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    1. 03/03/12 - Cool dreams

      by , 03-03-2012 at 07:19 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! This entire week's been full of weird and intense dreams and last night was no exception. I intended to take some G+C but after waking up from two nightmarish dreams I changed my mind.

      23.00: Sleep

      09.00: Zombie Apocalypse
      I'm in my apartment. Monica, my friend Felix and his girlfriend are there too and we're in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, trying to survive. I walk towards the kitchen while looking out through the window. The apartment is next to a big square, which is now filled with zombies. A few of them notice me and starts waving and running towards the building. Luckily I'm on the seventh floor so they can't do much harm. I start boiling some pasta water. I turn on the TV and it shows a view of my apartment building. The zombies down below are throwing cobble stones and are reaching as far up as the apartment underneath.

      'Damn they're getting smarter...' Felix's girlfriend appears. We watch as they set a big truck on fire at the base of the building. "They almost seem human again" I say. She nods. We both realise that we're doomed if we stay.

      The dream skips. I enter the building several days or weeks earlier. A few zombies stand completely still in the stairs. They appear to be sleeping and I pass by, making sure I don't touch them. I take the seven flight of stairs and there are sleeping zombies all over the place. I get to the top where my apartment is. A big party seems to be going on. I get in, nodding to the two guards with sub machine guns standing guard. People are having a real good time. There's disco lights going on and everything, but I'm not in the mood. "Everyone get out! The party is over!" People starts to get out.

      All of a sudden I hear screams coming from the door. 'Oh shit the zombies have awakened!' I run towards it and try to close it. A woman tries to get in and I can't get it shut. "Help me!" she screams franticly. I slam myself at the door and it shuts. I turn the lock. I look out the peephole and the woman is standing there, scratching at the door like she's crazy. The two guys with the sub machine guns are still there, along with a few others. "Keep an eye on this door" I tell them. I have no idea what happened to them later.

      09.00: Huge ass pike
      I'm with my brother Martin at a big lake. We're fishing. I use a colourful lure intended for pike and cast it out. I make sure it ends up in a well lit up place in the water and can see a small pike trailing it. "You won't catch anything with that thing!" my brother mocks me. I refuse to give up and give it a few more tries. All of a sudden a huge and long shadow appears in the water. A pike is chasing my lure, and it looks like the snake from the movie "Anaconda." It doesn't bite and when I pull my lure out of the water it just sits there. I look more closely at it. Its entire body must be more than ten meters, and it's in a large U-shape.

      I cast the lure out and it sticks to its head. I hold on as it tries to pull the rod out of my hands, I have no hopes of catching this beast. All of a sudden we start talking somehow. Monica appears and it asks me if we want to go for a ride. "Nah I'm good" Monica says. Me and my brother agree to do it though and we jump up on its back where two plastic surfing boards are. I grab onto the pike below the water and we take off. I can't believe how fast we're going. The other side of the lake is approaching fast and I have to make small jumps not to hit my face on the lines going across the waters.

      Just before we crash onto land I jump off and dive into the water. Two people are watching us from a small boat on land. I hear a "Wohooo!" nearby and realise it's the pike. It's under a boat where a small pocket of air is. I go there and do a few "woohoo's" myself. I get out of there and head towards the middle of the lake when all of a sudden something stabs me in the chest. I feel my warm blood gushing out of a knife wound where my heart is. One of the guys on land was apparently an assassin and swims away from me.

      10.00: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 11 hours

      Supplements: None

      That's it! I had another dream but I can't be bothered to write it down as it wasn't very interesting. I did lose two teeth, which is kinda cool.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
      Tags: survival, zombies
      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. 05/12/11 - Being a murderer

      by , 12-05-2011 at 07:20 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Had a freaky dream last night, I guess you could call it a nightmare. Also two fragments.

      23.00: Sleep

      03.30: Time to come clean
      I receive a text message on my phone. It's my mom, telling me something I don't want to forget about later that week. 'Oh god... How will I ever be able to look her in the eyes again? I put the phone in my pocket and start walking. Strangely enough the deeds I've done doesn't disturb me half as much as the thought of finally coming clean, but it has to be done. 'How many is it now? Three... No wait four.' I walk out on a bridge going over a road. I look down at what I'm holding. It's a human head with most of the flesh gone. I throw it over the bridge and watch it roll down the dim lit street. A parked van stops it and a loud "bang" follows. 'Someone must have heard that, it's done. They will find my prints on that head and put me away for ever.'

      I walk across the bridge and take a right just after some shacks. I head down to the end of the street where a river is flowing by. 'Who have I killed now? My sister Malin, her friend Diana, some evil guy who did something bad and one more. Perhaps I should grab a canoe and just run away?' I feel so bad about it all, what I'm about to face, that I can barely take it. I open a cage nearby and take off my pants. I decide to see if anyone's found the head yet. I walk around the corner and should be able to see the van from behind now, but it's not there. There's just a big cleaning truck sweeping the streets.

      The dream skips. I'm talking to my dad in his house. He says something about my sister Malin. "Oh, so I didn't do anything then!" I exclaim, happier than ever. I ask him about Diana. "She's been dead for a while now, you know that" he tells me. 'Fuck. That means I really killed her.'

      05.30: Fragments
      *I'm down at a football field made out of gravel. There are tracks from a car all around. My coworker David shows up and tells me he's the one responsible for them. I look up at the building and another coworker is up on the roof. He lifts a girl up and puts her down again. All of a sudden my friend Henrik appears and tells me that the guy on the roof eats alot of candy because that's good for you when you're working out alot. I tell them I usually eat nuts instead. David asks me if he can borrow my car. The place he's going to is not even a hundred meters away but he can't be bothered to walk.

      *I'm in a car with Monica. We're on a paved road in the middle of the woods which is slick as hell. We almost go off the road. "I don't feel like visiting my mom anymore. Not now when her husband's got MS, they won't even remember me being there then" she tells me.

      05.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 6 hours

      Supplements: None

      That's it!

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    3. 07/11/11 - Cool zombie nightmare

      by , 11-07-2011 at 07:04 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Had a single dream last night and it was pretty cool. I guess it was a nightmare, I didn't feel happy exactly when I woke up but now that I think back on the whole experience: awesome!

      00.00: Sleep

      04.30: From prison to zombie survival
      "Use these to distract the guards, then change the combination code" a guy I know tells me and hands me a razor blade that is cut up into tiny little pieces. I throw some on the ground.

      Two prison guards show up and grab me by the arms and lead me into a room with one old school holding cell aswell a small box of a room in the middle of it. I spread the razor shards all over the place without them noticing. With a flick of my finger I make them all explode at once. "What was that?!" one of the guards ask the other and they run out of the room.

      I take my chance and run up to the box-like room. On the door is a keypad, I can see a button that says: "Change password" and I press it. It seems to have a four digit code. I enter my first four birth digits and walk over to the old school cell with prison bars. All of a sudden a bunch of prison guards show up and I can't do anything. I still have lots of razor blade shards in my hand and I hide them as best I can.

      "Hey! What are you doing?!" one of the guard says as he notices I'm holding something. All of a sudden the entire scenario changes in an instant. There's a window and outside I spot a coworker with a bunch of people. "Okay! Do you guys really want to die that bad? Fine then!" I say angrily. They decide to hear me out. I open the window and ask the coworker, Bosse, if he can take me and the guards with him. "Only if they know how to go down a river in a raft" he says. We're in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and we're going to try to survive.

      "If you're coming then you have to hurry the fuck up" he says and grabs a chain saw. I can see a whole bunch of zombies closing in on him and his group. One guy gets dragged off screaming. I walk back to the guards and explain to them they have to act quickly. "Go!" I yell and everyone scatters. It seems like I'm in my grandma's house. I head upstairs to try to find something useful when I realise I've already packed my bag. 'Something to keep it dry then... I find a sweater that I put on then head downstairs. "Let's go guys!" I yell.

      In the kitchen I find a guy looking through some drawers. "Here, you need this" I say and take the small knife he has on him and hand him a much bigger one. I grab one myself. I exit the house through the front door, right away I hear a weird growling sound behind me. I look back.

      She starts walking towards me but at a very slow pace. I jog to the front of the house and take a right where I know a big field of grass is. I spot two very long lines of people, atleast two hundred of them. They walk slowly in groups, one heading towards the woods and one going alongside the buildings. There are single individuals scattered all over the place aswell. My other grandma, not the one who owns the house, shows up. She looks pale and holds my cousin. "Hey Matte!" she says. She tries to hug me but I feel something's not right. My grandpa and my uncle is at he back of the big line going into the woods.

      I run away from her and dodge as a zombie tries to grab for me. Even though they're very slow they're scary as hell. "Look over there" my mom says from nowhere. "They seem to enjoy it." I look to the right at the second line of people and a small hill they're walking past. At first it looks like there's a slaughter at the hill, things flying over the people, but after looking more closely I can see it's just water. They're spraying the zombies or people, I'm not quite sure at this moment, with water.

      I head towards the second line to check it out more closely. Up ahead one of the houses has a weird mask shop. It has dark masks in different colours in a little stall. The line keeps walking on at an even pace. Without realising it, I've ended up in a corner. A big fence cuts me off from the line and the only way out of there is back, where a zombie is walking my direction.
      I can't be bothered to stay in the dream any longer and wake up.

