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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. 01/10/11 - Playing around

      by , 10-01-2011 at 05:13 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Got myself a whole lot of needed sleep last night. Had a lucid early on but can't recall much of it. Got another lucid and a long dream after that. My girlfriend's mother visited us and stayed for the night and I was worried about having a nightly adventure, but ofcourse I did! Aswell as a false awakening. Everything at once!

      23.00: Sleep

      23.30: Nightly Adventure
      *I wake up. I can see someone climbing up Monica's computer shelf. It's her mom. That thing is definitely not made for someone to be climbing on it. "No, no, no! Careful!" I say out loud. She keeps climbing upwards towards the curtains. After a while she starts to fade and I can only see shadows.

      Night: Fragment DILD
      *I can't recall what I did before, but I'm outside and the landscape all around me is amazing. It has the feel of an epic world, with dark green colours. I spot some floating islands in the sky and I just have to get there. I jump off the ground and fly faster than I've flown before. I approach the islands when suddenly a black curtain is drawn before my eyes. It's like my vision is split in half, a few seconds later everything is black.

      07.00: Stealing stuff and ruining people's day DILD
      I'm with my brother Martin. We're walking around in a huge building on a resort of some sorts. We arrive at a desk and I spot a big bowl with red plastic bands in it. The manager is checking out something on the wall. Martin grabs a handful of bands and runs off, all of them seems to be connected and comes rushing out the bowl.

      I run after him and we laugh. He's fast though and I can't really keep up. After a few doors I can't see him anywhere. I spot a black kitchen door and burst through it. Cooks give me curious looks as I dart past them. I head through three more doors before I exit the kitchen and arrive at the big main hall at the top of a big flight of stairs.

      I realise I'm dreaming. Why not go with the flow? I jump down the stairs and land at the bottom. I need to find Martin again. "Martin!" I yell out loud. "I'm over here" siomeone says. I walk towards the direction of the voice and end up at a big rack of skii's and some canoes. "Where are you?" I ask. "Down here" Martin says. I look for someone in a red shirt, but can't see anyone. I figure he's under a canoe. I check out the wall and it's now full of fishing gear.

      I ask him about different fishing rods and lines for a while before I decide to go explore a bit more. I go through a big door and end up out on deck. Apparently we're on a big cruise ship. There must be atleast a dozen of people out on deck and the boat is just making a big right turn. I grab the boat under me with both my hands using telekinesis and jerk it to the left. It works great and the boat makes a sharp left turn. People all around me fall to the ground or just nearly. I laugh a bit.

      "I did that" I tell them and make the boat move a bit more. They all breathe out after getting an explanation. "I am practicly God" I say jokingly. To my surprise they all start to chant. "You are God, you are God, you are God!" I feel like doing another trick and hold out both my hands and try to make a flame appear by straining them and spreading my fingers. After a few tries I give up, I only manage to make them warmer. Hmm, perhaps flying will suffice. I make a few jumps and strain myself to take off, but nothing!

      God damnit! I jump off the railing of the boat and land on the surface of the water. I'm sure it'll be easier to fly off from here. I start to levitate. I guess that'll have to do. I hold out my hand towards the boat and turn it. The boat flips upside down and I leave it there sinking when the dream starts to fade.

      I wake up in my bed. Monica and her mom is also waking up and I bring out my pen and paper to write down the dream. I only have time to write what time it is before they start talking to me and themselves. I can't just tell them to shut up, so I listen to them for a while.

      10.15: RC cars and a LAN party
      I'm with my brother at a race track. My dad is inside the small shop and I can see him through the glass. He asks me if I want to go racing with the adults. I ask my brother the same question and he nods excitedly. "Yeah let's do it" I tell my dad. I have a RC car with me that I start playing with. It's really fast and I make it do wheelies all over the place. Another car shows up and we make them make a weird little dance around eachother. The cars starts to lose parts and soon there's only a leg of some sorts left.

      I start walking down the track with my brother when a few real cars comes racing past us. We almost gets hit.

      The dream skips. I'm now at a LAN party and trying to play some games. My brother and I can't seem to connect and it's laggy as hell. They're playing some awesome FPS game that looks like Battlefield, but they really suck.

      10.15: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 11 hours

      Supplements: None

      That's it! Kinda fun to start off the month with 2 lucids. Even remembered to produce some flames, but I don't seem to be able to without a lighter yet. Flying still destabilizes the dream and I'm still awesome at telekinesis.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    2. 15/06/11 - Successful DEILDs

      by , 06-15-2011 at 11:03 AM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Didn't recall much except some fragment about monkeys before eight. Went back to bed for thirty minutes and had a few pretty cool lucids. Sadly though, some sexual frustration shone through and made me unable to think clearly on my goals. Did manage to summon a DC in a way!

      11.30: Sleep

      01.00: Nightly Adventure
      *I wake up. There's someone drilling a hole in our ceiling from above! I can see the drill and long thin hole they've already made. I'm so shouting at them. I get up. "Monica" I say and intend to tell her this time I'm not dreaming it. I take my cellphone to get some light up on the ceiling. There's no hole or no drill. What? I check the pillows for the dust that was coming down. Nothing. Oh well.

      08.00: Fragment

      08.00: 10 minutes WBTB

      08.36: Flowers MILD
      I'm at my friend G's appartment. He's playing video games with his other two friends and it's my turn to play some real life one. Apparently you go down into the basement and whack these small rods hanging down from the ceiling. I need something to whack them with, and I spot a very cool aluminum weapon, with a sharp hook at the end, lying on the table. I grab it and head for the door. "Dude, that's mine, you can't have it" one of G's friends say. "Oh really? What am I supposed to use then?" I ask him. He points at a pile of iron bars. They are all deformed. Someone knocks on the door. "It's probably my neighbour whining about the music again" G says and turns it down.

      I grab a hammer lying on the table. "You want me to do this then?" I ask his friend, threatening to smash his damn weapon to pieces. "No, come on stop it Matte." I let the hammer go, grab a metal bar and leave the appartment. I head down the stairs, at the bottom there's two people. A Spanish-looking dude smiles at me, I figure it's his neighbour. At the entrance of the basement, I meet up with Monica. There are three different corridors infront of us, with rods hanging from the ceiling. I start running down one of them, I get completely soaked by some pipe which is leaking. I whack them all and run into complete darkness.

      A green field appears infront of my eyes and I stop. Monica's next to me. I realise I'm dreaming. "Wow" I say as I look around. We're standing on a small hill covered in green grass and different kinds of plants. There's clover all around us and not far away is the sea. I spot a big yacht. It appears to be a hot summer day and I decide to activate my senses fully this time. I get down on my knees and feel the grass. Touch all plants I can and smell them.

      I grab a handful of them and stuff them into my mouth, it doesn't taste much but the texture is just right. I look at Monica, she looks happy. We start looking for different things to eat. Sadly there's not much fruit in Sweden, but I find a green ball-looking flower. Like a flower which hasn't bloomed yet. "Oh babe look at this!" Monica exclaims. She's holding a cloudberry. "It looks just a raspberry." I put the flower I found in my mouth.

      I don't have time to taste it though before the dream fades. I lie completely still and think about the scene I just left, I imagine touching the plants.

      08.36: And bees DEILD
      I'm touching the plants around us. I'm back! I look at the sea once again, this time I see several boats, the yacht is very close to the shore. "Show us your titties!" I yell out. No one on the boat even cares. One boat goes up on the shore though and people are climbing out of it. Monica and I go closer. My primal insticts kick in, I feel like having sex. "Let's have a threesome" Monica tells me. Uhm, sure haha. I look for a woman our age. The people who came ashore looks like a family, a few daughters but all too young. "There's a woman" Monica says and points.

      A completely naked woman appears. She's walking towards the family, and must have been sunbathing or something on the beach. We run down the hill towards her. When we reach her, she's in water up to her waist. She's tying her hair up in a knot and when she puts her arms down, I can see her perfect breasts. I know I'm dreaming so I don't really have to ask her for anything. I walk towards her. "No Matte, please don't" she says. Apparently she knows my name. I want to hold her but she keeps backing away, all the time with a teasing smile on her lips.

      I know how to make her more willing. I put my hand on my forehead and drag it downwards, changing my face to whatever face she think is hottest. I can't feel any change myself, but it's an illusion, she sees exactly what she needs to see. "Oh damnit, my legs are tingling" she says and squirms.

      08.36: Let's finish this! DEILD
      I wake up in my bed. Tyrion Lannister from "Game of Thrones" is sitting on a chair next to me. That's weird. He tries to distract me with nonsense, but I decide to count my fingers instead. I count eight. I know I'm still in a dream. Apparently "Weeman" is coming aswell, but I don't care. I decide to finish what I've started. I get up and leave my appartment. I head down the stairs and exit into the light. It's so hot! Everything looks amazing and I activate all senses I can. I know the girl I was just about to have sex with lives nextdoor.

      I walk the few meters while touching the bushes to my right. I grab a handful and stuff them in my mouth. Very rough texture. I head through the door into her building and spot a few McDonald wrappers, I try to see if I can smell anything in particular, but everything smells normal. I chew the plants while heading up a flight of stairs and stop at the first floor. "Terrybrook" it says on the door. I knock. An older woman comes down from the second floor and looks at me. I smile and chew my plants. I point at the handle of the door and imagine it being unlocked, and it is!

      The door opens and there she is. She's wearing a bathrobe. She gives me a big smile and tells me to come in. She runs into another room and I walk in and close the door. I get an adrenaline rush from the excitement. Crap! Relax, you won't wake up yet. I take two steps.

      And wake up.

      09.36: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 8½ hours

      Supplements: None

      New Powers: Face illusion

      That's it! Kinda cool dreams, and I'm so glad those DEILD's worked like a charm! Advanced Task complete, woho! The illusion power was also a new power for me. Might come in handy some time.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    3. 08/04/11 - Four lucids in one night

      by , 04-08-2011 at 11:50 AM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Had a very cool night. I did a proper WBTB and took my remaining Calea with some G+C to see what would happen. It worked great! Broke my old record of three lucids in one night, with one. Also I'm once again not sure how I induced the first dreams. It was more of a MILD as I didn't hit SP from what I can remember and the rest was also some kind of DEILD/MILD.

      23.00: Sleep

      04.50: WBTB 25 minutes

      05.55: Taking it slow MILD
      I'm in an appartment building, walking up the stairs. A woman with a child appears infront of me, she has a wagon with her and she's dragging it backwards up the stairs. Why won't she just take the elevator? I patiently follow her. Up the top a door opens up and she enters it, leaving the kid and the wagon outside, blocking my way. I grab it and push it into the appartment.

      I realise I'm dreaming and decide to head further up the stairs to see what's on the attic. I reach the top and the stairs twist and continue in a large room. They go from one corner at the bottom to the opposite one further up. I follow them and walk slowly, careful not to fall down into the nothingness next to me. I reach the top and push open the door. I'm very excited to see what's on the other side. Nothing. I get in and look around. There's a balcony and some stairs leading down into darkness, other than that it's just a grey room. There's nothing of interest keeping me in the dream, so it starts to fade.

      I try to DEILD, I feel the SP taking over.

      05.55: Snake DEILD/MILD
      I get out of Monica's car in my home town's square which has been filled with sand. "Bye babe!" I say and close the door. I spot something moving behind the sand dunes and I realise it's a huge snake. It slithers away and curls up in a corner.

      I walk over the sand and think about how to get rid of it. I try lifting it up with telekinesis but nothing at all happens. Ofcourse... I try to fly but taking off from the sand is impossible. Great, along with vividness comes bad control. I slowly walk up to it and decide to play around a bit. It lunges for my face as I get near and I jump away. I dodge its huge fangs for a minute or so before I'm bored. Just as it's about to bite me I ignore it and it transforms into a black cat. The cat runs away as fast as it can.

      05.55: Shower sex MILD
      I'm in the dining hall at work and I know I'm dreaming. My coworker Snusknicke is there. "You know when I'm dreaming, my wrists are fine" I say and grab his arms. He tries to wriggle free. "Watch it boy" he warns me in a mocking tone. We're actually good friends, who used to wrestle to show who was the stronger one. This is my chance of showing him who's in charge once again! I grab his throat and lift him up against the wall. Everyone around us laughs, including him. I take the nearest paper bin and shove his head down it and start to dry hump him. Everyone's laughing their ass off. The humping reminds me of something I've wanted to try out, to have lucid sex properly.

