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    13/06/12 - Two old lucids and two new ones

    by , 06-13-2012 at 03:25 PM (528 Views)

    Good morning! Figured I might aswell write down two lucids I didn't care to write down last week in here aswell as two I had last night.

    Sith training with Nito DILD
    I'm semi lucid in a dark room with a Sith Lord, an apprentice and Nito. "Relax and seethe" the master tells us. I close my eyes and relax my body whilst letting the rage within me flow freely. I start to levitate with my legs crossed. After a while I leave the room. I realize I'm dreaming and head up some stairs. "Nito! Where are you?" I ask out loud. I run up the steps. "You've got ten seconds to answer or else!" I say. "I'm coming dude, hold on!" he replies from below. I continue up to the top of the stairs and arrive at an attic. I wait for Nito there. A few seconds later he appears with my youngest brother. "Okay so, we'll play a game. Hide and seek in bedclothes" I say. They look at me confused. "Bedclothes?" Nito asks. "Yeah, you know you can hide in them." I hear something outside and walk over to the lone window. I look out and can see a fountain in a courtyard and a few people around. I throw myself out of the window and start flying right away. I fly around them in circles before I land and the dream fades.

    Highway mayhem DILD
    I'm lucid right away and I'm with a few guys from work. We're near a highway and there's a big bus next to us. "Everyone get on the bus!" I say and as soon as we're all on it it takes off. We go down the highway and have a blast in the bus. Everyone's laughing and joking. I stand up in the middle of the bus and look ahead. We're on a two lane road and there's another two lane road going the other way on the other side of a fence. I reach out with my hand, palm towards the cars. They all start sliding away from us, even the cars on the other lane. "Hey guys, check it out, I'm the one doing this!" I say and push even harder. The cars start piling up and flying over each other.

    We arrive at a big building. "Stop the bus!" I say and the bus stops. We get out, only one coworker follows me into the building. It's one huge room painted in white. There are balconies all around the room all the way to the top. I start flying around the room doing loops and just chilling. After a while I figure I've had my share of fun and decide to wake up.

    22.00: Sleep

    06.15: Friends house
    I'm sitting at a table at my friend Jonas's house. His mom is there with my friend G. "I can't believe the five of us has a girlfriend now, a few years ago we were all single" I say. G has shaven his head and looks ragged. I grab a black pen and intend to write something. "Don't waste too much of that ink" Jonas's mother tells me. I grab another one instead.

    06.15: WBTB 10 minutes

    08.00: At work MILD
    I'm in my dad's car just outside of work. I realize I'm dreaming right away and I smile at them as I close the door. They smile back and head off. I've been dropped off at the same place I'm always dropped off at. 'This'll be interesting.' I cross the road and head for the fence surrounding the establishment. I can't walk very fast and figure I'll have to stabilize a bit. I focus my eye sight on a cinderblock a few yards away and the clarity increases tenfold. At the fence I jump lightly and float over it. Two guys are heading inside. "Hey guys!" I say and go in before them.

    I sit down at my usual spot around the big table and just relax a bit. People are joking and I go along for a little while. "Bah, I won't waste a lucid at work" I say and get up. I fart at my coworker and then jump out the window. I land on my stomach but it doesn't hurt. I hold out my hands to the side and start to levitate. With a mental push I shoot straight up into the air and the establishment beneath me shrinks to the size of a dice. I change the push so that I fly towards a bit city.

    I gain some speed and the wind is roaring in my ears. Ahead I see a huge white building and realize it's "The Globe", a big domed structure in Stockholm. I focus on it as I fly but suddenly a few clouds block my line of sight. I descend a bit but when I should see The Globe I can only see the regular city houses. 'Okay dream destabilizing, time to land.' I shoot straight down into the city and just as I land everything goes black.

    I end up in SP and decide to go straight into another lucid. I lie still and wait for it.

    Give me your car! DEILD
    I'm standing in the woods next to a road. There's someone next to me. "Time to steal a car!" I say and walk out on the road. There's a bunch of cars coming towards me. I hold out my hand and the first vehicle, a truck, stops. I get in. "Get out of the truck!" I say threateningly. "But, I'm a midget, surely you don't want to hurt me?" the tiny man says. "Oh, yeah ofcourse" I say and jump out again, who'd hurt a midget? I let the truck pass. An older sportscar comes up.

    "Stop!" I yell and the car stops. I recognise the driver, it's a guy from my hometown. "Get the fuck out!" "Please don't take my car!" he says and tries to get away from me. I grab his legs and drag him out of the vehicle and throw him down on the ground. I get in and hit the gas pedal. The car accelerates and I'm really enjoying myself. The windshield is in the way however so I punch it a few times before it breaks apart. Not all glass falls away but enough for me to get my arm out of it and rip the rest away. "Wohooo!" I scream into the wind. All of a sudden I'm sitting in the passenger seat and my brother is the one driving. We arrive at a ghostly house. 'Oh damn, this schema can get nasty' I don't really feel like being near a ghost house in my LD so I start to wake myself up just as we park outside.

    10.00: Wake up

    Amount of sleep: 12 hours

    Supplements: 1 x Lucid Dreamer and 100 mg L-Theanine at WBTB

    That's it! Had a whole bunch of non-lucids aswell which were pretty cool, but I can't be bothered to write them all down.

    Keep on dreaming!

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