      05.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 5½ hours

      Supplements: None

      That's it! The last part of the dream I guess is lucid, but won't count the dream as one. I've done that loads of times when I've had just too much from a nightmare like that and woken myself up. Also was pretty cool to be able to calculate exactly when I fell asleep according to the time I woke up from the dream. At the end of my REM period.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
      Tags: survival, zombies
      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. 02/10/11 - Very creepy DEILD

      by , 10-02-2011 at 10:49 AM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Had one of the most memorable lucid dreams ever this morning. It wasn't filled with amazing stuff, very long or anything at all really. But how fast it turned from happy to scary was so cool! I almost laughed out loud when I woke up after breathing out and wiping some sweat away. No tasks done though.

      23.10: Sleep

      05.10: WBTB 30 minutes

      07.10: Where's that damn sauna? MILD
      I'm standing in a hallway with a bunch of other people. I'm back in school it seems and we've just had gymnastics. The teacher tells us something about this being the last day of the girls and boys sharing showers. I enter the showers and go to my locker. It starts raining inside, like the sprinklers in the room have been turned on. I grab the locker handle and pull, a bit too hard. The entire door comes off, a girl looks at me. "Ops" I say.

      I spot a girl or two taking a shower and I can feel myself getting aroused. 'Fuck, not here!' I calm myself down and take a shower myself. It's completely silent in the showers, all you can hear is the showers themselves. I go to my locker again and grab a towel. I spot someone from my old class. We're in the boy's showers and I remember this place being noisy as hell. "Have these showers ever been this quiet?" I ask out loud. Everyone starts laughing out loud. The tension seems to be relieved.

      I head into a room full of toilets and rinse my face in a sink. I can feel heat coming from up above and look up. 'That's definitely a sauna' I think as I hold my hand against a glass wall. It's pretty hot. My friend G shows up. "Hey man" I say. "Hey" he replies. "What are you up to?" I ask. "Not much, just getting thirty thousand from Kate Winslet, gotta go!" I'm left there dumbfounded. 'What?!'

      I head after him, tying my towel that keeps falling down. We exit the showers, apparently we're not in school anymore, but on some amazing vacation resort. It's dark out and there are palm trees and green grass everywhere. I head to the right after G and he enters the first glass door on the right. The entire wall is made of glass. I enter after him and he gets into a big pool with some hot women in it. G's family is there and they seem to be having a good time. 'That fucker! Thirty thousand for doing Kate Winslet.'

      I leave pretty frustrated and jealous as hell. 'Oh well, I'll just head for the sauna instead.' I have no idea where it is though. I start walking down the stoney path and try to find it by using the wooden signs. They don't make any sense. I just run around the resort for a while with no success. Going up a flight of stairs, a foreign woman in her late fourties stops me. "I want to take your picture" she tells me, obviously she has the hots for me.

      'Why not?' I do the devil sign for fun quickly but put my hand down again. "No, do that sign" she tells me and I do it again. She snaps a few photos of me and I run off again. I walk out on the grass, it feels like it's plastic. I try to get up a slope but it's too slippery and I just slide down.

      Suddenly I become lucid. I walk a bit and think about what I should do. But the dream starts to fade before I have any chance.

      Before this dream, you need to know that Monica was giving her mom a ride, and she wouldn't be home for around two hours.

      07.10: Monica? DEILD
      I'm waking up from my previous dream when I decide to give DEILD a go. I quickly enter SP as I can feel my arms twitching like I'm having a seizure. My hands squirm around and I'm sure if someone saw me in bed, they'd see me flailing around. I try to relax as much as possible. I can hear heavy gusts of wind blow in my ear. 'Perfect, getting closer.'

      I hear the door open and close. 'Oh crap no! Monica's home already, I hope she does what I told her and don't disturb me.' I lie still and try different ways of making this SP into a dream already. I try visualizing but it doesn't work. Apparently Monica's going to cook something and she rattles with the silverware. It sounds like they're just next to my ear. I lie still and just wait.

      "Hey babe!" she says and sits down on my stomach. I moan and hope it'll pass through to my real body. By this time I figure I can still hear what's going on in real life. "What was that?" she asks me and starts to crunch down on some salad. I can see a tiny bit of her through a slit in my eye. Once again I figure I'm still in SP but can sense the real world. "Let me sleep" I mumble.

      'Phew, didn't wake up.' "What? You don't want me to do this?" she asks me and starts rocking the bed. I can feel my body starting to slide down towards the floor. "Weee!" she says and I land on the floor with a "thump." I still haven't woken up and I figure it's time to break loose.

      I force open my eyes and I'm in the dream! In my room, exactly where I thought I was. I get up and grab a pair of pants from the sofa and a shirt from the table and put them on. 'Time for some exploring.' I head towards the door but when I reach it, I hesitate. I remember reading that some people have reported seeing their own bodies sleeping in bed, I've never seen that. I head back into the living room. Monica stands up with her salad. I look behind her on the floor and can see my body lying halfway under the bed. It's covered in papers and some salad. 'Awesome!'

      "Hey, where are you going?" Monica asks me. "I'm going out exploring" I tell her, my voice is strained and a bit louder than a whisper. "But you have to look at these papers first" she says and tells me to sit down. "Wait, can you still hear me?" I ask her. "Uhm, yeah?" 'Hmm, she can probably still hear my real body mumbling the words I speak in the dream' "That's weird" I say and sit down. I take a look at the papers, it's full of hieroglyphs.

      "Okay so this is not a dream?" I ask. "Nope, not a dream" she says. "Here, I'll prove it to you." I say and grab a paper. "Write me ten symbols and I'll guess which one you point at." She thinks I'm stupid and asks me how I could do that. "When I wake up silly, I'll tell you which one you pointed at." At this point a little dream logic enters the dream. By reading about Out of Body Experiences, you can pick a card from a deck and then name that card when you wake up, and it'll be the same card.

      "But you're already awake!" she tells me, clearly annoyed. "Oh yeah? Then explain to me who that is?" I ask and point at my body lying on the floor. I can see that the question really disturbed her, like a computer that can't come up with an answer. I can practicly see the "Error" signs in her eyes. She turns her head halfway with a sly smile.

      A wind from nowhere makes all the papers she's holding fly around in the room and obscures my vision of her for a second. She holds up one remaining paper over her face when it all settles down. The last paper goes away and I realise the person I have been talking to, isn't Monica. It's a dark haired man with white skin, he looks sinister as hell.

      I freak out. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" I yell and grab his throat as hard as I can. We both fall down to the floor.
      I wake up with a little "yelp."

      10.00: Fragment
      *I'm standing outside of a barn and there are ghosts inside of it. I use a mirror to look behind me. Different faces show up and I ask them what their names are. They can't speak but they mime them. One has the same name as my mother.

      10.00: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 11 hours

      Supplements: 1 x B-Complex, 1 cup of Mugwort Tea and 1 x Lucid Dreamer at WBTB

      That's it! Amazing DEILD. Only have one cup of mugwort left, but I'm not sure it does much.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    5. 12/07/11 - Long nightmare

      by , 07-12-2011 at 10:33 AM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Had a couple of actually pretty awesome dreams last night, but I'm so pissed that I didn't write down or couldn't recall more of a lucid I know I had early on in the night. Might have been so early in the night that the REM period ended. Anyways I was also up and had a bit of an adventure.

      01.30: Sleep

      02.15: Nightly Adventure
      *I wake up and jump out of bed. I grab a pillow and hold it up against the headrest of my computer chair. Phew! I blocked the path of the shots before they were fired. I stand there and hold the pillow firmly against the headrest so it won't shoot Monica who's sleeping.

      07.30: Fragments
      *I'm lucid. I'm with a few other people and I show them my telekinetic powers. I grab a steel beam of some sorts and throw it over my head. My dad smiles at me. I grab the beam again and a small, black ball. I throw them around simultaneously in different directions. Multitasking!

      *I'm talking to a doctor, and for some reason I'm speaking english. I try to tell him that I need someone to look me up. I tell him about my nightly adventures, how I have hallucinations almost every night and I haven't found out why yet. I say that I'm a Dream Guide and very educated when it comes to dreams and such, but I haven't met or read about anyone who also has them.

      07.30: WBTB 10 minutes

      9.30: Chased by monsters
      I'm inside of a big skyscraper. A huge monster is attacking the building, and I open a wooden door and close it. It won't shut properly so I have to try three times before it shuts. I can feel the world change. I open the door and look out. I have teleported to a nearby place on the ground. I can see the enormous monster destroying the building from outside. The building itself is huge, as tall as a skyscraper but just as long. The monster looks something like this.

      On a walkie-talkie I can hear my coworker yell as I watch the monster jerk and jump into the huge hole it has made. With insane speed it crashes through the building, spraying debris in all directions. The last thing I hear from my coworker is a scream. The monster pops out on the other side of the building and I decide to get its attention. I whistle as loud as I can. The monster twiches its head and looks me straight in the eye. I know how fast this thing is so I close the door quickly.

      Three times to teleport. I open it slightly after the first time and can see the monster outside of the door already. Oh shit I won't make it! I close it and can feel the monster trying to prevent me. I open and close it a third time and teleport away. I lean against the wall and open the door again. I know the monster will have morphed into something less harmful. A small girl appears and looks into the small room I'm in. I grab her arm and drag her into the room and teleport away. I end up on a muddy field, on a sign it says: "Woodstock". I push the girl out the door and teleport away again.

      The dream skips. I'm now watching different coworkers, how their days started. I want to find out who's responsible for the monster incident. One guy seems to be harmless, but another one has a strange feel to him. They're Asian for some reason. I go into 1st person mode and I'm in some kind of slum area, near where the teleport ended up the first time. I can see the big building nearby. I immediately run down into the basement, there's something dangerous coming for me. Down at the sewers, a man is lying half-buried in the sand.