      I let him go and head towards the locker room. We have girls working for us and I know someone will be in there. There are several people in shower cabins lined up, but there's no wall between them. I spot a girl at the end and she gets out of the shower. I walk to the end and remove the covers. She's not there, but instead two very hot blondes in their twenties. Even better.

      Spoiler for 18+:

      When everything clears up, the girls are gone and I'm alone in the shower. Some guy in the shower next to me is soaping up and is spitting alot. I leave the spitting man and head for the door. Perhaps I should grab some towels? I'm dripping wet. Why would I want to dry up in a lucid? I exit the door and enter a hallway. There's a mirror on the wall and I walk up to it. I check my reflection, which looks very realistic. Only there's something bugging my eye. It's inflamed and I scratch it a bit. I leave the mirror and head out another door. I intend to go to the Ninja World.

      I'm in the stairwell of the building and I head down the stairs. It seems like I'm on the third floor and everything feels amazingly realistic. The cold, hard stone beneath my naked feet, the echoing sound of my footsteps. I rub my hands to make sure the dream lasts. After a while I arrive at the bottom and exit the building. It's night out and I'm all alone, I recognise the place as my friend's neighbourhood. I need something to make a portal on, and I decide to use KristaNicole's way of doing it. I turn around and walk up to the nearest wall and combine my fingers. I draw a door with them, imagining a white line appearing, anything.

      Nothing happens. I start to sing to stabilize the dream a bit. First I yell as loud as I can but I can hear myself moaning in my bed so I lower my voice a bit, my voice echoes off of the walls. Suddenly I realise there IS something where I put my hands. A hatch of some kind has appeared out of the red wall. I pull a lever and it reveals what looks like an ATM, only with a hole you insert your hand in and a red button to push. There is black and yellow striped tape around it. I realise you put your hand there and push the button. Will I just be hanging unconscious with only my hand supporting me?

      "Where would you like to go?" a woman's voice asks me. "The Ninja World" I tell the machine. "But ofcourse!" the machine answers and the current panels are removed and replaced with new ones. It makes a robot like sound when it moves and clicks to place. I can see a counter starting on 07.00 and is counting down. "Now you have only..." the voice says but I don't let it finish the sentance as I place my hand on the red button, eager to get going. Something holds my fingers firmly in place and injects something. I lose consciousness right away.

      I'm on a bus, going through the jungle. I realise I've turned into a girl. The machinist voice appears in some speakers. "Unfortunately the only Manga we had available was "Soccom"". I can feel my fingers being squeezed in real life.
      I had them under my pillow.

      07.00: Fragments
      *I'm with my brother Martin down at the canal. We're fishing and I spot two huge red fishes in the water. "Hey look!" I say and point. Martin doesn't care. We talk about something.

      *I'm watching a dad convince his dad, that his son is great at playing some instrument. The older dad has headphones on, and they were apparently connected to the grandson's instrument. I can see clearly though that the cord is connected to an mp3. The kid is just sitting there, drooling, crying. The older dad seems to be blind and he's fooled.

      07.00: NASA MILD
      I'm with my mom and my brother Martin. We walk up to a heavily guarded door and an overweight guy in an orange jumpsuit greets us. "Welcome, you can enter now" he tells us in a Russian accent. I remember us being denied access earlier. We're at NASA or some similar place. We head down a long corridor. It looks space-like and there are white, heavy doors on our right. "What about the radiation?" I ask him as I watch other people in protective suits. "Don't worry, not harmful anymore" he tells me. A door opens up for us and he urges us to go inside.

      I know I'm dreaming, but decide to head into the room anyways. The door is closed and I'm left with my mom and bro. She hands me a glass of champagne and I happily accept it, swallowing it all in one gulp. It tastes very sweet. "Mom, check this out" I say and throw the glass behind me. She lets out a yelp. I grab the glass with telekinesis behind my back without looking just before it's about to crash. I give her a big smile. "Woooohooo!" I say and make the glass fly around in the room before she grabs it. My brother walks up to a toilet in the middle of the room, ontop of which lies a white tile.

      Apparently the room was spinning very fast, but as we were inside, we didn't notice anything. Colours starts to appear on the tile and my brother makes a swirling pattern with his fingers. It looks amazing. The colours keep changing and soon we're all playing with the thing. I scratch my nails on it and blue lines appear.

      I start to wake up, but I decide to try to DEILD once more. I end up in a very bad SP, with images of my room flashing before my eyes as my entire body is shaking. It reminds me of an epileptic seizure, but I try to ignore it. Books with different covers appear. "How to make portals" is one, the other one has Itachi from Naruto on it. I pick up a few papers on the floor whith my dreams written down on them. Monica gets up and I figure she's off to work. I try to lie still and make a dream appear, but after a minute I give up. I struggle to exit the SP and when I finally manage to do it, Monica's beside me, sleeping like a baby...

      09.00: Fragment
      *I'm talking to Monica and my dad. She asks me jokingly if I've recently had any sex. I tell her I have, in my dreams. "With anyone you know?". "No, someone random" I tell her. My dad looks hurt for some reason and I can see tears in his eyes. Monica's about to go home to her home town for a week. "Please, don't fight me now, just try to be happy" I tell her, I don't want to fight the day she's leaving.

      09.00: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 10 hours

      Supplements: 200 mg B6 before bed. 1 tablespoon of Calea and 1 x Lucid Dreamer at WBTB.

      That's it! That was one cool night. Such vividness and stability of the dream. The supplements don't help much in inducing the lucids themselves for me, it's all about willpower and ofcourse a bit of placebo. But the quality and length of the dreams is improved alot, which makes it kinda hard when it comes to active control, but even nicer when you get something to work with passive control. I will have to do more proper WBTB's again, but I'm lazy.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    4. 06/03/11 - Memorable night

      by , 03-06-2011 at 11:53 AM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! I just had one of the most memorable nights of my life. I had a terrible nightmare, which affected all other dreams. Luckily it was only a dream. The other dreams were kinda cool and even got lucid.

      22.45: Sleep

      05.30: R.I.P Felix
      I'm out with a few guys in town. We're joking around and drinking alot. I take a piss at the curb with Henrik. He tells me about a forum in which his friend posted something. He shows me the post, it's very sad and sounds like a suicide letter.

      Dream skips to the next day. I wake up. I get on facebook and check out what's going on. My friend Felix seems to be getting alot of posts for some reason and I check out his wall. Almost twenty people has liked his status, which is something about not being amongst us anymore. I realise he's dead. He killed himself last night his twin brother tells everyone. I'm horror struck, I feel like crying but I have to force the few tears to come. I must be in shock. I lock myself in my room in the house we grew up in. My aunt and her husband enters the room and I wonder where they have been. "We've been sick for weeks! As soon as one of us got better, the other one just gave the disease back" she tells me with a smile.

      She's alot thinner now than before I notice. "What kind of disease was it?" I ask. "Oh just stomach flu". I hate that disease with all of my heart and I cover my mouth up. "Get away from me!" I yell and begin to sob again. I run out of the house into the rain. I sit down behind a pool covered in plastic and hold my head for a while. It hurts. After a minute or so I decide to get up and walk back in. I remember my mom telling me something. "For every smile you make, you get points". I force a smile on my face, she only wants what's best for me. My mom greets me in the living room. She starts talking about pyjamas and how we could dress up in those and run around and rescue people like super heroes. I smile again. What's wrong with me? Why can't I just deal with it and move on? It's like I've become retarded.

      Dream skips. I'm out talking a walk to clear my mind. Suddenly my cellphone rings and I pick it up. "Felix cell". No way! He's dead! Or was it some tasteless joke?. I pick up. "Hello?". "Hey man, it's Felix". I am relieved to the point of tears. "I am dead, I'm calling from the other side". What the fuck? "It was all a stupid mistake, a drunken mistake" he tells me. I begin to cry. This time the tears come for real. "You guys will have to be there when they divide my stuff up, heh, my sister has already packed twenty one bags". Apparently they were going to move after what had happened. I cry even more, my whole body shakes and I'm crying out loud.

      05.30: WBTB 15 minutes

      06.30: Fragment
      *I'm at the local pub. A few old classmates are there with me and I ask for a beer. "You can lend one" one of them tells me. "Yeah I know, I already owe you a beer from last time, my memory is pretty good" I tell him and accept the can of beer. I take a sip. "You know, my friend killed himself last night" I tell them. Everyone's quiet. "Felix... dead" I say. People don't know how to react. "Not a very fun fact, but I thought you should know incase you're wondering why I'm acting strange".

      06.30: Bright lucid MILD
      I'm in the back of a full bus. We take a left turn and I realise I'm dreaming. I want to get off the bus to have some fun. I push the button and I imagine the busdriver pulling the bus over at the curb. It stops and I grab a girl's breast before getting out. Perhaps she will follow and we can have some dreamsex?. The doors close and the bus takes off. I look around and it's a warm, very bright summer day. I seem to be in the middle of an intersection between two huge fields. I rub my hands to make the dream more vivid. A car goes past me. What to do? I look at the car which has almost disappeared around the corner.

      I lift my hand up and the car goes up with it. I make a small pushing motion and the car flies off into the distant. Two more cars appear and I lift them up as they reach me. I shoot them out into space using both my hands, going in two different directions. Sweet, sweet power! I feel like doing something crazy. I take off all my clothes and stand there butt naked. I start peeing on the street. I hope with all my heart that my bladder isn't really emptying itself. A whole bunch of cars shows up. I count six of them as they close up, all volvo's. Time to practice multiple control! I manage to lift five of them up, but drop one. I hold the other four ten meters above ground, and I make them spin around eachother.

      I release them at the same time and watch as they all crash in all directions. It's quite amazing how realistic it all looks when you don't interfere I think as one car crashes into a tree and slams into the ground, glass and debris going in all directions. I rub my hands again and turn around toward the third road. Suddenly my face feels funny, like I'm having a stroke. I can't move my mouth and my head feels heavy. Oh shit, gotta stabilize! I rub my hands and focus on the ground. "Stabilize!" I yell and begin to sing some random song. I refuse to let the dream go and soon I can stand up again. Sweet, I stabilized it. What else to do? I feel like flying. I run and jump, and it's like I've got a broken rocketpack on my back. I smack into the ground first and tumble around before I start to rise. I fly into the forest the car crashed into, I can feel pines prickling my face.

      I start to feel my body and I'm moving my fingers. I decide to DEILD and lie completely still. A few seconds later I hear a loud screeching sound and wind blowing in my ears. My arms (which I'm lying on) starts to cramp. My hands and fingers starts to curl up. I ignore it all and try to visualize a mountaintop. I soon lose focus. I can see Dr. House. "Visualize! Don't just think about it!" he yells at a patient. Cuddy starts talking in Spanish. "What does it mean?" House asks. A patient had said what she repeated. "It's about their deathgod, he cursed himself" Great idea for an episode don't you think? I wake up and write down my dreams. I realise this is my second lucid tonight. I can't seem to write properly. I wake up for real. Damn FA's!

      08.00: Football
      I'm watching some people playing American football. Apparently this is what the guy who killed himself did before he died. I spot the guy, a friend of Henrik. Everyone's got foam on their bodies for some reason. A whistle sounds and people are about to switch sides. I stay on the defending team and try to position the ball over the small plastic holder for punting. I can't get it right and struggle with it for a long time. Some random guy walks up to me and hands me a home-made rocket. "Just connect the wire to that thing" he tells me. I put a small electric wire into a socket and the rocket takes off. It goes straight towards a building and explodes just outside of a window. I spot a small ball of shockwave going towards us, it's like something almost invisible.

      09.30: Demoted
      I'm with some evil girlfriend. I mean really evil. I've been sick for the past few weeks, and she hasn't let me get on DV! I am finally allowed to though, and I log in. I have been demoted! I check the chatlogs and see that PercyLucid kicked me from the chat because I had somethign called: "Matebot" or something. Weird. I check the "DG Away" thread, and people had asked alot of questions about where I was. I start to write a DJ entry about where I was and why. Stupid evil girlfriend! I wonder why the hell I allow someone so small control me so much.

