I remember seeing my dad with a confused expression looking at me through the window.
    That was a pretty awful dream. I never like being angry at my mum, and I'm usually not. That's not the first dream where I've hated her.

    The second dream was very short. I was in my older brother's bedroom with the light off. My little brother was with me. He was showing me a HTC "phone" he'd just bought. It was basically a watch with a screen. The screen expanded across the entire wrist band. I recently bought a very nice watch that glows in the dark very brightly. That could explain this dream. I remember wanting to buy one. I knew there was one out even better than his, but I thought buying one better than his new one would be unkind. I watched Top Gear last night. In it they were making fun of James because they had a Ferrari much better than his. I did feel a little bad for James. This would have also contributed to the dream.

    In the third dream, I was with my friends Luke, Joel and George. We were all camping together. This is probably my 1000th camping dream after participating in Outward Bound. I was talking to George, something about how you should cover yourself in warm water to warm up. This made up both laugh. It's the afternoon and I notice nobody else is here. I look around, and I'm the only one there. I stay calm; at least it's not night. Later on Joel and I are at a wooden fence. I look over it (it's very tall) to find someone's backyard, with a bowl of dog food in it. I realise that this is actually a set-up camp. I go to tell Joel.

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