      He looks very frail, and there's barely skin left on his bones. Two small boys are with him and they appear to be his grandsons. I look behind me at a green door, knowing something bad will come for us any second. "We have to go!" I tell them. I look behind me again and all of a sudden some watery liquid starts seeping through the cracks of the door. The boys picks up their grandpa and we start running. I get some liquid on my feet, it feels like oil.

      We run through a maze for a while until we arrive at an arena of some sorts. Grandpa has been forgotten and me and the two kids jump over stacks of rubble and crates to go as high as possible. I see a path above the ground on some construction beams. For some reason we're not going to run anymore, but face whatever's coming. We start building traps with concrete steel on the only walkway there is.

      A very big guy in black armor appears.

      He starts walking on the pathway and we all release the concrete steel we've tightened. They smack him on his legs, doing absolutely nothing at all. He starts laughing at our futile attempts to stop him. I'm holding a couple of soft spears which has green feathers on them. I throw them at his face, aiming for his red glowing eyes. He starts laughing even more and reaches for me with a huge hand. All of a sudden he cries out in pain, a spear jutting out from his eye.

      He goes down on one knee, clutching his face. I take the rest of the spears we've got nearby and hand half of them to the boy next to me. "Throw these in his remaining eye when he comes at us" I tell him. One or two must hit, we've got like twenty spears each. With a roar the man reaches for us and we throw as many spears as we can, I start stabbing him when he's close enough but nothing happens. He grabs me and holds me tight.

      I wriggle loose and start clawing and punching him in the face. Again the man laughs at me. Once again he grabs me and holds me tight, I'm screwed this time. The third boy who had been completely forgotten had apparently been preparing some ultimate attack. I watch him as he loads up some crazy gun that emits some futuristic sound. I say his name and the man turns around and gets a full on blast in his face.

      I'm dropped to the ground, but the big arm holding my ankle is still squeezing it hard. It hurts alot and I scream in pain. After a while the hand lets go and I breathe out. I try to move my wrist (for some reason my wrist got hurt) and it feels like I can't move it properly. When I turn it, it sounds mechanic, like I've got a prosthetic. "You can do surgery on your wrists now" one of the boys tell me. Like I'm giving an OK to do it finally after all this time.

      09.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 7½ hours

      Supplements: None

      That's it! What an epic and long dream. Too bad I didn't get lucid when I was in it, that evil guy would have been obliterated.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    6. 06/06/11 - Nightmares, all kinds

      by , 06-06-2011 at 10:45 AM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Every dream I recall from last night/this morning was a nightmare or close to it. Even the fragment which I'm having trouble recalling, had a very sinister feel to it and I woke up all sweaty from it.

      02.00: Sleep

      05.00: Zombie apocalypse
      I'm standing on a small mountain with a couple of trees nearby. There are shelters and stuff all around me, and people are running around. No wonder they are running around, the zombie virus has been released! I gather some things necessary for survival out in the woods. A very long fishing line, some plastic bags, etc. "How will we sleep?" someone asks me. "We will be huddled together for warmth" an older man says. I pack some last minute stuff into my already stuffed bag and throw it over my shoulder.

      We start walking, but don't have to go very far. A kitchen, without roof or two walls appears and there's two people in it. Except for the missing walls, the kitchen looks very new. This place will have to do for now. I greet with the guy sitting at the table. I sit down and we start talking. I look over his shoulder for any zombies incoming, he's got his back towards the "entrance."

      "What will you guys do when the electricity goes out?" I ask him. "What do you mean, the lights?" he replies. "No, the food in the refrigerator will spoil right away". "Oh, well, I dunno, we'll take it as it comes then" he tells me. I'm frustrated he has no plan and I don't think everything will be alright just like that. I look over his shoulder again and he gets frustrated because I'm so paranoid. "Well, you should be too" I tell him and take another look, this time I spot something.

      A woman in a white, hospital dress is limping towards us. Her skin in her face is starting to turn a bit yellow at places, like it's rotting. "She's infected, get away from her!" people starts yelling. The woman doesn't seem to be a zombie fully yet though. She reaches out with her arms, trying to grab me. I jump away and try to find a knife or anything to kill her with. She chases me around the table, luckily she's not very fast. I see a couple of forks and dining knives but nothing will do.

      I spot an orange working knife and I grab it. I grab the woman and shove the knife straight into her skull and twist the knife. She starts whining and screaming. Brain matter splatters all around us and I hold her over the sink to not get it on the floor. I keep my mouth shut tight to not get infected myself. Even though she should be dead she's still alive. I drop her on the floor and she stops moving finally. "Alright, this knife is mine" I say all riled up. Fucking retards who can't get things done. Good job letting the guy with the injured wrists do it.

      08.00: Fragments
      *Something about the game Terraria. Woke up all sweaty.

      *Ants, they were all over the place.

      09.20: Collapsing at work
      I'm at work. I have to do some concrete work and I try to find an old concrete bag with the right kind of concrete. I know it's supposed to be here somewhere but I can't find it. I see several other bags which are red, but not my bag. I decide to head up to the establishment and get a new one. I check the clock as I walk in. "8.30." I've still got time to do some work until the break at nine. I pick the concrete bag up and ask my coworker if he wants to help me carry another one, he doesn't. My boss shows up, he starts telling me how we have to speed up work, and that it has to be done by the next week in May.

      "Next year?" I ask him. "No, next week." God damnit. "Alright we'll step it up" I tell him. He starts telling me how it's better to get a job done fast rather than do a good job. I agree and head back out with my concrete bag. I run all the way back and I'm really sweating by the time I arrive at the gates to where I was going to do my job. The ground consists of loose gravel and I trip in it and fall over. I see a few worms crawling further down. I relax for a second, my leg is cramping like hell and I try to soothe it by rubbing it.

      A trucker girl nearby watches me, she looks a bit worried. I shake my head and get up. For some reason I'm very dizzy. I grab the fence next to me and try to stay up, but I fall down on my back. The girl runs up to me. I mumble something. "What text message?" she asks me. I have no idea what she is talking about. "You just said something about a text message" she tells me. "I must have been dreaming" I tell her. Wow I'm sweaty! I wipe my forehead but it still pours down into my mouth.

      After a while I get up, my machinist Krull is there. I tell him what the boss said. "Basicly we can just pour the concrete powder in there and just spit at it" I say. He laughs. We head back up and I try to walk as steadily as I can, don't want to show that I'm weak.

      10.30: Maths class
      I'm in my new maths class. It's the next one after the one I've just taken, and I spot a few people who was in my old class. My coworker Valdis is there aswell, his name gets called out and I ask him about his surname, it doesn't sound right. He repeats what the teacher said. I look at the problems we were handed out. A guy next to me is doing an earlier course's final exam. I solve my problems within seconds but I realise I've done a mistake. I erase it all while the teacher is watching. I notice that there are more numbers than I first had noticed, and it's actually a very hard equation. I'm worried I won't pass this class.

      10.30: Fragment
      *My friend G has nothing but shorts on. He's got hair all over his body and he's laughing like a maniac. He intends to shave it all off. He flexes his legs. "Look at all that muscle mmmmmmmh, yeah!" I flex my own leg. "Yeah, look at that!"

      10.30: Freaking bears!
      I'm with my younger brother Morgan at my mom's house. We're on the upper floor and watching the forest on the backside through the windows. I spot something moving up there, and I realise it's a big brown bear! My brother Morgan opens up a window and starts to annoy it. I've got a camera in my hands and I take a few good shots. Suddenly the bear rushes towards us and climbs the ladder beneath us. There's a hatch going into the room we're in. Morgan runs out while I stay to try to fend it off. The bear destroys the hatch but the hole it's made is too small for it to crawl through. I take a lighter and try to burn it. The bear's enormous claws almost rake me and I jump back.

      The hole gets bigger all of a sudden and I close the door, but it won't shut properly! I leave it and run down the stairs. I see my mom, she's only wearing a bathrobe and a towel on her head. "Hide!" I yell. "Where? I can't hide" she tells me. "Just go into your room and shut the door then" I tell her and run into another one. The bear comes crashing down the stairs. I head out back and close all the doors behind me. I don't go very far though, as I'm sure the bear will come around the corner any second. Ofcourse it does. What a smart fucking bear. I run back in and close the door behind me.

      I head upstairs. The bear has gone away finally. I look out the window to make sure it's not coming back, but it is, and it brought a friend aswell as a cub. For fuck's sake! I run to the front of the house and jump up on the roof. I head to the neighbour's roof and lie down. I check if they would be able to see me if they came down the street, and they would. I go to the next, and the next. After a few houses I'm comfortable enough to stay. I lie there for minutes, just waiting for the whole scenario to go over.

      I start hearing voices. "Strange that no one has ever reported it to the police, they should have shot the bear right away." "Yeah, oh well it's taken care of now luckily." After a while I can hear gunshots, so I head back. I climb on the rooftops and next to my mom's house is a huge house with black tiles on the roof. I take a peak around the chimney, and look down the backside. "It's all over, they're dead" my mom tells me. Relief washes over me like never before. I almost start to cry. I try to get down from the roof, all of a sudden very clumsy and slow.

      10.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 8½ hours

      Supplements: None

      That's it! What a night. I hate bears, they've always been my mortal enemy in my dreams. One day I will make one appear in a Lucid and ask it why the hell its kind hates me so much. Perhaps they just want to make friends?