      09.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 10 hours

      Supplements: None

      That's it! I haven't cried like that in all my adult life. Fascinating what the mind can do huh? Oh well, I'm glad I had it, even though it was very emotional at the time, it was only a dream and an amazing experience. Nightmares always are! I refused to let the nightmare be the only thing I had during the night, and even though I usually don't get lucid more than once every weekend, I felt like I deserved to become lucid after what I've gone through.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    5. Saturday 12/02/11 - Stable lucid

      by , 02-12-2011 at 11:41 AM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Finally a morning I can wake up with a smile on my face. Had halfassed intentions of becoming lucid last night, I really wanted to but my confidence levels were kinda low. An hour before bed I started believing in it more, and after a short WBTB this morning, I got lucid. Had quite a few other interesting dreams, so here goes.

      21.15: Sleep

      06.15: Kickass
      I'm with a few people and one of them, a Spanish-looking dude is really annoying the shit out of me. I can't take it anymore and we start to fight. I walk in on him and give him an elbow to the face, I don't get it right and I headbutt him in panic. He staggers away with blood on his face. "That's a good one" he tells me and we start to fight with our fists. As usual in dreams, my punches are weak and barely do any damage. The more I hit him though, the more effect they seem to have and soon I'm pummeling away. I grab his head and smash it against a desk, and right after that I knee him in the face. He falls down and I sit ontop of him and hit him for a long time. The ambulance arrives and they put him on the stretcher. He's bloody but conscious. I take his hand and tell him it was a good fight. He gives me a bloody smile and says: "Yes, yes it was."

      06.15: WBTB 15 minutes

      07.30: Fragment
      *I'm talking aboud lucid dreaming to a few people.

      07.30: Zombies are coming MILD
      I'm in a tiny room with four other people. "You have to escape" a man tells me and walks out with two girls. They close the door and I'm left in the tiny room with a girl. I look around and spot a window high up on the wall. It's just a ventilation window but I realise it's my only way out. I punch at the window frame and break the glass. After some tearing and punching, it's all gone and I'm left with a body sized hole I can crawl out of. I am halfway through when I remember the harddrive. I pull it from the wall and pocket it. "What about me?!" the girl asks me. "You have to sacrifice yourself for humanity" I tell her and drop out the window. I land rougly and drop the harddrive.

      I pick it up and pocket it again. I suddenly realise that I forgot alot of other stuff. I look back up at the window a few meters up. The girl leans out and is holding a gun. "Want this?" she asks me with a smile. I dread she won't give it to me but she drops it. Next comes an ammo clip, my working helmet and my wallet. "Want your hat aswell?" The orange hat, I can't leave that! She lets it go and I grab all my stuff and start to run. I can hear dogs barking in the woods behind the building I just left. "Damn, the zombies must be really close" I think as I run and try to put on my helmet. I look to the side as I'm running on the road in the middle of a neighbourhood. I fear I will see shadows running behind the houses. I can almost see one, but not clearly.

      Suddenly I become lucid. I forget all about the zombies and just look infront of me. The dream seems to be very stable and clear. I focus on my senses and I can feel each step I take, hear the sound of my boots and I even taste the neutral taste in my mouth. I smack a bit with my tongue for fun. My vision is better than it has been for a long time, and it seems to be around sunrise. The sky is blue and a comforting glow is coming from somewhere. The town seems to be empty though and I decide to fly some. I run and jump two times before I remember that trying to fly while running is hard. I stop and jump two times before I start floating upwards.

      I fly towards a parkinglot and land on the other side of it. I look back and once again, the view is amazing. I'm not sure I have had such a stable lucid before. Everything is just like real life. I look at my hands and rub them together. I want to play around with telekinesis so I try to find something suitable. I spot a taxi backing up slowly and I reach out with my hand. I lift it up slowly and the rear of the car gets pulled up as if by some invisible chain. I start to float upwards myself in synch with the car. I let it hang a few meters up. "Screeeeeech" I turn around and forget all about the car. Behind me, two cars have almost collided. There are tire tracks on the road infront of them for some reason. There's a family of muslim girls in one of them and they look very frightened.

      They quickly recover though and drive off. The second car, filled with old ladies go after them. Suddenly Monica appears out of nowhere. "Hey babe, you know we're dreaming right?" I ask her to see what she would say. "Are we? Really?!" she asks me and smiles. "Yeah! What do you want to do?" I say. I can't come up with anything. "Wanna have sex?" she asks me. "Sure", I pick her up. I position her against the railing of the parkinglot. I take a look at the whole place and it's still very stable and vivid. "Gotta focus and not get too excited" I tell myself and remember some of the sex tutorial. I start to help her undress as I'm holding her in my arms. We laugh. I soon get to her panties and I pull them to the side instead of removing them. With a last look around I go down on her and my focus of the world is lost. The darker parts of her loins claims me and all I'm left is my touch as I close my eyes. She seems to enjoy it for a few seconds. I can feel the dream slip.

      I wake up and get on the computer. DV is down and so I try to open a word document to write the dreams down in. I can't do it for some reason and I try for a long time, it's very frustrating.

      08.15: Fox
      I'm with my dad and we're on a horse. I'm sitting at the back and we're walking on a path with a forest on our right. I start worrying about wolves and suddenly one comes rushing out. Only it's alot smaller and orange. The fox starts barking and yipping. It tries to bite me in the feet and I pull them up. I hit it on the head lightly with a tool and it starts to cry. "Foxes don't cry" I say and it gets aggressive again. I hit it lightly again. We arrive at our old house and dismount. The fox is still with us, but now it's turned completely white. It actually looks like a tiny troll with a huge, snow-white hairdo. I explain to the troll that we usually sleep with earplugs in. I pull mine out and show it to him. He seems to be very excited, just like a kid.

      08.15: Fragment
      *I look at my hand and count my fingers. Seven. "My sight is probably off" I tell myself and recount them. There are fingers everywhere but I assume it's just my eyesight that is fucked up.

      09.30: Kickbike, lottery winner MarTango
      I'm in the neighbourhood I work at. I'm on a kickbike and I must be drunk or something like that. I look away for a second and when I look back again, I crash into a girl with a bike. "Oh shit, sorry!" I tell her and continue down the road towards our establishment. I keep on falling down though, but I do it smoothly and land on my head and roll. A few girls infront of me laugh but I continue on. I head right for a group of girls and they have to let eachother go to let me pass through. I spot atleast twenty people lying on the ground outside of the establishment. "I guess they're sleeping" I tell myself and head up the small hill.

      On the wall I see a lottery ticket with a huge winning on it. I double check and it the symbols change every second, but I know it's legit. "MarTango..." I read. "That lucky fucker!" I enter the door. MarTango is standing there, smiling like never before. "You won didn't you?" I ask him. He starts to laugh. I'm happy for him and take off my shirt. "Party! Wohoo!" I yell and spin it around. I've still got two more shirts on. Eric is there and I take them off aswell. "Which one should I use?" I ask and hold them up. I've got a fourth shirt on, it's beige and green. Kinda cool.

      09.30: Civilization
      I'm playing some kind of real life civilization game. I'm training soldiers and I've got a flower in a tube. Five turns left and I've got a great start. Somehow my soldiers die and my flower aswell. A Polish dude shows up and tells me I should move my settlement to his. "Can I bring my computer?" I ask him. "No haha!" he tells me and moves his hands in a bumpy fashion. "Oh the road is too bumpy for it" I think and feel sad. I just bought it. He tells me he wants XP discs and I ask him what for. My friend G tells me he's got one that he can use for all of them. "How many computers do you have?" he asks the guy. "Seventeen laptops" he replies. "Where did you get all those laptops from?" I ask suspicious. If I leave my computer here, he will definitely be back and steal it.

      09.30: Fragment
      *I'm playing Xbox360 with my brother Morgan. All my relatives are there and they tell me to watch out for the scariest game ever. I pick it up and try to pronounce it. "Incrueliable" I say several times. The cover looks just like "Alan Wake"

      09.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 12 hours

      Supplements: 2 x Omega-3, 250 ml applejuice

      That's it! Awesome. Stable and cool lucid, I like it. Had tons of random fragments but I decided to write those down I remembered most of. Oversleeping is always fun.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    6. Wicked night

      by , 01-16-2011 at 02:06 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Last night was intense, or actually it was this morning, but still. I figured I'll try to become lucid two days in a row, and it worked. I used some galantamine at a WBTB and the dream I had after that was one of the longest dreams I've ever had. First time ever that I actually didn't want to stay in the dream after becoming lucid.

      23.30: Sleep

      05.00: Fragment
      *I'm watching an interracial couple having sex.

      05.00-05.25: WBTB - Mantra: I will lucid dream

      06.40: Adventure indeed MILD
      I'm in a couch with my brother and two of his friends. We're partying or something similar. I get up and walk around the place. We seem to be at some kind of convention, kinda like Dreamhack. I spot a crowd of people and decide to check out what's going on. "He beats them at chess while walking around!" a guy tells me and I can see a chess table and three guys playing. The younger one is walking around the table while he's playing. Apparently that's supposed to be very hard. The crowd cheers and I realise he's beaten them. I can tell his move was very clever. "You walked right into that one!" one of the guys in the crowd tells one of the losers.

      I start walking away from the table and suddenly I'm in a grocery store. I walk along the isles and find Monica standing by the freezers. "We should get something we can just snack on at night" I say and I've got pizza in mind. We check out several different kinds of pizza and similar things. I find a very cheap one. "2 kronor for a pizza is amazingly cheap" I say and show it to Monica. She agrees but the brand is something we've never seen before. A guy shows up and is looking for the same kind of food.

      The dream skips. I'm in the car with Monica on our way out of town. I spot a stable and know there's a supermarket just a kilometer behind it. I don't know how, but I make the car fly. It's very dark out but I imagine the place just as it looks like. I can see several streetlights and as we fly, the landscape gets clearer. We land outside of a small grocery store, just where I knew it would be. I go and get a ticket for the car. It expires in just two minutes. Weird. A girl working at the store comes up. "Don't worry, he never checks anyways" she tells us. "Ah damn, money well spent" I think. The car is making a very annoying sound.

      We check the car for a long time. We open different doors and close them, push all kinds of buttons but the beeping sound won't stop. My brother Martin comes up and shuts it off. We're just about to walk into the store when he grabs my arm. "Buy me two milky ways and some beer". I look at him and I'm getting angry. "When YOUR friends come to MY place, THEY buy ME stuff!" I yell at him. He disagrees and I leave him there. Entering the store I notice it's being renovated. All walls are grey and the floor aswell. I enter a big room and accidentaly kick away a golfball coming towards me. Two employee's are playing mini golf.

      "Hey, where is the place you buy food at?" I ask them. They laugh at the accident and points towards a few stairs across the large empty room. We walk across the room and down the stone stairs. We do not arrive at a grocery store, but a swimming hall. My family is there and so is my coworker Björn. They're swimming around a pillar and the water starts at the end of the stairs, there's no place to stand. I notice Björn's got swimming goggles and I put mine on too. They're blurring my vision alot, but I still keep them on when I jump in the water.

      The dream skips. I wake up in the dark. We're still in the swimming hall, but sleeping in different beds all around the room. The water is gone. I try to check my alarm clock, but alot of stuff is in the way. It's standing ontop of a TV in the dark and I make alot of noise as I clear the TV. "05.00". People start waking up. My brother Morgan is up, and so is my dad. Soon the lights turns on and everyone but me is up. My dad is standing by the entrance of the room. "My toe has cramps" his toe wiggles. My sisters and my mom wants to wake me up and starts harrassing me. I want to sleep some more so I can dream. "Get out!" I tell them.

      They start poking me in the mouth with nail files. My vision is split, and even though I've got my eyes closed, I can see myself on a monitor. I start biting the files they poke at me and bite off little pieces. They keep doing this and I can taste the files, they taste like licorice and they feel very unpleasant against my teeth. I finally get up and start writing down my dreams in my DJ on DV.

      I wake up. I get on the computer and onto the chat. I am about to write something like: "Omfg I just had the longest dream ever" but all I manage to type is a very long "-_-" smiley. I realise my DJ entry is there and I read something in spanish. Looks like a poem or something. I am confused and decide to take a walk. I've got a weak memory of just flying and I'm wearing a white shirt. I check my belt for the internet browser buttons. I press one and intend to get on a train site to check for train times. The load is way too long so I open a new window. Which makes me get another white shirt on. Just like internet explorer usually is, it is completely white (?). I walk down the road with my two shirts on, feeling weak and a bit dizzy. I stop at a sandbox for some reason.