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    7. 30/04/11 - Gluttony

      by , 04-30-2011 at 02:44 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! WBTB's are damn hard when you're exhausted. I woke up six hours into sleep and intended to WBTB. I think I managed to stay up for around a minute before I went back to sleep and had a few dreams. Woke up again and did some mantras, which resulted in me getting lucid in a pretty cool way. Second time ever I get a Dream Induced Wild Induced Lucid Dream. Or whatever you want to call it.

      23.00: Sleep

      05.10: WBTB 5 minutes

      09.00: Fragment
      *I'm playing World of Warcraft with my friend Jonas.

      09.00: Carcrash becomes nightmareish
      I'm at a cabin far from my home town. Me and my friends have been partying with alot of other people, and we want to get out of there. There's seven of us total, and the cab driver pulls up. "I will not take more than three" he tells me. "Why not?!" I ask him. I'm so pissed. We will need to get three cars then, it's going to be very expensive. He gives me a bullshit reason. "Give me one logical reason, anything that makes sense". He tells me something I can't remember, but I don't accept it.

      My friend Eric's brother comes out of the cabin. He starts arguing with Eric. Now we're nine who needs a ride. I get in the cab anyways with three more, including my coworker Kimmo. The cab goes in the wrong direction. Alot of cars are heading towards the other direction. "There's alot of cars going home from town at the moment" the cab driver says. I figure this is another way to Stockholm and just sit back.

      I'm in the middle seat in the back, and suddenly we slow down. There's a white van coming towards us up ahead. "He'll move" I say. We're not going more than 10/kmh and the van up ahead is closing in fast. A second before impact I close my eyes, and our car is thrown back violently. I hold on for dear life and try to push my body against the seat to minimize whiplash. The car starts flipping. I'm not hurt all. "This is like a roller coaster haha!" I manage to say with force. The car stops upside down. "Is everyone okay?" I ask. They all say yes.

      We crawl out of the car and I cough some. I take a look around. We're infront of an old house. Instead of doors and windows are pitch black holes. It's got an eerie feeling to it, and I spot something infront of the door. A grill with vegetables and sausages. It's still sizzling, which means someone is around here. "Hello?!" I shout. No answer. I enter the door but quickly go back out again.

      Dream skips. I'm once again infront of the house, but this time it has windows and doors. I'm with a bunch of kids and my coworker Niclas. I spot movement in the window on the second floor, I also hear laughter. We all enter the house and Niclas takes a right, I check out a few rooms on the first floor. I get a weird feeling from this place. I follow the others and arrive in a huge room, with a staircase going along the walls upwards. I run the stairs, the kids are laughing for some reason and I can hear Niclas whistling. "Nicke! Where are you?!". I reach the top and realise most kids have disappeared. And my coworker is nowhere to be seen. Five or six kids are left on the top, and they're disappearing one at a time. "Let's go! We have to get out of here" I say and start running down the stairs. An eye appears in the corner of my eye all of a sudden. It's green but quickly turns into blue, then brown. It's the eyes of all the kids who have been taken so far.

      09.00: Ice cream time! D-WILD
      I wake up in the same house. I'm on a hard school chair and next to me is a guy with a thin moustache. He takes two metal screws and fastens them on his armrest. "Two now, you better step up" he tells me with an evil smile. I haven't gotten lucid yet, no way I'm letting him beat me. I lay back and relax, it's kinda hard since the chair is digging into my hip. Perhaps I should WILD...

      I'm standing on a street leading into town square in my home town. I start running and force myself to go faster with every step. Soon I'm running faster than a car, awesome! I jump and start gliding, but I can't maintain the height and I scrape my stomach on the ground. I don't slow down though and I fly a few feet above the ground. The town square is up ahead, and I intend to fly into it. I try to imagine an invisible ramp I can take off on, but I fail.

      I stop flying and run and jump the last bit. I enter town square, and there's people everywhere. To fly I have to jump and fly straight up first, and I make a few mini jumps before I'm airborn. I fly straight up and then in circles. I remember that I usually wake up when flying and I start rubbing my hands. I fall for a second. My hands are needed for flying it seems, but I force myself to be able to anyways and soon I can do it. I keep on rubbing my hands and look at them, pale with four fingers.

      I get tired of flying and let myself fall. I land on the roof of a grocery store, denting the metal beneath. I jump down onto the ground and enter the store. There's people everywhere here aswell, but I just jump over them and start walking through the store. I wonder if I should teleport... Nah, the hard chair I'm sleeping on will probably make me lose the dream. I almost lose the dream, but I manage to stabilize it by rubbing my hands and focusing on my senses.

      I arrive at the fruit stands, but instead of fruit I see rows and rows of ice cream in buckets. Different flavours, except vanilla.

      I want that. "The vanilla is all the way in the back" a store clerk woman says. I start walking towards the back of the store. A guy in a wheelchair digs out a few buckets of vanilla from the back of the freezer. I grab one and bring out a spoon from nowhere. I take a big scoop and put it in my mouth. It tastes great. I scoop out a huge chunk and realise there's no way for me to put it all in my mouth.

      I imagine my mouth being twice as big, and I eat it all up. There are other flavours infront of me and I run the spoon over all of them, combining them. Gorging oneself on ice cream is wicked. I eat the combo and take a last scoop before heading towards the candy. I reach the stand and dip my ice cream into the jelly hearts and then the pralines. Like huge sprinkles!

      09.00: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 10 hours

      Supplements: None

      That's it! I woke up from the lucid, lying on my back. My drool was almost making me choke and I had to swallow alot of it. Might have been why I woke up.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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      lucid , non-lucid , nightmare , dream fragment
    8. 19/04/11 - Weird nightmare

      by , 04-19-2011 at 05:06 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Sucky sleep last night. Woke up in the middle of the night and felt like an ominous presence was in my room. Kinda scary but I fell asleep again and had a weird nightmare.

      23.00: Sleep

      05.10: Rotten eggs
      I'm outside of a house with my mom and my sisters. Up on a cliff, my friend Jesper appears. He's got those new shoes with rounded soles, they're completely white but he seems to want them to get even whiter. He sprinkles flour on them and starts doing the moonwalk. Back and forth he slides and he's doing a great job actually. My mom opens up a carton of eggs. "You didn't eat these did you?" she asks me. There's only two left, and I ate the other four. "I did, why?" I ask her. "Well, they're outdated like ten months." I feel like puking. My mom throws one of them down at the ground and the smell! We both run away and my mom starts puking her guts out. I almost vomit but I manage to keep it down. The rest of the dream I'm anxious over how sick I am going to get.

      05.10: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 6 hours

      Supplements: None

      That's it! I'm gonna try to get as much sleep as possible tonight, sleeping night!

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    9. 06/03/11 - Memorable night

      by , 03-06-2011 at 11:53 AM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! I just had one of the most memorable nights of my life. I had a terrible nightmare, which affected all other dreams. Luckily it was only a dream. The other dreams were kinda cool and even got lucid.

      22.45: Sleep

      05.30: R.I.P Felix
      I'm out with a few guys in town. We're joking around and drinking alot. I take a piss at the curb with Henrik. He tells me about a forum in which his friend posted something. He shows me the post, it's very sad and sounds like a suicide letter.

      Dream skips to the next day. I wake up. I get on facebook and check out what's going on. My friend Felix seems to be getting alot of posts for some reason and I check out his wall. Almost twenty people has liked his status, which is something about not being amongst us anymore. I realise he's dead. He killed himself last night his twin brother tells everyone. I'm horror struck, I feel like crying but I have to force the few tears to come. I must be in shock. I lock myself in my room in the house we grew up in. My aunt and her husband enters the room and I wonder where they have been. "We've been sick for weeks! As soon as one of us got better, the other one just gave the disease back" she tells me with a smile.

      She's alot thinner now than before I notice. "What kind of disease was it?" I ask. "Oh just stomach flu". I hate that disease with all of my heart and I cover my mouth up. "Get away from me!" I yell and begin to sob again. I run out of the house into the rain. I sit down behind a pool covered in plastic and hold my head for a while. It hurts. After a minute or so I decide to get up and walk back in. I remember my mom telling me something. "For every smile you make, you get points". I force a smile on my face, she only wants what's best for me. My mom greets me in the living room. She starts talking about pyjamas and how we could dress up in those and run around and rescue people like super heroes. I smile again. What's wrong with me? Why can't I just deal with it and move on? It's like I've become retarded.

      Dream skips. I'm out talking a walk to clear my mind. Suddenly my cellphone rings and I pick it up. "Felix cell". No way! He's dead! Or was it some tasteless joke?. I pick up. "Hello?". "Hey man, it's Felix". I am relieved to the point of tears. "I am dead, I'm calling from the other side". What the fuck? "It was all a stupid mistake, a drunken mistake" he tells me. I begin to cry. This time the tears come for real. "You guys will have to be there when they divide my stuff up, heh, my sister has already packed twenty one bags". Apparently they were going to move after what had happened. I cry even more, my whole body shakes and I'm crying out loud.

      05.30: WBTB 15 minutes

      06.30: Fragment
      *I'm at the local pub. A few old classmates are there with me and I ask for a beer. "You can lend one" one of them tells me. "Yeah I know, I already owe you a beer from last time, my memory is pretty good" I tell him and accept the can of beer. I take a sip. "You know, my friend killed himself last night" I tell them. Everyone's quiet. "Felix... dead" I say. People don't know how to react. "Not a very fun fact, but I thought you should know incase you're wondering why I'm acting strange".

      06.30: Bright lucid MILD
      I'm in the back of a full bus. We take a left turn and I realise I'm dreaming. I want to get off the bus to have some fun. I push the button and I imagine the busdriver pulling the bus over at the curb. It stops and I grab a girl's breast before getting out. Perhaps she will follow and we can have some dreamsex?. The doors close and the bus takes off. I look around and it's a warm, very bright summer day. I seem to be in the middle of an intersection between two huge fields. I rub my hands to make the dream more vivid. A car goes past me. What to do? I look at the car which has almost disappeared around the corner.

      I lift my hand up and the car goes up with it. I make a small pushing motion and the car flies off into the distant. Two more cars appear and I lift them up as they reach me. I shoot them out into space using both my hands, going in two different directions. Sweet, sweet power! I feel like doing something crazy. I take off all my clothes and stand there butt naked. I start peeing on the street. I hope with all my heart that my bladder isn't really emptying itself. A whole bunch of cars shows up. I count six of them as they close up, all volvo's. Time to practice multiple control! I manage to lift five of them up, but drop one. I hold the other four ten meters above ground, and I make them spin around eachother.

      I release them at the same time and watch as they all crash in all directions. It's quite amazing how realistic it all looks when you don't interfere I think as one car crashes into a tree and slams into the ground, glass and debris going in all directions. I rub my hands again and turn around toward the third road. Suddenly my face feels funny, like I'm having a stroke. I can't move my mouth and my head feels heavy. Oh shit, gotta stabilize! I rub my hands and focus on the ground. "Stabilize!" I yell and begin to sing some random song. I refuse to let the dream go and soon I can stand up again. Sweet, I stabilized it. What else to do? I feel like flying. I run and jump, and it's like I've got a broken rocketpack on my back. I smack into the ground first and tumble around before I start to rise. I fly into the forest the car crashed into, I can feel pines prickling my face.

      I start to feel my body and I'm moving my fingers. I decide to DEILD and lie completely still. A few seconds later I hear a loud screeching sound and wind blowing in my ears. My arms (which I'm lying on) starts to cramp. My hands and fingers starts to curl up. I ignore it all and try to visualize a mountaintop. I soon lose focus. I can see Dr. House. "Visualize! Don't just think about it!" he yells at a patient. Cuddy starts talking in Spanish. "What does it mean?" House asks. A patient had said what she repeated. "It's about their deathgod, he cursed himself" Great idea for an episode don't you think? I wake up and write down my dreams. I realise this is my second lucid tonight. I can't seem to write properly. I wake up for real. Damn FA's!

      08.00: Football
      I'm watching some people playing American football. Apparently this is what the guy who killed himself did before he died. I spot the guy, a friend of Henrik. Everyone's got foam on their bodies for some reason. A whistle sounds and people are about to switch sides. I stay on the defending team and try to position the ball over the small plastic holder for punting. I can't get it right and struggle with it for a long time. Some random guy walks up to me and hands me a home-made rocket. "Just connect the wire to that thing" he tells me. I put a small electric wire into a socket and the rocket takes off. It goes straight towards a building and explodes just outside of a window. I spot a small ball of shockwave going towards us, it's like something almost invisible.

      09.30: Demoted
      I'm with some evil girlfriend. I mean really evil. I've been sick for the past few weeks, and she hasn't let me get on DV! I am finally allowed to though, and I log in. I have been demoted! I check the chatlogs and see that PercyLucid kicked me from the chat because I had somethign called: "Matebot" or something. Weird. I check the "DG Away" thread, and people had asked alot of questions about where I was. I start to write a DJ entry about where I was and why. Stupid evil girlfriend! I wonder why the hell I allow someone so small control me so much.

      09.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 10 hours

      Supplements: None

      That's it! I haven't cried like that in all my adult life. Fascinating what the mind can do huh? Oh well, I'm glad I had it, even though it was very emotional at the time, it was only a dream and an amazing experience. Nightmares always are! I refused to let the nightmare be the only thing I had during the night, and even though I usually don't get lucid more than once every weekend, I felt like I deserved to become lucid after what I've gone through.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    10. Sunday 27/02/11 - Two

      by , 02-27-2011 at 11:05 AM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Intended to do an early WBTB after six hours of sleep, but lazy as I am, I failed. I swallowed a G+C pill around eight, which was a bad move since I couldn't fall back asleep after my first dream. Don't use Galantamine after 6 hours of sleep!

      23.45: Sleep

      08.00: Groping woman
      I'm sitting by a bench in some kind of theatre. Monica's there with me and an older woman approaches me. I just recently had to push away some other girl who tried to grab my junk. I'm half-hard for some reason, and the woman leans over me, distracts me by talking and grabs my junk through my jacket. When she notices it's already half-ready she smiles at me and gives it a few tugs. The betraying bastard likes it and we both get up and I start picking up my stuff. I stuff away my mathbook in my bag all the while talking to Monica, hinting of what just happened. She is clueless though and I decide to tell her later.

      We exit the building and my family shows up. Walking down the street, I realise we must be in another country. Not too different from Sweden though, but it's hot and sunny out and the buildings looks different. My mom spots a famous TV actor and nudges me in the side. I don't care for famous people. Our king and queen shows up a few seconds later. He looks at me for a second or two, now that's something cooler. Their daughter Victoria, and heir of the throne, is having her poodle trimmed by the sidewalk. Its fur is amazingly soft and perfect. It's grey and silver and I can't resist touching it. As soon as I do I realise I can't do that and walk away.

      We head out in traffic and Morgan almost gets hit by a car. We start yelling at him and he tells me that no one in the family likes him. "Ofcourse we do" I tell him and comfort him for a while. He's quite sad, so I bring up a few cashew nuts. I break them apart and make him some "vampire" teeth. "Grrrrrr!" I say to cheer him up and hand them to him. He puts them in his mouth and growls at me.

      09.00: Survival in the bathroom
      I'm in a bathroom with Monica and my brother Martin. There's an open hatch in the corner of the room, and I expect an alien to come up from there any minute. I've got a strange gun that looks just like the gun in the movie "Existenz" only it's black. I aim it at the dark corner. Suddenly I see movement and I fire off a few shots; teeth in some creamy sauce (?). I miss whatever's coming up though, and soon I realise why. A scarab crawls up through the hole. I try to kill it by stomping on it. "Don't worry about that one" Monica tells me. "How the hell can you not worry about a bug like that?" I wonder. All of a sudden a black shadow emerges from the hole, and pounces at us with a screech. I fire away with my gun and must have hit the creature. It falls to the ground and goes unconscious. It's an alien from the movie "Alien" only alot smaller.

      I jump on its back and grab its arms. "Wake him up" I tell Monica. She wakes the creature up and it starts to struggle. "Either you relax and join us, or I'll never let you go" I tell it. "Okay, I'll join you" it tells us in a very human voice. "Fine, no tricks now or I'll kill you" I tell it and release it gently. I expect it to bound up and rip us apart, but it doesn't. It's on our side now, and will help us survive this place. The bathroom door starts to move and I run over there and hold the handle up with all my might. Something on the other side wants to get in. I have given the gun to Monica, but I still open the door. I spot a small naked child outside. I drag him into safety.

      The alien morphs all of a sudden, and becomes a human boy with red cheeks. "Hand me the gun" I tell Monica. She hands it to me, but it's a normal gun now. "You know, some people bring other weapons into this, but not us, we use whatever we find" I say and look at my brother who smiles at me. The gun is kinda useless as it is, and I intend to make it into the "Existenz gun" again, I know what I have to do. I start licking the thing, my saliva going everywhere. I have to get the gun as moist as possible for it to morph. It starts to do just that in seconds, and I continue drooling all over the thing. The door starts to shake once again and I'm out of time. My uncle opens it. "What are you doing?" he asks us. His eyes are all red, like he's been drinking too much. I know he's one of the bad guys, but I have to pretend for now.

      "Nothing" I tell him and we exit the bathroom atlast. I'm in G's mom's house, and there's christmas decorations all over the place. "Wow this is neat and tidy" I think. I didn't expect it to be this clean after what we've gone through in the bathroom. All my relatives are there and they're all celebrating christmas or something. The game is still on though, but if I start claiming my uncle is evil and wants to kill us, we will be rediculed. One person knows what's going on though, my brother. I grab him and start walking out the door, "we have to talk" I tell him. My cousin's dad suspects something and follows us.

      We start playing football and he joins us. At the same time we throw something to eachother. He runs around and tries to catch it and steal the ball. I fall in some bushes and get stuck. A huge chocolate, ice cream birthday cake, the size of a small pool is up on the porch. My mom falls in it and all the kids starts taking pieces of the cake. Morgan grabs a piece the size of a football. "Morgan! Who told you you could take cake?" I ask him. He puts the piece back. My other cousin's dad shows up, the one throwing the party. "Where's Michael and Marcus?" I ask him. "Michael's watching boxing, and Marcus just put in a sausage in the oven, he's upstairs" he tells me. Ah, makes sense.

      09.00: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 8 hours

      Supplements: 2 x Omega-3, 200 ml applejuice, 1 x Lucid Dreamer at 08.00

      That's it! Sadly I didn't get lucid, but I'm fine aslong as I get lucid once a week. This is the last time I take a G+C pill just like that. Henceforth I'm going to plan it ahead, and really know I will get lucid. Also NEVER take it after 6 hours of sleep. I might get one long dream but if I even move when I wake up after it, I won't be able to go back to sleep. Oh, G+C nightmares are kickass!