      A girl clad in black down the road is coming towards me. She's wearing black leather and has a very "emo'ish" look. I look away for a second. When I look back, the girl is gone and replaced by a white cream cake. It's rolling down the road on wheels it seems, and just as it's next to me, the cake changes colour from white to dark purple. A second later the cake starts disintegrating and blows away in the wind in layers. A man shows up. "Hey, did you just see that?!" I ask him. "See what?" he tells me, and the second later, he also disintegrates and blows away in the wind.

      "Oh, I am still dreaming!?" I ask myself. This is getting too much. I'm standing outside of a very dark forest and I don't like the feeling of the dream anymore, I want to wake up. I start screaming ontop of my lungs, at first I can barely hear myself, but soon my voice is booming, "WAKE UUUUUUUUUUP!" I start floating upwards and I laugh a little at the entire scenario. I don't wake up right away, but I slowly start to.

      I can see my hand infront of me. I am completely paralyzed for a few seconds before I can move again. I get up.

      I wake up for real and do a RC right away.

      06.40-07.20: WBTB - Mantra: I am dreaming

      8.45: Short lucid MILD
      I'm by a lake with a few other people. A man, apparently very powerful, is standing infront of me and my friends. He tells us something and two huge green wings emerges from his back. Only one is fully stretched out though, but that's enough for him to take flight. He flies straight up, laughing. I can feel the wind picking up and I decide to follow him. I let the wind take hold of me and my two smaller wings and I start to fly. I fly around the lake two times in a wide circle just for the fun of it, I never get tired of the feeling.

      I position myself a few meters above the evil man. "Hmm, perhaps fire will work?" I ask myself as I realise his wings are made out of green paper. I imagine them catching fire and to my surprise, fist sized circles of fire form and eats through the paper in seconds. The man starts falling right away but so am I. We both crash into the water and I get a faint memory of being in the water earlier.
      I lose lucidity and suddenly we're having a "smoke break" on the dock with my two sisters.

      8.45: Insects
      I'm sitting at a table with my two sisters. I spot a cross spider spider to my left on the wall. It's curled up in its web and I blow some warm air on it to make it come to live. I know it isn't very aggressive and it fascinates me alot. It starts to crawl out and when I can fully see it, it's alot bigger than I first thought. We all shy away from it and a woman takes it in her hand. "Don't worry" she tells us. Her husband is there and she puts white glue on his head and face. She takes a wig and some fake beard and puts it on there. The glue drips down his face and they tell me their story.

      I feel like looking at the spider again. She tells me it's on the ground somewhere. I spot several spiders that looks just like it, but after a closer look, I can tell the difference. They aren't moving either. A cool bug comes running with one its mouth and I flick it away. My hands starts stinging and I notice a few fireants. I flick them away aswell and look where I'm standing. I'm in a fireants nest, and they're crawling up my boots. I shake them off and stomp my feet to prevent anymore from going up my legs.

      10.30: Party
      I'm at a big house by a lake. There's a party going on around me and they've put up tents. The sun is shining as I walk around the place. I spot a very hot girl in a yellow bikini. I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes off of her, but I force myself when her big latino boyfriend gives me a stare. I walk for a few meters and then turn around. Felix tells me that the girl was checking me out for a long time. "I don't want no trouble" I tell him. I get a text message, it's my dad.

      10.30: Party ended
      The dream doesn't skip, it's a new one. I'm at the same place, but the party has ended. It's dusk out and everything's very quiet. I know the world is about to change real fast, and I have to find some survival gear. My brother Morgan is there and I grab him. Some other boy, who looks like a tiny orange/brown alien shows up and I realise we have to take him with us. I chase him a bit, we all plunge into a pool and I help him up. Earning the trust of the alien boy, I can finally start looking for gear. I enter the house and my two sisters are on a couch. "Where is the gun?!" I ask them. They point at a box by a drawer.

      I open it and take out two guns. They're very heavy. Morgan grabs one and I tell him he can never, ever touch it. There's still ammo left in the clips, but I want some more. I rumage through the box and find a few keys, an army swiss knife, and sharp metal objects. All of a sudden, my vision changes. I can see the lake and I can hear someone on a radio. He's over the lake in the town and he's on his way over. I shoot with a mini-gun and he laughs. "That's gotta be heard halfway across town". An old man across the lake appears in the enormous hole I just blasted in his house. "You leave me alone you teenagers!" he yells at me, waving his shotgun.

      10.30: Fragment
      *I'm at a table and my sister Malin is singing. Her voice is amazing. When she's done I remember her being in a choir. "She's great at both singing, and drawing" I say.

      Amount of sleep: 10 hours

      Supplements before bed: 2 x Omega-3, 1 x Lucid Dreamer at WBTB

      That's it! Awesome. My sisters were in almost all my dreams last night. They just came home from Egypt and I'm seeing them for the first time in a few weeks. Also why I dreamt of survival was because I thought for a while about it last night, what to buy and so on. Pretty amazing, perhaps thinking about it before bed would be even better? Inducing a dream that is. Gotta try that...

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    7. Gaming theme

      by , 01-05-2011 at 04:08 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Got another lucid last night, but it was so short! I lost my lucidity and the dream continued on. Could have been a very cool one though. Anyways, the "2011 Dream Recall Challenge" has really spurred my recall it seems. I know it's because I've been sleeping so much, but it makes me more motivated.

      03.30: Sleep

      08.00: LAN
      I'm at a large LAN party. My friends are at their computers and there are a few more guys there. We're all about to play some game like Civilization but two of the computers have frozen. I take a look at one of them. "Can't you just tab out?" I ask. Obviously it's just the screen that has frozen. "No, it's a virus" one of them tells me. I sigh and tell everyone to start the game. "Alright, the challenge is to build a penis shaped village" I say and laugh. No one seems to find this weird at all... They all start building the tip of the thing on a mountain with buildings that are all shadows. I spot someone doing it wrong. "No! You need to make it more round, and don't build across like that" I instruct.

      08.00: Fragment
      *I'm running around in a town similar to those of Assassins Creed. I see my character in third person and I'm being chased. More than ten people show up and I try to escape them by dodging to the left and right. They are too many though and they soon catch me. They beat the living shit out of me with sticks while I stand up and I fall down all limp and bloody.

      08.00-08.30: WBTB

      9.30: Counter strike MILD
      I'm with my friend Eric. We're playing Counter Strike and it's in first person mode. We buy all our weapons and our team takes the elevator down a level. We take the other one but we go up instead of down. I realise I'm dreaming. I stop the elevator and tell Eric we're not going up. I push the button to go down again. "Don't do anything, the elevator is tricky in dreams" I tell him as I hope the elevator won't get stuck. It feels smaller and I touch all the walls with my hands to stabilize. The elevator isn't going fast but after a while we reach the first floor again and we get out. I look around and spot a dark door and try to open it.

      I lose my lucidity. We break down the door and end up in a huge, dusky warehouse. There's old stuff lying around everywhere and I tell Eric he needs to equip his gun. I give him a bag with an MP5 in it. He won't take it. "Fuck's sake! Take the damn gun!" I tell him angrily and shove it into his arms. I give him two clips of ammo aswell. My brother Martin and two of his friends are in that warehouse I see. They start shooting at us with BB guns. Eric starts shooting back and I keep close. We walk through the place.

      I throw a pair of protective eye wear to him. I run away from the battle to a table. I need to fill my clips with bullets and gas. I spot my friend Henrik next to me. "If you shoot me I'll fucking punch you in the face" I tell him. He tells me he won't as he's shooting Eric instead. Everyone laughs as Eric goes down. "We are using sour cream as a propellant" Henrik tells me.

      10.45: FA
      I wake up and look at my clock. "14.15" It's almost dark outside. "Oh shit... I'm exhausted and it's already this late..." I think.

      10.45: Blind date dinner
      I'm at my friend G's house. Eric is there and he's preparing food for our date with two girls. I'm supposed to be a wingman or something I guess. The grill looks awesome, on it are two skewers filled with juicy meat and vegetables. One is already lying on a plate on the table. I grab a fork and knife and cuts a piece.

      "It's a bit too rare for me" I say as it's almost red in the middle. Eric hands me a small cracker with roe on it. I eat it and comment on how unmanly it is. He hands me another small dish, it's cucumber with some kind of dressing on top. They both taste nice though.

      The dream skips. I'm sitting at the table now with G's sister infront of me, and Eric on my side. We're waiting for the girls to arrive. Two girls show up all of a sudden. "I guess I should introduce myself" I say and start to rise. "That's not them, those are Sandra's friends" Eric tells me. I sit back down.

      "What if they are too hot? I've already got a girlfriend, that might suck" I think for myself. Two girls enter the front door and from where I am, they look to be very hot. One's got a white dress with a nice cleavage. I start eating food. Before they sit down I have almost finished my plate. I've got my headphones on one ear and Eric tells me to greet the girls. I look up and to my relief, they are not good looking at all. One of them even has a baby on her hip. I barely say hi.

      12.15: Bastard
      I'm in a car with my dad. It seems as if we're driving Monica's car. The small red car is having some engine problems it seems as it splutters and shakes. The car dies and we get out. The house we stopped at was apparently one we had to do something in. We enter the house without taking our shoes off, a crazy woman greets us. She hands my dad half a bun and takes a bite off another one, which she hands me. My mom starts complaining about how disgusting it is to wear shoes indoors. I get out of the house and sit down at a swing. Some black haired boy is there and apparently there's something wrong with him. He's a bastard and my brother. I feel guilty for some reason. We talk some, but I can't remember about what.

      13.30: Porno
      I'm walking down the road outside of my appartment. Monica's with me and her friend Emo. I start talking about some porno I want to remember. Apparently I know the names of all the different porn actors and I name them all. Monica seems to recognise the names and tells me what kind of movie it is. I leave my computer headphones in the snow next to the road and Emo unlocks her bike. She hadn't really locked it, just put a metal bar through the tires.

      13.30: Wtf
      I'm sitting at my computer and Monica's in the shower. I can hear someone moaning and I realise it's coming from the shower. I walk to the door and sneak a peak through the crack. I can see Monica behind the curtains and she's touching herself. I walk back to the computer and I notice she's been on a forum. "Weird dildo's" the topic says. I scroll down and spot a fleshy one with tentacles sticking out in all directions. A superman dildo is just below it. "Uhm okay" is all I manage to say.

      13.30: Fragment
      *I'm squeezing two pimples. They are very deep ones.

      13.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 9½ hours

      Supplements before bed: 200 ml applejuice, 2 x Omega-3

      That's it! MILD is working great for me atm. I've had intentions of becoming lucid and lucidity I achieved! I might try to get up earlier tomorrow to rebound my REM for friday morning, last "dream day" of my vacation. Will use galantamine to try to induce a lucid then.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    8. Missed lucids

      by , 01-04-2011 at 04:45 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Had the same strong intentions of becoming lucid last night as I did yesterday, and it kinda worked. I rememeber waking up and I had the memory of having a nice lucid, but not a single memory of the dream itself! I was kinda mad at myself for forgetting as I usually have good recall. Anyways, the rest is below.

      01.45: Bedtime

      08.05: Fragment
      *I'm sucking on a few Omega-3 pills. They are sweet.

      08.05-09.00: WBTB

      10.45: DEILD
      I'm lying in a bed. My friend Eric's on the bed next to me and we're talking about work. "I refuse to let our friendship come between work, this career is too important for me" I say and I'm crying for some reason. He notices it and smiles at me mockingly, like I'm a child or something. I get up and walk towards a few computers. My friend Henrik is sitting at one and he's playing WoW. I am about to go to my computer when I notice that the character is moving on its own.

      I realise I'm dreaming but I start to feel my body instantly. I end up in SP and I can feel my arms twitching and spasming. I relax and try to enter the dream again. I can hear newspapers flapping and the wind is picking up. "I am wearing earplugs, that's just the SP" I tell myself. I open my eyes in a very bright room. I'm on the matress on the floor next to the computers. I try to sit up but it's so hard work! I relax as I do a situp in slowmotion. "Need to stabilize the dream" I think and put my hand up to my face.

      I realise my real eyes are open and I'm lying down in my real bed. My hand isn't really there, it's on the side. "Damn!" I think and don't realise it's just a very realistic FA.

      10.45: Playing tag at the supermarket
      I'm at the local supermarket with my brother Martin. We're playing tag or something similar and I've just lost him by running around like crazy. I intend to fool him and I pick up my cellphone. "If I turn on a ringtone and place it on the toilet, he'll be fooled" I think as I bring up the song I want. I put the phone on the toilet and leave the door open just a little bit and run away quickly before he shows up. Martin shows up after a few isles and he tackles me. "You're it!" he tells me and runs away.

      I realise I've got no shirt on and my work helmet is on my head. People all around are watching and I kinda feel guilty as I don't act responsible at all. Apparently I'm an employee. I spot my friend G. He's smoking a cigarette and seems to enjoy it alot. Some other people are also smoking next to him and I realise there are alot of people coming from somewhere. Some guy is handing out bags with supplies to the newcommers.

      10.45: White dog
      I'm standing on a porch overlooking a backyard. My family is there with me and we're all watching their dogs run around and play. I don't recognise one of the dogs, a white husky-looking one. It growls at me and I back away. They continue on playing and I ask my dad about the dog. "Oh, we're just watching it for some neighbours" he tells me. The dog growls at me once again. My family goes out on the grass and leaves me with the white demon dog. It starts going towards me, growling. I can see its fur trembling, kinda like a cat's. "Hey dad! Tie this dog up will you?" I tell him. He takes the dog and ties it to a grey plastic seat.

      10.45: It's a trap!
      I'm some kind of detective and I've got a partner. We enter a very old looking house. I take the stairs down to the room below. I enter a room and it's filled with strange gadgets, small pictures and old stuff. I pick up a picture and look at it. Suddenly I get a creepy feeling, the house is way too quiet. "Oh shit, it's a trap!" I think and run out of the room and up the stairs. A young girl is standing in the hallway and asks me what's wrong. I don't buy it and throw her to the side. A woman comes out of a room just as I run past it and tells me I shouldn't leave. I run as fast as I can towards the porch door. I slam the door open and throw myself over the edge. I fall in the dark for a while.

      10.45: Aunt and uncle
      I'm at some relative gathering. My uncle and my aunt is there. I greet my aunt, she kisses me on the cheek then looks at me in a weird way. "You need to shave" she tells me. I touch my chin and tell her I will soon. Monica tells me she wants to go home and I ask her if she's had anything to eat. "No... I'm not sure I'll like it" she tells me. I take a look at the food offered. It's some kind of sausage stew with pasta. She takes a plate and pours some on the plate with a plastic dishwashing brush.

      12.15: Flying
      I'm in a barn with some other guy. We're looking at a small propeller plane. I read the instructions. "If the propellers stop working, you can do this to keep the plane going" it says and I can see a picture of a man making the plane fly with bicycle paddles. We go in the plane and fly around over the woods. The dream skips. I'm standing next to a lake now. The plane is gone but who needs a plane when you can fly yourself! I fly around the lake a couple of times before I go down on the water and skate on it for a while. The person I'm with wants to learn aswell. I grab him/her and try to fly. I've got a safety belt holding us together, but it makes it all harder. We manage to fly a little bit.

      14.00: WoW
      I'm playing World of Warcraft. There's a huge fight and I'm playing my warrior. It's going very well for my team and I'm charging all over the place. My friend Jonas shows up all of a sudden. I enter the game and we talk as we're dueling. "So, how are you?" I ask him and kick him in the stomach. He grunts in pain as he explains how his stomach had a hole in it, and that he started burning from the inside. I kick him in the solar plexus and he can't breathe. We fight for a while longer, I land one more kick on his neck.

      14.00: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 11 hours

      Supplements before bed: 200 ml applejuice, 2 x Omega-3, same at WBTB

      That's it! I am so frustrated! I must have been lucid while flying around, I clearly remember the feeling of lucidity and freedom. I almost always realise I'm dreaming when I am flying, but I don't have much recall of that dream as I didn't wake up at 12.15 to write it down. Anyways, a successful DEILD is always something!

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    9. Playing around with powers

      by , 12-28-2010 at 03:22 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Last night I could sleep! Slept a bit too long, and didn't record many dreams during the last five hours of sleep. Had a few quite cool dreams and even a lucid.

      00.15: Bedtime

      06.10: Crippled girl
      I'm walking around with a unicycle. Adjusting the seat over and over to make it the right height for me. A supervisor disciple I used to work with calls me suddenly. He tells me he wants to meet up. I bike right past him, up a very steep hill. I walk the last bit and when I reach the top, I am met by a very beautiful view. There's a highway to my right and a very steep fall infront of me. To my left is a road going down the other side of the hill. I do some situps right there on the edge and I can hear cars honking at me from below.

      I get up and start sliding down the very slippery, moss-covered mountain. I don't lose my balance for a second. "I wonder why my dreams are so easy to control... Perhaps it's because of my confidence?" I ask myself. Suddenly a group of people calls me over. A girl has been hurt, her legs are mutilated. "They stole all our spices! Then they broke our chef's legs... They had a dog with them aswell" a guy tells me. I start thinking. "It must be some kind of animal dissease then!" I exclaim.

      06.10: 10 minutes WBTB

      7.35: Power = FUN MILD
      I'm walking around a mall with someone, trying to look for a place to switch my Fanta. I have no idea what was wrong with it, but I just felt like I had to switch it for a new one. I find a small kiosk, selling all kinds of delicious chocolate bars. "Hi, I would like to switch this one for a new one if it's OK. I haven't opened it" I tell the guy behind the counter. "Sure thing, here you go" he says and puts a Fanta Light on the counter. "No Light shit please haha" I tell him.

      He takes out another one and we switch. I get a receipt, and the guy behind the counter starts running around, looking for something. I start craving some chocolate. I know it's too expensive to be reasonable but I still want some. The guy behind the counter disappears and I assume he'll be back in a second. I take a look at the receipt I'm holding. "Wait a minute... 12 kr? I thought we were just going to switch!" I get mad, and decide to wait right there to confront him. No way I'm paying 12 kr for a switch, I could have just bought a new one for that kinda money. I hang around for a while, not paying attention to anything really. Suddenly I'm on a bridge.

      I look at my hand. Four fingers are in pairs. "Cool, I'm dreaming" I say. It's dusk out, and there's a pleasant orange light coming from the lamps below on the highway. I know what I want to do. Play around with telekinesis and fly some. I jump off the bridge and fly along the highway for a few seconds. I see some guy trying to fly by jumping, doing the superman thing. He lands flat on his stomach. I smile at him. Gently I throw him off the road with telekinesis.

      I land and start walking toward the oncoming traffic. The first car, a lightblue one, doesn't slow down. "Perfect practice" I think and put up my hand. It slows down but not enough, forcing me to jump to the side. I get frustrated and chuck the thing into the trees on the side of the road. It gets annihilated with a loud crash. The next vehicle comes up, this time I'm stopping it before it reaches me. I hold up my hand and the horse cart (?) stops just infront of me with a screech. An old man is sitting on the horseless cart. He's got a black hat pulled down, covering his face. He smiles at me in a mysterious way.

      I lift the cart up and position it away from the road and push it away with my mind. Continuing down the road, I throw another car off the road, but the dream starts to fade. I turn around and start running back again. "No no no! FOCUS!" I scream. Trying everything to keep me in the dream. I can only see black and white now. Rubbing my hands I regain some of the colour. "Wow this works very well" I think and rub them franticly while running. The road regains its colours again, but something doesn't feel right. Like I'm just an observer. I black out

      I wake up in my bed. I try to find my notebook. I find a large amount of paycheck papers. After a while I find it. I spot atleast six holes in it. I figure it must be Monica as there is text all around I don't recognise. After a while I get up and walk towards the kitchen. It's all pitchblack and when I grab for the door handle, I grab flesh instead. It's Monica, trying to surprise me. I don't get scared at all strangely. "I knew you were back! I thought I recognised the music" I say as I can hear it in the background. I look at her, her hair is blonde and long again. "I wanted to surprise you babe" she tells me. I wonder why she can't see herself the way I do. Something's off with my vision.

      10.00: Improving power control
      I'm at some kind of seminar. I am all hyped up for some reason, and I am running all over the place. I end up next to a window in a room full of people. Looking out I can see a playground. A skinny, young guy walks up next to me and stretches out his hand towards the window. Things start moving around. "Oh cool! You have powers aswell" I say and show him what I can do. I lift up a large toy building in the air. He does the same, but I can tell I'm slightly better with telekinesis.

      Suddenly a small tornado appears. It's light blue and is spinning at a very high speed. I am amazed. I decide to try it out aswell. I have never used a spinning motion in a power before, but after a few seconds of trying to make the air spin around, I get the hang of it. Spinning the air around faster and faster, I get the same light blue colour to appear. Not even the air can be seen through. Sadly I lose focus and it disappears. The guy next to me grabs the tire swing and snaps it off. He chucks it around. I get a cool idea. Ripping the other swing off, I spin the tire around as fast as I can. I release it and we both shy back when it threatens to come through the window.

      The tire bounces around for a bit, behaving just like it should before it stops. "Wow! Isn't it cool how things are just like real life?" I say. I guess I was lucid but I'm not sure. My hand starts to make the window all foggy. I realise it's the heat coming off of them. I turn around. "Hey Martin! Check it out, I'm Handsweatman!" I say and hold it up toward the window. The condensation builds up and covers the entire window.

      The dream skips. I'm outside now, melting the snow with heat coming from my hands. Like they are burners. I can't see any fire, but the heat coming off of them is melting the ice and snow very quickly. I make a nice path, revealing some mud.

      13.15: They have to die, poor fellows
      I'm watching a three times two meters sorting table. It's got a dome of glass above, and inside are these cute little green guys. It's a new species and they are energetic little fellows. They look just like green plums. Apparently they don't feel like being closed up, and start wandering off. It's a colony of perhaps a hundred individuals. The constant chatter of squeeky voices is becoming a bit too much. "Why can't we live outside? What is our purpose? What is this? What is that? Why are you doing this?!" the questions are hailing.

      Me and the other scientists realise this won't work. We lead them back into their dome, some has to be shoved. I grab one and take a bite. Bitter and not very sweet. Sealing the dome up, I walk to the other side of it. "We will remove all oxygen, killing them instantly. It's painless" one of the scientists say pushing a button. I watch as the entire colony goes brown, but their expressions aren't very pleasant. Gasping for air, it takes around five seconds for all of them to die.

      13.15: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 12 hours total

      Supplements before bed: 200 ml applejuice, 2 x Omega-3, 1 x Lucid Dreamer at WBTB

      That's it! I will see if I can manage another lucid before 2011 is here. Naturally then. MILD seems to be working very nicely for me atm. Doing some meditation before bed and mantras whenever I wake up.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    10. Sucky sleep, but two lucids

      by , 12-27-2010 at 02:44 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning. Took me ages to fall asleep last night. Slept very lightly and had a few cool dreams the first hours of sleep. Took some calea, but ended up having weird semi-lucids where I explained my dreams to people and how the effects felt. Woke up and fell back asleep again several times. Had several FA's where I thought I wrote down my dreams on a laptop, or in my notebook. Finally the morning came and I am exhausted. Still got lucid!

      01.00: Bedtime

      03.15: Work related MILD
      I'm in the locker room at work. Changing my clothes. I am soaked in sweat and I consider taking a shower. I lose my balance and fall to the floor, I get up and spot some weird wounds on Björn's chest. "Wtf, you look like the Terminator" I say and look closer at his wounds. I put on my working shoes again, they feel funny, too soft. When I'm done, I realise what I've done. I can see my white regular shoes on the floor. I sigh. Suddenly I'm helping this girl out to put out candles in a church. I guess it's a part of work. We close the doors and get out. I start talking to her in English. "I don't get it, why does people believe so much when it comes to religion, when it has basicly been proven how the world works with science?"

      Nenne, a truckdriver from work pulls up in the wrong machine. "Hey Matteh! Did you see some beer in there?" he asks me. I tell him I haven't. "Oh right, it's too early for it" he tells me and is off. I start walking up hill. The girl takes off and I'm left standing outside a small store. "Check how much you've loaned, call 800.000 now!" I read on a paper on the wall. I get curious and enter the store. I don't really know what to get so I decide to get some gum. I point at some gum and the girl behind the counter tells me it's 50 kr. "Uhm, it says 12 here" I say and point at the gum's pricetag. "Oh right, sorry!" she tells me and laughs. She thought I was pointing at some dark chocolate bar. I give her the money and take my packet of gum.