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
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    11. Wicked night

      by , 01-16-2011 at 02:06 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Last night was intense, or actually it was this morning, but still. I figured I'll try to become lucid two days in a row, and it worked. I used some galantamine at a WBTB and the dream I had after that was one of the longest dreams I've ever had. First time ever that I actually didn't want to stay in the dream after becoming lucid.

      23.30: Sleep

      05.00: Fragment
      *I'm watching an interracial couple having sex.

      05.00-05.25: WBTB - Mantra: I will lucid dream

      06.40: Adventure indeed MILD
      I'm in a couch with my brother and two of his friends. We're partying or something similar. I get up and walk around the place. We seem to be at some kind of convention, kinda like Dreamhack. I spot a crowd of people and decide to check out what's going on. "He beats them at chess while walking around!" a guy tells me and I can see a chess table and three guys playing. The younger one is walking around the table while he's playing. Apparently that's supposed to be very hard. The crowd cheers and I realise he's beaten them. I can tell his move was very clever. "You walked right into that one!" one of the guys in the crowd tells one of the losers.

      I start walking away from the table and suddenly I'm in a grocery store. I walk along the isles and find Monica standing by the freezers. "We should get something we can just snack on at night" I say and I've got pizza in mind. We check out several different kinds of pizza and similar things. I find a very cheap one. "2 kronor for a pizza is amazingly cheap" I say and show it to Monica. She agrees but the brand is something we've never seen before. A guy shows up and is looking for the same kind of food.

      The dream skips. I'm in the car with Monica on our way out of town. I spot a stable and know there's a supermarket just a kilometer behind it. I don't know how, but I make the car fly. It's very dark out but I imagine the place just as it looks like. I can see several streetlights and as we fly, the landscape gets clearer. We land outside of a small grocery store, just where I knew it would be. I go and get a ticket for the car. It expires in just two minutes. Weird. A girl working at the store comes up. "Don't worry, he never checks anyways" she tells us. "Ah damn, money well spent" I think. The car is making a very annoying sound.

      We check the car for a long time. We open different doors and close them, push all kinds of buttons but the beeping sound won't stop. My brother Martin comes up and shuts it off. We're just about to walk into the store when he grabs my arm. "Buy me two milky ways and some beer". I look at him and I'm getting angry. "When YOUR friends come to MY place, THEY buy ME stuff!" I yell at him. He disagrees and I leave him there. Entering the store I notice it's being renovated. All walls are grey and the floor aswell. I enter a big room and accidentaly kick away a golfball coming towards me. Two employee's are playing mini golf.

      "Hey, where is the place you buy food at?" I ask them. They laugh at the accident and points towards a few stairs across the large empty room. We walk across the room and down the stone stairs. We do not arrive at a grocery store, but a swimming hall. My family is there and so is my coworker Björn. They're swimming around a pillar and the water starts at the end of the stairs, there's no place to stand. I notice Björn's got swimming goggles and I put mine on too. They're blurring my vision alot, but I still keep them on when I jump in the water.

      The dream skips. I wake up in the dark. We're still in the swimming hall, but sleeping in different beds all around the room. The water is gone. I try to check my alarm clock, but alot of stuff is in the way. It's standing ontop of a TV in the dark and I make alot of noise as I clear the TV. "05.00". People start waking up. My brother Morgan is up, and so is my dad. Soon the lights turns on and everyone but me is up. My dad is standing by the entrance of the room. "My toe has cramps" his toe wiggles. My sisters and my mom wants to wake me up and starts harrassing me. I want to sleep some more so I can dream. "Get out!" I tell them.

      They start poking me in the mouth with nail files. My vision is split, and even though I've got my eyes closed, I can see myself on a monitor. I start biting the files they poke at me and bite off little pieces. They keep doing this and I can taste the files, they taste like licorice and they feel very unpleasant against my teeth. I finally get up and start writing down my dreams in my DJ on DV.

      I wake up. I get on the computer and onto the chat. I am about to write something like: "Omfg I just had the longest dream ever" but all I manage to type is a very long "-_-" smiley. I realise my DJ entry is there and I read something in spanish. Looks like a poem or something. I am confused and decide to take a walk. I've got a weak memory of just flying and I'm wearing a white shirt. I check my belt for the internet browser buttons. I press one and intend to get on a train site to check for train times. The load is way too long so I open a new window. Which makes me get another white shirt on. Just like internet explorer usually is, it is completely white (?). I walk down the road with my two shirts on, feeling weak and a bit dizzy. I stop at a sandbox for some reason.

      A girl clad in black down the road is coming towards me. She's wearing black leather and has a very "emo'ish" look. I look away for a second. When I look back, the girl is gone and replaced by a white cream cake. It's rolling down the road on wheels it seems, and just as it's next to me, the cake changes colour from white to dark purple. A second later the cake starts disintegrating and blows away in the wind in layers. A man shows up. "Hey, did you just see that?!" I ask him. "See what?" he tells me, and the second later, he also disintegrates and blows away in the wind.

      "Oh, I am still dreaming!?" I ask myself. This is getting too much. I'm standing outside of a very dark forest and I don't like the feeling of the dream anymore, I want to wake up. I start screaming ontop of my lungs, at first I can barely hear myself, but soon my voice is booming, "WAKE UUUUUUUUUUP!" I start floating upwards and I laugh a little at the entire scenario. I don't wake up right away, but I slowly start to.

      I can see my hand infront of me. I am completely paralyzed for a few seconds before I can move again. I get up.

      I wake up for real and do a RC right away.

      06.40-07.20: WBTB - Mantra: I am dreaming

      8.45: Short lucid MILD
      I'm by a lake with a few other people. A man, apparently very powerful, is standing infront of me and my friends. He tells us something and two huge green wings emerges from his back. Only one is fully stretched out though, but that's enough for him to take flight. He flies straight up, laughing. I can feel the wind picking up and I decide to follow him. I let the wind take hold of me and my two smaller wings and I start to fly. I fly around the lake two times in a wide circle just for the fun of it, I never get tired of the feeling.

      I position myself a few meters above the evil man. "Hmm, perhaps fire will work?" I ask myself as I realise his wings are made out of green paper. I imagine them catching fire and to my surprise, fist sized circles of fire form and eats through the paper in seconds. The man starts falling right away but so am I. We both crash into the water and I get a faint memory of being in the water earlier.
      I lose lucidity and suddenly we're having a "smoke break" on the dock with my two sisters.

      8.45: Insects
      I'm sitting at a table with my two sisters. I spot a cross spider spider to my left on the wall. It's curled up in its web and I blow some warm air on it to make it come to live. I know it isn't very aggressive and it fascinates me alot. It starts to crawl out and when I can fully see it, it's alot bigger than I first thought. We all shy away from it and a woman takes it in her hand. "Don't worry" she tells us. Her husband is there and she puts white glue on his head and face. She takes a wig and some fake beard and puts it on there. The glue drips down his face and they tell me their story.

      I feel like looking at the spider again. She tells me it's on the ground somewhere. I spot several spiders that looks just like it, but after a closer look, I can tell the difference. They aren't moving either. A cool bug comes running with one its mouth and I flick it away. My hands starts stinging and I notice a few fireants. I flick them away aswell and look where I'm standing. I'm in a fireants nest, and they're crawling up my boots. I shake them off and stomp my feet to prevent anymore from going up my legs.

      10.30: Party
      I'm at a big house by a lake. There's a party going on around me and they've put up tents. The sun is shining as I walk around the place. I spot a very hot girl in a yellow bikini. I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes off of her, but I force myself when her big latino boyfriend gives me a stare. I walk for a few meters and then turn around. Felix tells me that the girl was checking me out for a long time. "I don't want no trouble" I tell him. I get a text message, it's my dad.

      10.30: Party ended
      The dream doesn't skip, it's a new one. I'm at the same place, but the party has ended. It's dusk out and everything's very quiet. I know the world is about to change real fast, and I have to find some survival gear. My brother Morgan is there and I grab him. Some other boy, who looks like a tiny orange/brown alien shows up and I realise we have to take him with us. I chase him a bit, we all plunge into a pool and I help him up. Earning the trust of the alien boy, I can finally start looking for gear. I enter the house and my two sisters are on a couch. "Where is the gun?!" I ask them. They point at a box by a drawer.

      I open it and take out two guns. They're very heavy. Morgan grabs one and I tell him he can never, ever touch it. There's still ammo left in the clips, but I want some more. I rumage through the box and find a few keys, an army swiss knife, and sharp metal objects. All of a sudden, my vision changes. I can see the lake and I can hear someone on a radio. He's over the lake in the town and he's on his way over. I shoot with a mini-gun and he laughs. "That's gotta be heard halfway across town". An old man across the lake appears in the enormous hole I just blasted in his house. "You leave me alone you teenagers!" he yells at me, waving his shotgun.

      10.30: Fragment
      *I'm at a table and my sister Malin is singing. Her voice is amazing. When she's done I remember her being in a choir. "She's great at both singing, and drawing" I say.

      Amount of sleep: 10 hours

      Supplements before bed: 2 x Omega-3, 1 x Lucid Dreamer at WBTB

      That's it! Awesome. My sisters were in almost all my dreams last night. They just came home from Egypt and I'm seeing them for the first time in a few weeks. Also why I dreamt of survival was because I thought for a while about it last night, what to buy and so on. Pretty amazing, perhaps thinking about it before bed would be even better? Inducing a dream that is. Gotta try that...

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    12. Overload

      by , 01-07-2011 at 04:53 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! I had high hopes for this morning's dreaming. Had a WBTB and a G+C combo. Didn't get lucid. Infact I had some strange dreams and a nightmare I woke up all sweaty from. I swore some at my girlfriend last night aswell. I think I've had too much dreams this week.

      04.00: Sleep

      07.05: Swearing
      I wake up. "Fuck you!". Monica is confused "What?". "I didn't mean you...God damn motherfucking shit game" I say. "What time is it?" Monica asks. "It's 11.05" "What?! No it can't be that much" she says and leans over me to check it. I kinda wake up for real by now. "It's 07.15" I say and compensate for the time it took between me looking and telling her.

      08.05: Wargame
      I'm playing some wargame on my computer and my dad's watching. He's usually never interested in games. I have to defend some fort and there's gate people keep trying to get through. I shoot a guy in the head and I notice he's got black armor on. I know from previous experience that black armor is badass. I somehow kill him anyways. The entire fort has been destroyed and a metal wall has to be replaced." Rogues will be able to sneak in if I don't" I think as I summon some metallic plates and put them up. It's just like in Garry's Mod.

      08.05: Fragment
      *I'm watching two egotripped celebrities have an argument. They keep slandering eachother's personalities.

      08.05-09.00: WBTB

      11.00: The stolen gameboy
      I'm walking around in some school, inspecting my newly found toy. It's a thicker than normal gameboy, more like a grey smartphone. There's a big touch screen that expands easily. I remove a small piece of plastic tape from the screen and it goes black. I put it back and it starts up. I can see my name on there. I read on the back that it was a grand prize at some huge ceremony, like the Nobel prize. I get very paranoid all of a sudden. I get on a train and sit down in one of the high tech chairs. It has some kind of cleaning mechanism if you want to take a wank (?). An orange tissue keeps coming up between my legs.

      I play some music and relaxes. The chair has turned around when I look again and I can see some guy wiping with the orange tissue. In this reality this is obviously completely normal. I spin around again.
      The dream skips. We're standing outside of a car with its trunk open. There's a list with different items on it and it's rather expensive. I decide to get a sandwich. Some boy who's with me, wants pineapple. "I want it with cheese on" he tells me. I order some for him.

      11.00: Vampire nightmare
      I'm in a stairwell. There's a bunch of vampires shying back from the lights me and a few other people are producing from our revolvers. They retreat down the stairs and try to go past us. My sister is amongst them. We point our lights directly into the eyes of one vampire and apparently that's how you kill them. We try to push them back with our revolvers which has weak flashlights. It works quit well. One guy who looks different from the rest seems to be immune to the light. He is all black and white and looks like a live version of Gin from "Bleach".

      He runs past us and gives us all a very evil smile. We decide to let him go. I spot my uncle all of a sudden. He's a vampire and I know I have to kill him. We put the lights to his eyes and he screams in pain. Someone's holding his arms while I try to kill him but the lights are running out! "Fucking batteries" I say and try to make them work better. He grabs one gun as I stop holding it against his eye and pulls the trigger. For a second I thought I had been hit. Everyone looks at me, but I am fine. "Just kill me already!" he yells at me.

      His eyes are red with blood from the lights. Suddenly my mom asks me if we really should be doing this by the stairs. "Lets go into one of the appartments instead. They all go in and I stay behind with my uncle. "Why do I have to kill him?" I ask myself. I cry some as I pat him on the back. We go in and my mom asks him how he got home from a party. I defend him by saying he took the bus. "I flew..." he tells us.

      12.30: Fragments
      *My family's got a new dog. It's very playful but won't quit when you say no. I try to shut its jaws shut and teach it what it can, and can't do. It bites me in the face and I yell at him. When it licks me in the face I pat it. "Your previous dog was exactly like this" I tell my dad. He agrees and tells me he has no idea why.

      *I'm playing the guitar or something similar. I bend all kinds of tunes and it sounds great!

      14.15: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 10½ hours

      Supplements before bed: 2 x Omega-3, 1 x Lucid Dreamer at WBTB

      That's it! Last day of my vacation when it comes to dreaming. Has been nice. Back to reality hoho.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    13. Home sick, weird dreams

      by , 12-21-2010 at 03:48 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! I felt nauseous this morning so they sent me home from work. It's a bit better now, but I still don't feel good. I went back to sleep when I got home, and slept for a long time. I didn't wake up a single time during the sleep. The last dream I had wasn't pleasant at all. Darn nightmares.

      00.30: Bedtime

      05.10: Wake up

      4 hours WBTB

      9.30: Bedtime

      14.30: Boat
      I'm going down a road. In a car perhaps, I'm not sure. It's a small road in the middle of the woods, next to a big lake. The cars are stuck as other cars are trying to get past the other way. The road is way too small. Me, my dad and my brother find a boat, and is soon racing through the water. I can see huge areas covered in ice, and my dad tells me I have to be careful not to go up on one of them. We go over one, and I look back to see if any damage has been done to the thing. It's all good. I open a hatch and find a bag of very light seeds. Those with transparant wings on. I spread some in the air.

      14.30: Fragment
      *I'm at my parents place. I enter the kitchen and ask my sister if we've got any sandwiches I can have. "Yeah sure they're over there" she tells me. I start talking to her. She tells me she's still doing drugs, but she promises she'll quit soon.

      14.30: Nightmare
      I'm standing outside of a house. It's been made into a huge home for a pig and its piggies. The mother pig is completely crazy. Running in and out, screaming. "It's very protective of its kids" a guy tells me. The pig has blod-shot eyes, and is red in the mouth. I enter the house, and can see atleast twenty small piglets in the hay. I walk up the stairs. Instead of a pig, it's a dog. The dog is standing on the stairs, guarding a couple of cans of mackerell. I slowly walk up them, not taking my eyes off the dog. "No! Bad dog, stay!" I say and point my finger at it. It growls but backs off as it can tell I'm the dominant one. It looks to its owner to the left for help, but gets none.

      Dream skips. It's dark out, and I'm walking up to a small house. I can feel something's very wrong with the house, but I still enter. Inside I hear a narrator voice. "All the animals have gone crazy" I have no idea from what, but suddenly there are white chickens everywhere. They start attacking me, and it hurts! Their claws scratch me all over. I grab them one and one, and break their necks with my hands. I notice I've got my clumsy working gloves on, so I take them off. I continue to kill the evil, possessed birds.

      Dream skips. I'm now fighting a vampire lord of some kind. He's super strong and everything. I somehow manage to get him down on the floor, just by a glass door. I open the door and squeeze it shut over his waist. He screams in pain. I slam the door over and over, withour any real damage done. I go totally crazy and slams the door for a full minute until his body splits in two. His legs are inside, with some intestines, and his body is outside. "I'll get you for this! I'll suck out your marrow" he yells at me as he crawls away and disappears.

      I grab the legs and head for the caravan of cars we all got. We are perhaps five people. I throw the legs on a truck, and try to find his other leg which I took off before. It's gone. "Fuck! Where the hell did it go?" I ask. Suddenly a girl screams. I can see shadowy figures with shining eyes coming out of the woods. They start attacking people, and I run up to one of them. It's a girl, dressed in some kind of black and blue latex. She tries to grab something around my chest. I can tell she's not out to really harm me. I guess she wanted the blueberry pendant I had around my neck. She gets shot by one of my companions. I get up and run to the car to check on the legs. They're gone.

      14.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 5 hours, then 5 more

      Supplements before bed: None

      That's it. Scary dreams. They were a bit fuzzy when I woke up, as I didn't have much energy to recall. I'm sure they were longer and more intricate than what I just described. Anyways.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
      Tags: boat
      non-lucid , nightmare , dream fragment
    14. Friday night, but no lucid!

      by , 12-18-2010 at 01:44 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! I have been a real slacker this week. Especially yesterday, when I only RC'd like 10 times the entire day. I have no real goal to achieve in my lucids, which makes it hard to stay 100% focused. The goal I have at the moment is to keep the dream stable for as long as possible. It's not a very fun one, and I'm thinking of including some playing around with telekinesis. Which ofcourse means that I have no real set goal I am focused on. Anyways I will do it hardcore during the holidays. I will try WILD out a few times, also focus ALOT on MILD.

      00.30: Bedtime

      05.00: In the city
      I'm flying high above a city. I can't really feel my body, but my point of view is from up above. I can see a few cars racing down below. Everything's in black and white, and the cars look very old. Like it's the 1950's. The lead car heads into an alley with the others just behind him. A bunch of cop cars appear at the end, and they have to turn back. It's like a movie, and the speed increases to around 8x. I think there was an oldschool comedy music in the background aswell. Suddenly I'm standing in a ring at work, talking to six other guys. "What do you want us to do about all this nickel?" A guy asks my boss. I remember that I want to know what kind of metal the buttons on my jacket are made out of.

      05.00: WBTB 10 minutes

      08.15: Taxi's
      I'm standing outside of my appartment building at the intersection. Behind me are two couples, and a third, much younger one arrives. Two taxi's appear and park on the sidewalk next to me with extreme skill. My friend Eric, his girlfriend Carro and Monica is about to enter one of them. The younger couple starts yelling about how they want the taxi, and atleast have their own music played. The girl is latino and I figure it's no use arguing. They usually get what they want. I give everyone a goodbye hug.