      I am really shaked up for some reason. I feel weak and so I leave the store. I continue walking the way I was heading, and arrive at a McDonald's. I spot the famous TV person Peter Jihde through the window. Suddenly I feel like I'm in a hurry. I enter the mall I've just come to, and dodge people as fast as I can walk. My feet starts hurting from all the dodging, but I ignore them. The mall seems to be shaped like a circle, and I walk all the way around, opening glass doors and entering those spinning ones. A small English kid is pushing the doors the wrong way. His grandpa just laughs. I come back to a place with a few broken doors, but this time one of them has stuck. I help a lady cut through the plastic with my knife. She tries to cut with the wrong side of the knife. I get insulation down my neck and on my wrists. "Damn I hate insulation" I say. She agrees.

      The dream skips. I'm at work again, walking in a yard filled with trees. The ground is covered in freshly laid out dirt, and I spot tools everywhere leaning against the trees. I grab two rakes and head for the guy in charge of the work. It's Carl, a supervisor. I wonder why he's doing the dirty work. "Hey Carl, why are you stacking these rakes against the trees? People will trip" I tell him. I walk away.

      The dream skips, my memory has some holes in it. I'm walking in a nice neighbourhood with one of the rakes in my hand. I spot a small house flying around in the sky. "Oh it's so cool that you can move entire houses in your dreams, and leave everything untouched" I start flying some, and end up near the water in a japanese-looking garden. There's a small pond and nicely stacked, flat stones on a wall. I can't see land on the other side of the water. I spot a huge house flying over my head, with the entire lot's furniture and all. Like it's frozen in place. This makes me want to fly. I jump up on the low wall. Testing the gravity I can tell it's slightly off as always.

      After a few jumps, I am flying straight up. Holding the rake to the side, pointing it downwards. The rake feels just like an engine of some kind. "Gotta remember to focus on something when I fly" I think. I want to try to fly as high as possible. I quickly reach atleast a few km up in the blue sky. I can see where I came from, and it's an island, no more than a few cm's across from up here. There's ocean all around it and I decide to go back down. Flying in circles I try to descend smoothly, but I overdo it. I fly way past the island, then past it again on the way back. On the third time I fly past it, I crash into the water. I fly through the water towards the island, and manages to skate on the surface for a second.

      03.15: Wrong bus
      I'm on a bus going away from work. My dad is about to pick me up at a certain stop. I realise the bus is going the wrong way and I hit the button to make it stop. I get off and end up on the wrong side of the highway. I call my dad. He asks me why I am on the wrong side. There's a bridge not far away and I head for it. Crossing it, I spot a few workers down by a river. It's my dad and another guy. I slip on the muddy edge and fall in, luckily it's only up to my knees. We all laugh as I try to get up on the slippery slope. Mud gets everywhere and I fall in the water, dragging my dad with me.

      05.00: Just weird #1
      I'm with my family inside of a blue, plastic, mobile toilet booth. The entire thing is on wheels and we're going through the jungle. I've got a remote which I steer blindly with. I stop the thing and take a peak outside. The door won't open more than ten centimeters. I spot orange fur and huge monkey hands. I quickly close the door and locks it. "Holy shit, orangutan's! They are strong as hell" I say. Someone's tugging at the door handle from the other side. "Let's move out of here" I say and hold the handle from the inside just to be sure. We back up the booth with the remote, but get stuck after just a few meters. I take the remote and try to make us come out of it. The booth starts to lean sideways. I tell everyone to brace for the impact as it falls over. "Lie completely still and don't make a sound and they will go away" I whisper. It's starting to get very hot in there.

      Dream skips. I'm at a café. Once again I walk up to the counter and is about to buy some gum. I get out my wallet and pours the cash on the counter. "I've got more gold coins than Pippi Longstocking!" I say as I spot atleast twenty of them. I give the girl behind the register two coins. I grab a plate with some left over chicken on it, I spill some grease on my pants. Just as I'm about to leave, a couple of kids enter the store. I head for the restroom's and starts taking a piss. The entire scene changes, I'm still taking a piss, but not in a toilet. I am standing at a frozen lake, overlooking a few docks going out from small houses with sauna's in them.

      My dad is on the phone and I'm talking to him about work or something. I spot the kids further away on a dock, playing with the ice. I know it's not solid enough to play on, so I start walking towards the small house connected to my dock. Suddenly I hear a very loud scream. I quickly look at the boys and I can tell one of them is missing. I tell my dad to hold on, pocketing the phone I run as fast as I can through the houses. They yell the boy's name when I arrive at the beginning of the dock. Luckily they've just gotten him out of the water. I grab his arm and lead him towards the sauna's. He's sobbing and shaking from the cold. I notice he's got a star tattoo just like me on his shoulder. I tell him they have to be careful, then I joke a bit with him to get his spirits up. I realise my dad is probably still on the phone. I'm hoarse from screaming and I tell him the story.

      05.00: Just weird #2 MILD

      I'm sitting at the edge of a small table. I'm semi-lucid. George Clooney is sitting there, with a very good looking woman. I start talking about how awesome food tastes in dreams. "The pure temptations... The slightest look you give me, gives me such an incredible urge" I tell the woman at the table. She shivers. I tell everyone I want to taste some red wine. It's on the table but I don't. George starts talking to the woman, looking into her eyes. "You will commit suicide tonight, even if you want to or not" he tells her. Everything goes quiet. "That's a movie quote right?" I ask him. He looks at me for a few seconds, dead serious. "Yes ofcourse"

      He starts saying the most random things. Like he's quoting lines from movies a madman has come up with. I get the feel that the night is their anniversary. Fireworks are exploding outside, but there's something wrong with the sound of the explosions. Instead of hollow bangs, I can hear glass shattering. It's quite frightening.
      I realise it's all a dream, but the lucidity level is low. I am sick of George and his insane quotes. I don't want the woman to kill herself, so I imagine him doing it instead. The woman grabs his throat and rips it out. There is no blood at all. As George gasps for air, he grabs his head with his hands and twists. Neck broken, he falls to the floor. I lose lucidity. Letting him lie on the floor, we start drinking milk from the carton, watching a small TV in the corner. I start wondering what would happen if I called my boss, asking him if all the things I've dreamt about were true. "Gotta make sure I know the difference" I tell myself.

      10.00: Fragments
      *I'm at a table at Tommy's. A pub here where I live. Infront of me is a plate filled with all kinds of food. It's the most amazing plate I've seen ever, with delicious fish, chicken and beef. I thank the owner for the food, but I don't remember trying anything out.

      *I wake up and write down my dream on a laptop. It's a long and very awesome dream. I remember the feeling of awesomeness. Sadly I don't remember the actual dream. I do this two more times, but on regular paper during the night.

      *I'm trying to direct traffic as a huge truck with three white, round tanks pulls up. I run away as I realise I will be squeezed to death.

      11.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: Around 6 hours total

      Supplements before bed: 200 ml applejuice, 2 x Omega-3, Calea extract at 05.00

      That's it! Pretty long and intense dreams. Two lucids in one night isn't too bad. Had the intentions of getting lucid last night, but like I said I ended up lying there for around two hours before I fell asleep for a few minutes. Filled with weird sensations, half dreams and semi-lucids. Bah!

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    11. Friday night, the night of dreams

      by , 12-11-2010 at 03:35 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Very low recall during the week. Didn't get more than 5-7 hours of sleep each day. Had a fragment about candy yesterday, but I cba to write it down. Last night night was a night filled with long dreams. I always seem to dream alot on Friday nights. Must be because of sleep deprivity during the week, making it a long REM-rebound.

      11.20: Bedtime

      05.45: 20 minutes WBTB

      07.30: Ignoring girls
      I'm with my dad in a car. We're driving from work, and we're going to visit a friend of his. We stop at a garage and he gets out, and starts talking with his friend. A girl gets in the car and tries to start a conversation with me. I ignore her and keep on reading my book. My dad gets in the car again and off we go. After a while we arrive at a house, and we all enter. I sit down in a couch and continue to read my book. Anothe girl shows up and I keep on ignoring them, being kind of a prick.

      They want to play some games, and I look up. "What kind of games?" I ask. "Well, Tekken would be fun" one of them says. "On Xbox?" I ask. "Yeah ofcourse, the newest version" this sparks my interest and I put the book away. My cellphone starts ringing, and I pick up. It's Monica on the other end and she's very upset. She keeps yelling at me, telling me I'm being unfaithful or whatever. She hangs up before I get a chance to say anything, and I just shrug it off. I laugh a bit while telling the girls it was my GF and she's freaking out for no reason.

      Dream skip. I'm with Monica and we're standing on the sidewalk next to a park. She hands me all kinds of berries and tells me to eat them. "You'll get lucid easier if you do!" I spot a large blue one which looks like a large blueberry. I put them all in my mouth and chew on them. It tastes just like blueberries, and I have to spit several times to get rid of the harder parts. She smiles at me and walks up the road along the park. I take out a branch of Mugwort and eat it aswell. I throw the stalk in the bushes.

      08.00: At work MILD
      I'm with Björn at work. We're at a new construction site, located ontop of a hill, overlooking a river. There's a big scaffold in the middle made out of wood. I spot a pair of noise canceling headphones on a plank sticking out. Björn heads up the scaffold and greets with a guy there. I follow. Apparently we're trying to score some weed. "Sorry, I ain't got any at the moment" he tells us. I walk back down a bit disappointed, but realise we need a backpack! There is none around, but I spot one up in a tree closer to the river's edge.

      "Hey! There's one" I tell Björn, and we head for it. "Haha! They've set up a trap for us" he tells me. I can see several lines going from the tree, anchored in the ground. Björn grabs one and starts pulling. Half of the tree starts falling, and hits the water. The "weed guy" jumps in, trying to get the bag before it vanishes. He appears a few seconds later, holding another black back. "Hey, look what I found!" he exclaims. The water looks very inviting, and just as I think about jumping in. Björn rushes past me and jumps off the edge.

      It's perhaps eight meters down to the water, and he hits the weeds. "Oh shit! Björn! Are you okay?" I yell. He starts swimming under the water, without replying. I take a big breath and jump off the edge. I close my eyes as I fall, and the fall is longer than it should have been. It takes a few seconds before I hit the surface, and I start swimming.
      I turn lucid. I can feel the warm water, but it doesn't really feel right. My legs feels weird. "Hmm... Perhaps I should try to walk on it instead?" I ask myself. The dream starts to fade.

      I can feel my body in bed. "Alright, time to lie still and ignore the spasms" I think, and lie completely still, trying to DEILD. The feeling of my arms and hands being twisted in horrible spasms come a second later. I ignore them. The left side of my neck starts twitching violently. I can't really sleep on my right side, as it usually does this. I figure it's actually doing it for real, so I decide to give up the DEILD.

      I wake up, my mom's there for some reason. "Aw crap mom! I was just having a lucid dream..."

      08.00: Björn's family
      I'm with Björn once again. We're having some kind of store together, and his family is there. I'm not sure what it was all about, but he doesn't really like me seeing his private life. We're walking towards his place, and he's got his daughter in a wagon. The handle is made for two people, and he gives room for me to help him push it. We say some nerdy phrase from an old cartoon or whatever as we go up a small hill. At the door, I tell him that his daughter is sleeping. I know she isn't, but she's pretending to do it. She opens her eyes and tells me she was just pretending.

      We walk in the house. Björn tells her she has to get ready for bed. "Dad, can we pee at the same time?" she asks him in a very adult-like voice. "It's been ages since we did so! Like two days" I wonder how the hell they're going to manage that. I wait in the living room. Suddenly I wonder what I would do if there would be a naked woman bending over in the next room. A very strong image of a naked womanl comes up in my head.
      I wake up with a jolt coming from down below. Luckily it was just being activated, but still amazing!

      9.30: Fragment
      My brother Morgan asks me alot of questions about my computer. What kind it is, how good it is etc. "Is my computer good enough for Call of Duty Black Ops?" he asks me. I tell him it's not.

      11.00: Awesome LARP
      I'm leaning against a wall, waiting for my turn on the LARP game going on to my left. It's a huge pit with different trenches, buildings and hills. A girl to my right is playing with a white mini helicopter. I take a look at what I'm holding. It's my weapons pack, and I open it up. There's a small black mini helicopter in there. I start playing around with it, trying to fly over people's heads. It keeps hitting me in the face, and it's almost impossible to control. I put it away, and grab my weapon. The ongoing game is about to end, and I can see several people in orange and purple clothing. The orange team is winning. A few asians are doing backflips.