      08.15: Crystaline cavern
      I'm with my three friends G, Felix and Eric. We're standing on a dock looking out over the water. It's dusk, and I spot an awesome rainbow in a long natural tunnel out in the water. "Hey look! Take a picture before it goes away!" I say and points at it. G's trying to take a picture with his cellphone, but he messes it up. "God damnit, the sun reflected onto the lens" he says, trying to take another one. I can see the rainbow slowly going down into the water as the sun sets. "Aaw..." we all say simultaneously.

      "Hey look!" Felix exclaims. The tunnel walls and roof seems to be covered in crystals. We walk up to the entrance somehow. The entire place is indeed covered in purple crystals, and they look amazing. Felix walks to the side of the tunnel, and finds a path behind the wall. My point of view is suddenly changed from where I am, to a point further down the path Felix just started taking. The pathway is very narrow and dark. It's got an eerie feel to it and I don't like it at all.

      A few meters in, a figure suddenly leaps out from the dark and grabs Felix. He gets thrown to the ground, and I realise we've disturbed something evil. Felix quickly gets on his feet and starts running. My point of view is changed back to my original self. I am now really fat. We jump in the water and go off in different directions in panic. I go down the tunnel on a log and when I reach the end, I am at some kind of house. The evil beings are still after me and I find two sawed off, oldschool shotguns which pick up.

      Walking around the house, I start to see red and black bugs on the wall. I try to shoot one of them, but nothing happens. I've got two shots in each shotgun and the reload time is painfully slow. "They indicate when they are near" something tells me. I spot a ghostly looking woman. Her long darkbrown hair stands out as if she's being electrified, and her eyes are almost completely white. I try to shoot her but once again nothing happens.

      I run away as fast as I can, trying to reload my weapons. I end up on a bed in a room, waiting for her to come in. A second later she glides in. I empty the shotguns in her face, and pick up a sniper which I also try to shoot her with. No effect at all, it's like I'm shooting blanks. I just give up. I know I will die here, and I close my eyes so I don't have to see anything. I start to feel uncomfortable but soon the dream fades.

      08.15: In China
      I'm standing on a square in China. It's a sunny day and I've got some kind of guide with me. He's trying to teach me how to make money. "Let's trick a parking meter" he tells me and walks up to one. It looks weird, and I listen while he explains how to do it. You had to push a button which says: "White man in danger" and then cancel. I'm confused and gets a bit anxious to get caught. I take the silver coins and walk away. Behind a fence I spot a brown pokémon. It's brown and looks like a stupid cartoonish dog. 120.000 € it says on a sign.

      I walk along the harbor, and remember that the food is cheap in China. I look at the closest restaurant. The prices range from 2€ to 12€. "Hmm that's not too bad" I think and continue walking. Clothing shops appear to my left, and they're packed with clothes. The storeclerks look at me like hungry dogs looking at a piece of steak. I enter a shopping mall and there are famous and rich people all around with their kids. All kids are twins for some reason, and they're wearing identical clothes. I shake my head and spot my dad. I tell him I'm about to buy some vitamins.

      "That's some crap, you don't need supplements" he tells me. I walk away and enter the gym department. There are all kinds of strange machines in there, but I know I can't try any of them out because of my wrists. I see a few guys working them. I leave the place, and bump into my dad again. He's building a toy racing track with two german chicks. "Hey! Help us out will you?" one of them asks. I help them as much as I can, but there's not much space to build on. We finish the track and it ends up being very narrow and no more than five meters long.

      I race with a green car and I win right away. The next ten minutes I try to race again from the top to the bottom. A crowd of people have gathered around, but for some reason I can't seem to get the cars in place. Some decoration is in the way, the cars won't stick to the track and wires are in the way. Finally when I count down, after an accidental jumpstart. It won't work. Everyone gets disappointed.

      08.15: Fragments
      *I'm at my grandma and grandpa's old house. There are toilets all around me. I think I took a shower...

      *I'm talking to Monica, and show her all my dreams I've had. Ten of them. She thinks it's impressive.

      *I'm looking at a row of different kinds of Pokémons. I want to catch them all now that I've caught one super rare one. I see a yellow car among them. I guess it's like in "Age of Empires" where you can summon laser stuff. My mom is worried about me.

      10.00: Garrys mod
      I'm watching Monica walk around in our house in Garry's Mod. She removes a drawer which has been put there to cover up a hole, to prevent people from stealing our stuff. She can't get it back, and a guy appears. She tries to kill him with it, but can't. I tell her to move over, and try to kill him. Her mouse sucks so bad, and I can't really aim with any weapons. We start fighting outside and I try to kill him with a rocket launcher. The missiles don't seem to do much damage, and I'm soon gunned down. I respawn and I get to kill a guy using throwing stars. I am soon killed again.

      I respawn at a yellowish graveyard high up in the sky. I check my bearings and jump down where I know our house is. I land on the ground and starts walking. "Oh damn... they will steal everything we've got" I think. "Even the safe. Why do we have a safe? It doesn't have any purpose in this game right?".

      10.00: Fragments
      *My boss tells me I have to be moved to another working site. I'm worried about my wrists. "Don't worry, all you need is gloves. You'll be directing traffic" he tells me.

      *I'm reading Monica's book. It's about a young baker apprentice in the 17th century. The girl works hard to become the best, and is praised after her first shift. "Well, that was your first shift, now you'll be walking home, smelling worse than everyone else for a change" the head chef tells her.

      *My dad has just bought a large box of computer stuff for 50$. I open it up and I spot a small Qpad. "Wow this is high quality stuff" I tell him. I pick up a new mouse. It's orange and black, with a really strange, slim, deformed shape. I try it out. It feels actually very comfortable.

      10.00: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 10 hours

      Supplements before bed: 2 x Omega-3, 1 x Lucid Dreamer at WBTB

      That's it! Sucky I didn't get lucid, but I will definitely get atleast two a week now during my two week break from work. Is gonna ROCK! Lucidity here I come. Also kinda annoying I had so many fragments last night, I don't like fragments. I want full blown dreams like the crystal cave one. Awesome.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
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      non-lucid , nightmare , dream fragment
    15. Nightmares

      by , 12-17-2010 at 04:13 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! And all that. I'm exhausted... going for a nap soon, and I will try to WILD. Last night, I had two dreams, both of which were nightmares. Pretty cool still, but I'd rather be happy in my dreams. Stress is the villain!

      23.00: Bedtime

      04.50: Björn is dead
      I'm outside at some kind of pool, with my brother Morgan, my co-worker Björn and his two daughters. The smallest one has no clothes on, and can barely stand up. She pee's all over the place, and the older one who is around four, steps in it. She's wearing a pink princess dress, and sits down to read a book. Morgan and I float around in the pool on a piece of styrofoam. I move to the deeper parts and go under water for a second. Morgan gets water in his mouth, and splutters. We go under water again, and once again he swallows some water.

      The dream skips. I am at work the day after. A co-worker tells me that Björn died yesterday. I think he's kidding, but he tells me he's serious. "He died of a blood clot" he tells me. I get really upset, and remember him telling me about his high cholesterol level. I keep on working. No one seems to be upset, but I am reminded all the time about how horrible it all is. I feel dizzy, and I can swear my cholesterol levels are way too high aswell. I think about his two little girls and his girlfriend. I cry some more.

      04.50: The asshole
      I'm talking to a young, skinny guy with dark hair. We're discussing different kinds of playing cards. Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc. I tell him I wish I had bought alot of cards back in the days, they would be worth alot today. He tells me he's got a card worth around 80€. I bring out my MTG deck, and show him the most expensive card I have got, it's a green creature card. He grabs it and inspect it for a while. A second later, I'm handed back the card, but it's not even the same card. "Hey! Give me back my card, this isn't mine!" I say. He gives me another card, and once again it's not my card. I grab him by the neck with my hand.

      He takes my deck and throws it on the floor, scattering cards everywhere. I know he's trying to distract me so he can run. "Hey G! Can you pick my cards up?" I ask my friend G. He starts collecting cards, and I smile at the asshole. I try to hit him, but suddenly he becomes a girl, and she hits me instead. "I am in pain everyday little girl, you can't hurt me" I say as the blows hit my chest. .Suddenly I'm standing in a hallway, thirty meters down from where we just were. The girl is Monica, and I push her up against the wall. I get a strong urge to have sex and my hand quickly finds its way down south. She enjoys it.

      My co-worker Valdis comes running down the hall. "He's coming!" he tells me in a frightened voice. I look down the hall and I can see a man going into a classroom really fast. I remember that we're on the run. "Oh shit, he can hear our cellphones!" I say. The man just entered the locker room with our cellphones in lockers. He must have heard the ringtones. "Leave them!" Valdis yells at me and starts to run towards the exit. I am about to follow him, but I spot something on the floor before the glass door separating the corridor. A white and a black cellphone.

      I run and grab them, and put a chair under the door handles on the door. I exit the same door as Valdis, and put another chair there. I'm pretty certain they won't hold against the scary janitor or whatever he is. We're outside of the building, but not out of danger. I follow Valdis and Monica up on a small roof. It's like we're walking on little cabins. I crawl on the sheet metal, trying not to attract attention. The roof is covered in small, thorny bushes with tiny orange grains of rice instead of leaves. I see several yellow ones. "I guess they've got a different colour because of the chimneys" I think for myself.

      04.50: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 5 hours

      Supplements before bed: 150 ml applejuice, 2 x Omega-3

      That's it! I'm taking a nap now, sweet.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
      non-lucid , nightmare
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