      The arena is cleared and it's my group's turn. A gong sounds and I jump the low wall lining the edge. I hit my crotch on it, but luckily it doesn't hurt at all. People scatter everywhere and I head for the nearest trench. The ground consists of dirt and the buildings are made out of wood. Everything's supposed to look like the medieval ages or something earlier. I enter the nearest building. Once inside, I spot another entrance, a table and a candle holder. My pulse is very high, and I can hear my own breathing. I try to relax, and draw my weapon. A matress.

      "What the?" I think as I inspect the piece of matress. I figure it's for diverting attacks, and that I have to kick people to "kill" them. I jump up on a table and sits there for a minute or so. I realise that this is probably the worst place to sit. No one shows up, and so I leave the building. I run along a road, seeing no one. Two purple dressed people appear ahead. I have to think for a while before I realise they're my team mates. I run up to them.

      Everything changes from 1st person to 3rd. We all run along a road, leading up in the mountains. The grass is green and it's not cold at all. The two guys both have horses, and I try to keep up with them. Just as I think they're going to disappear, a few more people appear. We all stop and talk for a while. I get on my mount, and ride ahead. This time I pull out my real weapon. A black, plastic scimitar. A few of the new guys have improved mounts, large fairytale creatures. I guess they have leveled up or something.

      11.00: Fragments
      *Someone comments on me having eleven dreams in one night. "That is insane" they say. Like I'm some kind of legend in real life.

      *I watch myself in 3rd person. I stand on a hill in the sun. Between two huge skyscrapers. My back is more muscular than it should be, and I've got a tan. Also I'm covered in oil. The view changes to 1st person. I notice that I have a pair of black speedos on.

      12.00: Playing ping pong
      I'm about to enter an elevator. Monica tells me she wants to show me what she used to do for her ex. I get in and go to the next floor. She took the stairs. That's it. I get in again, and go to the top floor. There's a few pool tables there, and my friends G and Felix are there. We wait for our turn to play ping pong. Two guys are playing against eachother on two of the pooltables. I wonder why they don't use a real ping pong table. A few minutes pass, and we're just watching them.

      They're done and asks if anyone wants to play. Felix tells them we want to, and they give us their stuff. I spot the original table and net next to a large bookshelf, and I tell them to go get it while I take a piss. I head for the elevator and go down a few floors. I enter my friend Henrik's friend Ted's appartment. There's a white drawer with a TV on it. I open one of the doors, and is about to pee in it. "Wait a second, why don't I just pee at the toilet?" I ask myself. I get ouf of his room, and enter the toilet instead. I start peeing.

      Amount of sleep: 11 hours

      Supplements before bed: 2 x Omega-3, 1 x Lucid Dreamer at WBTB

      That's it! Sweet. Next time I'm going to DEILD. I HAVE to think about doing a RC. This is like the third time I get a FA and I'm sick of not being able to remain conscious. Also the twitching of the neck was on the left side. It's supposed to be on the right, and so it's a new SP sign!

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    12. Weekend away - 27/11

      by , 11-29-2010 at 10:11 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! I went away for a few days this weekend. Visited my gf's hometown. I didn't have dreaming in mind, other than sleeping in some. But after seven dreams the first night (Friday to Saturday) I just had to write them down. Even got lucid twice that first night, and the other nights had some VERY long dreams in them, and a very cool theme. I'll write them as three separate entries. I didn't write down my bedtime or anything.

      I'm playing a game very much like Civilization IV. I got control over a few units and I'm walking around in the enemy camp. I can see Indian tents and stuff like that everywhere. I destroy everything I can with my tiny soldiers. The enemy troops retaliate and I am victorious. With just a few soldiers left in each group, I click the "+" button. My teams are quickly replenished and I continue wreaking havoc. A side menu pops up and I can see alot of different awesome upgrades they have. "Veterans, +20 damage" and so on. A movie scene appears and a couple of guys in strange costumes are chanting over a kettle. A building is about to be sunk into the ground with magic. I successfully sink the building before my troops are destroyed.

      Call of Duty DILD
      I am playing a virtual reality Call of Duty game. I got an UZI and the longer I aim, the more precise the sight becomes. I take out several guys standing on the third floor of a building, behind some broken windows. Apparently I'm in some kind of dark, oldschool city. I check my score. 25/6. I am way ahead of everyone else. I run down some stairs and almost run in to a guy, which I quickly stab to death with my knife. It's getting pretty hectic and I don't feel like staying for too long. I head for the backdoor and leave the ruins.

      I run for my life as bullets hit the ground very close to me. I go down a hill, and take out a sniper. I try to aim with it, but the guys coming over the hill are spraying me with bullets and I don't dare to stand still. It's still very dark outside, but I spot my friend G. The dream gets kinda fuzzy, but we enter a car and leaves. We're cruising around in my old neighbourhood from when I was a kid. We're trying to find the way to something, but we keep getting lost. After driving around for a while, we stop next to a forest, and get out.

      We walk around for a while, scouting the area perhaps. Then walk back towards the car. I pick up a beercan and figure I can amplify the volume of the speakers with it. G tells me he's going to steal the car parked next to ours, and looks around on the ground for the keys. I get in our car and close the door.
      I realise I am dreaming. I leave the can in the car and decide to see what G would say if I told him this is just a dream. I get out of the car. "Hey G, you do realise this is just a dream right?" I ask him. "Yeah ofcourse!" he tells me.

      I can't really focus on anything because of it being so dark, and suddenly I'm floating. Going up a few meter. The dream starts to fade. I quickly look at my hand and see a very bright hand, with a bright background instead of black. I hold this imagine for a few seconds.
      I wake up.

      Spy Mission
      I'm a spy of some kind, walking around in a building. I spot a guy and I know he's got the combination to a door that I need. I sweep his legs and point a gun at him while he's on the ground whimpering. "What is the the code" I ask him and notice it's a guy from highschool who was in my class. "Farting Warts" he tells me and I leave him. I try the combination but it doesn't work.

      Stefan from work appears and I ask him casually if he knows the combination. "Yeah sure, it's "Unit It"" I try it on the safe-like door and it opens easily. I get a strange thought in my head.
      "What if the door just shuts on its own" BAM! The door shuts tight. I really want to see what's in that room, so I imagine it being very easy to open once again. I can easily open it and there's no resistance what so ever. I wake up before I get to see anything in the room. I decide to DEILD and lie completely still. My arms and hands are having very intense spasms, and once again it feels like they're bending in impossible angles. I know this is how I feel in SP now, and I try to ignore the feelings. I wake up and give Niklas (the former school friend) a call, and tell him about the dream.

      My Dead Grandpa DILD
      I'm at work. Doing high jumps on a table. There's a soft matress lying on the table and there's one of those bars they use. Björn is there with me, and we compete against eachother. It's a piece of cake really, and we get bored quickly. I put on my jacket, but Björn decides to put on someone else's jacket. He fools around, pretending to be a monkey or whatever. I smile and look to the left. Sitting at a table, staring at me, is my dead grandpa.

      I get kind of shocked and slowly walk towards him. He looks straight into my eyes and he doesn't look very healthy. "Grandpa?" I ask him. I haven't seen him in about 10 years, and I get a bit emotional. He looks exactly like he looked the last time I saw him, and his face isn't distorted at all. His skin is pretty grey/green. Suddenly he opens his mouth, gasping for air. This is too horrible for me to watch, and I look away, thinking; "Fuck that, this shit ain't happening in my dream".

      His gasping stops, and I realise that I am dreaming. This is way too heavy to just ignore, and I decide to see what he has to say. "This is a dream" I tell him. "Yes it is. What was the last thing your mother told you, before I died?" He asks me. I try to remember and I get a few false memories, but nothing concrete. "Uhm, well she told me..." is all I manage to say.

      *An old baker is telling me how he is a soldier, but in his heart, he has dough! He's very old and his skin is all red. He got flour everywhere and a white apron. I think it was related to the Civilization dream.

      *I'm standing on a grass covered island, trying to get to the other side. The bridge infront of me is broken, and I can only take a few steps out in the water before it gets too deep for my boots. Two old guys walk up to me and they smile. They have to cross, and decide to walk around instead. I do the same.

      *I've got 300 kr left on my bank account. I double check the amount and I can see that I've spent 8000 kr twice on something. Something about Monica's loan or whatever. I get pretty anxious.

      Amount of sleep: Around 10 hours

      Supplements before bed: Nothing

      That's it! Pretty intense night, with two lucids! Sweet. Got two more nights with long, intense dreams coming up!
      No supplements at all this weekend, and I will wait until next Saturday before I do some Galantamine + Choline.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    13. Dryspell broken! Record amount of dreams

      by , 11-20-2010 at 07:45 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Haven't posted any dreams for like a week. It's because I haven't had any. But that changed this morning! Got my "Lucid Dreamer" pills during the week, and I decided to try one out during a WBTB this morning. It was amazing! I had a total of 13 dreams (including 4 fragments). Here's what I dreamt:

      11.30: Bedtime

      5.15: 40 minutes WBTB, 4 mg Galantamine + 200 mg Choline

      6.30: Shelf in the middle of the road
      I'm looking up at this huge computer table, shelf thingy. It's standing in the middle of the road, next to a huge crane. I can tell it's broken and I decide to climb it and fix it. It takes a very long time to fix it and I almost fall a couple of times. When I'm done, a large truck appears. It slams into the sidewalk and it stops. The guys on the truck inspects the concrete cargo for a few seconds, then drive off again.

      6.30: Work
      Björn is playing with the sand. He lets this basket filled with it, pour it on him. He laugh as he's being half buried. I run up to it when he's done and hold on to the bag attached to it. Ofcourse the bag breaks. Peter is there aswell. "There is no more work to be done anywhere!" he exclaims.

      6.30: Eric's got a shabby house
      I'm at my friend Eric's house. It looks kinda weird, with two new really shabby sofas. There's dirt and shit in them, and I see two people I don't recognise. My shoes are gone and I search the house for them. I find one of them, but the other one is totally gone. G's cat "Smulan" walks up to me and I scratch her some. After a while of searching I finally find the last shoe, and the shoelace has been stolen by some other cats. I take it back and leave.

      6.30: The FA MILD
      I'm sitting at a table at work, and my boss is next to me. He's impersonating some kind of chipmunk or something and is making this weird sucking sound while sticking his teeth out. "Damn his front teeth are crooked" I think and give him a big fake smile. I repeat what he just did and for some reason, I start to question my surroundings. "Then... This must be a dream!" I say. Everything starts to fade right away. "No no no! Gotta focus" I tell myself and can only see the silhouette of him. I hold this image for a few seconds before everything goes grey/black.

      I can't make out anything but grey and black patterns. I start to feel my arms and hands, and they're twisting. Like I'm having muscle spasms. It feels very uncomfortable but I recognise the feeling. I know I've felt this before, and I also know it's just a trick by my mind. I lie completely still and try to get back into the dream. I give up and decide to wake up. "Why do you have to sleep on my spot next to the wall?" Monica asks me. I can tell I've rolled over in my sleep. "Sorry babe" I say and we get up and go towards the bathroom. We talk some while Monica's taking a piss. I wake up for real.

      7.40: Doppelganger
      I'm walking through the newly built mall in my home town. Monica is with me and we spot a nice looking restaurant and enter. It's some kind of pizza place, only alot more expensive. Suddenly I get a phonecall from someone. It's someone who sounds just like me, and claims to be me. I also get this large envelope from somewhere. I open it and find a large map of town. I can see the roads have been painted either red, orange or grey. Apparently this is where I've been driving too fast with my dad's car. I look at it for a while and I get really angry. "Wtf is this shit? I haven't even driven that car in months" Suddenly someone's banging the glass. I look up and see myself holding a phone. "Is that you?" I ask. He tells me it is. I walk up to the glass and hold the map so he can see it. "See this? What is this?" Some other people are with the other me. And all of them has a strange feeling about them.

      7.40: Fragment
      *My brother Morgan has been sleeping in my bed instead of Monica. I think we just had a LAN or something...

      9.30: Party Movie
      I'm watching a movie my brother has compiled. It's different kinds of clips from all the parties he and his friends have had. There is some really crazy shit on there. One of his friends are dry humping everyone and there is a long haired guy I recognise. "Hey, what happened to that guy?" I ask. Martin tells me something I can't remember. We continue watching the movie. I spot the long haired guy again, and once again I recognise him. I ask Martin who he is once more, but again I don't get a decent answer.

      9.30: Babysitting a haunted girl
      I'm on a bus in the middle of nowhere, going to this local pub. The text-light is broken and I have no idea where I am since it's so dark outside. I spot a guy playing a Monopoly game on his laptop. It's about skyscrapers instead of normal buildings. I get off the bus, and the dream changes. I'm now standing outside of this old school house in the middle of the country. Apparently I'm this kind of babysitter for a small girl who's around ten years old. The whole dream is really fucked up, and I'm kind of watching a movie again. A ghost is throwing shit around her room and scares the crap out of the little girl. I see some kind of black, child like shadow position itself over the girl, and morphs itself with her.

      9.30: Boat trouble
      I'm on a boat with Monica and my brother Martin. We're fishing and Monica catches a nice fish. It's very sunny and hot out, and we're just having a good time. My dad has left the boat recently to get some stuff in town. Martin gets a call from him and he tells us we have to wait there for a few weeks. "Hell no. I ain't waiting for a few weeks" I say and we all decide to get out of there on our own. Two other boats go past us and the people on them wave. We go through the narrow gap they came from, and Martin must be drunk or something. He sucks at steering and even though you have to be on the left side of small white sticks sticking up from the water. He just runs over them. "Watch it! They tell us where it's too shallow!" I yell at him. Suddenly we run over some rocks. A large scratch is made in the boat, and some water is coming in. Luckily not enough for it to sink. We continue on down the canal and suddenly it stops. We slide up on land a few meters. I bring out a map and notice that we've been going the wrong way. There's nothing but desert this way.

      11.00: Foursome
      I'm with two other girls and we're about to have a foursome with a fourth person in the next room. I feel like I need to take a piss and I tell them to wait for me while walking into the bathroom. The toilet is totally clogged up, and there's a towel in there. I decide to take a piss outside instead. "Don't worry, the house is just twenty years old, who cares right?" they say from inside the house. It's raining hard outside and I stand just outside of the door. I pee against the wall and put my leg up so my penis remains hidden from people at the other house. Luckily there is no one there. Unluckily, I don't get laid...

      11.00: Fragments
      *A black guy is going to have sex with a girl. His penis is like 70 cm tall. She sits down on it and goes to town!

      *I'm watching a "Guardian" getting killed by a "Fade" (Wheel of Times character). He's being hold by his throat and I'm wondering why he just don't stab it in the eye sockets.

      *Monica buys more roses for herself.

      Amount of sleep: 11 hours

      Food before bed: 2 x Omega-3
      WBTB food: 1 x Lucid Dreamer (4 mg Galantamine + 200 mg Choline)

      That's it! Was a very cool night, with alot of dreams. Broke my previous record of 9 dreams, with 4 more! I even had 3-4 dreams which I didn't recall. I got a memory of telling myself I had 3 more short lucids, but I didn't write them down, so I forgot them when I had a few more dreams... Galantamine + Choline seems to be enhancing dream recall ALOT. And I will try it a few more times before saying anything about the lucidity they give.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    14. Alot of dreams and False Awakenings

      by , 09-29-2010 at 03:32 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning. Didn't recall any dreams in two days, but tonight was a big success! I woke up at 9.00 and did a WBTB. Went to bed again at 9.45 after some breakfast, and the dreaming started. I also had my first annoying session of False Awakenings. It wasn't as fun as I thought it was, but still I'm glad! I will now start doing Reality Checks everytime I wake up.

      Nightly Adventure - The walls are caving in
      I wake up and get on my feet in an instant quick jump. The walls are caving in! I start yelling "Oh shit, oh shit!" While holding my hands out towards them. With telekinetic powers I manage to stabilize one of the walls, but the other one is still instable. I look real closely to make sure this isn't my imagination, and sure enough, the wall is full of cracks and it's swaying. I decide to try to control the telekinesis without using my hand and I put it down. "Baby... What are you doing?" Monica asks from beneath in a tired voice. The walls are finally stable and we're safe. I go take a piss.

      Nightly Adventure - End of the world
      The world is ending. I don't know why but I decided I needed my snowboard for this. I get out of bed and walk up to it where it's hanging on the wall. My waterpipe is in the way, on the shelf below so I decide to take it down first. There's alot of stuff on that shelf and a deck of cards fall to the floor. "What are you doing now?" Monica asks. "It's okay, I just gotta fix this" I tell her. Suddenly I wake up for real, and put the waterpipe back in place.

      9.00: 45 minutes WBTB

      11.45: Scared babysitter
      I'm at my parents house and apparently I'm babysitting two kids. I don't know the kids and I'm very jumpy. The little boy runs upstairs and I follow him. I tell him that he can't just run off like that. We're standing at the top of the stairs and I look down. Suddenly a girl shows up, and I scream in terror. She looks up at me and starts crying. I realise it's the girl I'm babysitting and I comfort her. Not only am I babysitting two kids, but also a few pets. Including a small rodent. The door opens and my mom comes back home. The little rat sneaks out and I chase it down. Outside I see several other animals, including a huge possum, a few dogs and a cat. They all try to sneak back inside and I try to stop them. It's all very frustrating. When we're back inside I try to explain everything to my mom, but she's totally ignoring me. So is everyone else and I scream out loud for a few seconds in frustration.

      11.45: Chasing Harry Potter
      I'm a flying observer of some kind, and I'm watching Harry Potter and his friend Ron run for their lives. A bunch of people are chasing them through the city of Stockholm, and they're in the older quarters. They reach a cliff overlooking the water and jump in. With magic they alternate between flying and gliding on the water and they enter a canal. They start shooting red sparks with their wands on the nearby mountain walls and try to bring some of it down for some reason. I decide to stop caring about them and look around some. The feeling of flying is awesome as usual, but the view is even more so. The canal disappear into the city and on its sides are old houses. It's all very beautiful.

      11.45: Travelling
      I wake up on a bus. I've been sleeping, trying to achieve a lucid dream. (so close to realising I'm in one already!) The driver asks me if I had a nice nap, and I tell him it was ok, but I didn't accomplish my goal. I check the time and realise I only have 10 more minutes before the bus will reach its destination. I'm in a seat facing backwards. The driver calls out in the speakers. "Seems like we got a sleepy head on the bus" and everyone starts laughing at me. I drop my headphones on the floor, and Monica helps me retrieve them. They roll around and I drop them several more times before I finally get a proper hold on them. We arrive at a customs of some sort and after some time, we enter a building.

      I walk around the building with my luggage and an Australian man comes up to me with two of his kids and ask me something. I drool on his leg for some reason, and they take off. I run into the bathroom of the place and splashes my face with water. "God damnit, what about hepatitus B?" I think for myself. "Wait a minute... We haven't even been on a plane yet, we must still be at home" I leave the bathroom and end up sitting in a corridor, waiting for the plane to depart or something. A woman in a phonebooth tells me she will freak out if the phone doesn't work this time. "I've put in as much money as possible" Ofcourse it doesn't work and she starts screaming at it. I get up and leave.

      I enter a restaurant and I find a Linus from work sitting at a low table in a sofa. "Hey Matteh! Come over here" he tells me and I walk over. I take a look at what he's eating. It appears to be some kind of dessert made of chopped up, roasted almonds, cream and alot of colourful fruits. It looks delicious, but doesn't taste very much I notice after taking a bite. One of the chefs comes over with another plate. It looks like a paella of some kind with mussles and rice. He also puts a glass filled with some white liquid on the table. I ask him what's in it. "Cream, milk and a few spiders" he tells me. I can see the six or seven small black spiders in it, and they are sinking into the milk, one by one. When all the spiders have disappeared, the liquid in it starts bubbling like crazy and it turns transparent. The spiders in it turns into slices of starfruit with a touch of red. "Awesome!" I exclaim.

      13.00: False Awakenings
      I wake up in my bed, and I think about what I've dreamt. I decide to write some of it down but something's not right... The light is totally messed up and Monica isn't here. I wake up. Monica is next to me this time, and I put a hand on her ass. "Damn that was a False Awakening" I think for myself while lying there, trying to remember what I've dreamt. I wake up. This time Monica isn't there, and I remember why: She's at work. I count my fingers and pinch my nose and try to breathe. Nope this time I'm awake for real...

      13.50: Unstable shop
      I enter a shop of some sort, and the entire shop is vibrating. I enter a small room and I can see thousands of cans of coke. I shut the door and a woman walks up to me. "You can't enter there! You have to be careful, or the whole place will colapse!" She's really freaking out, but I'm not the least worried. I calm her down.

      13.50: Smart girls know when you're lying
      I'm in a car with some girl. She's driving and somehow I have to explain what I've done recently to her. I make up a story and try to convince her. She knows I'm lying straight away, and tells me to tell her the truth (I think she was my wife or something). I tell her the truth. "I stabbed a man to death" I can recall doing so, a knife to the back. "Come on! Tell me the truth! Now you're just rambling" she tells me and I sigh.

      13.50: Fragment
      *Something about my electric bill being over 500kr.

      Amount of sleep: 11 hours

      Food before bed: 1 can of mackerell, 2 eggs, 20cl applejuice, 30cl protein shake, 1 omega-3 pill, 100mg B6.

      9.15: Porridge, 15cl applejuice, 1 omega-3 pill, 50mg B6

      That's it! One hell of a night. I thank the B6 for that. I don't really know how effective B6 is. But I think it amplifies dream recall and vividness, and if you have a bad night, B6 won't help. That's what I think.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    15. Three lucid dreams and my first false awakening!

      by , 09-06-2010 at 02:17 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)
      I had these dreams a couple of weeks ago. This happened in the same night and was definitely one of the top three dreaming sessions I've ever had. I've had around 15 lucid dreams this year, but no false awakening. This time I got one!


      LD1:I'm in a big house with some other people, the walls are covered with doors of glass and for some reason I'm in a fight. A girl enters the room and she attacks me instantly. I reach out with my hand towards her and makes it into a fist. As if by some invisible force, she almost gets crushed. Her eyes widen with shock and fear. I fling my hand to the side and she flies through the room with incredible speed. I pull her back infront of me and she slides in under a table. She gets smacked up and down all the way to the roof and back down again as I do an up- and down motion with my whole arm. I laugh evily at the ammount of power I finally have with telekinesis. Two other people comes rushing in the room and I make all three in the room face eachother in a tight bunch. I make a chain wrap itself around them all and I laugh some more as I watch them struggle in vain.

      LD2:I'm on top of a large mountain with some guys. We're doing some kind of "Jackass" show and I light a ball of hay on fire and throw it at one guy. He panics and everybody laughs. Suddenly the fire spreads and I notice that the whole mountain is made out of hay. Within a few seconds the entire place is on fire and we run for our lives. I run through some woods and end up at my old house which I used to live in when I was a kid. There, next to a car, is my family. "Wait a second... This is a dream" I say to myself. I try to convince my family that this all is a dream and they don't have to fear the fire. They refuse to listen to me so I give up and walk away. I enter a plowed field and while standing there in the mud, I try to think of something to do. I can't really think of something as I remember how I had dominated with telekinesis in my last dream. I decide just to fly some and it feels awesome as usual.

      LD3:I'm at a big lake with my dad and my youngest brother. I instantly know it's a dream and I convince my dad that it is. "Look, I can shoot pinecones" I say and pick one up. With it in my hand I hold it up towards the sky and it shoots up and out of sight. Ten seconds later it falls down just next to us. My dad wants to try it out and my brother too. They aren't as good as me at it but they do alright. I decide to take a swim in the big lake and as I dive off the cliff I can hear my brother yell something behind me. It sounds as if he doesn't want me to do it. I plunge into the water and it's as if I'm being propelled by an invisible force. I decide to try to fly out of it and makes a jump, just like a dolphin before on my second try, I am soaring through the air. A couple of seconds later I start to feel my body.

      FA1:I wake up and I'm sure I've overslept. The neighbours are playing real loud music and I get pissed off. I wake up for real and realise I've had my very first "False Awakening"

      This was the first time I could use telekinesis properly. And I've had two lucid dreams since then, in which both I could use it without any problems.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!