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    1. God? The REM-rebound paid off

      by , 09-14-2010 at 02:40 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Hey all! That was one frustrating night... I went to bed at around 01.00 and woke up again at 03.00. I had several strange hallucinations or whatever you call them. I can't really explain what I felt, but it was like I was trying to understand something. Something about Magic the Gathering. I had to have enough power bla bla... I woke up several times during the morning, but couldn't recall anything! I was so frustrated. But in the end, I got my LD!

      Night: I am god. I know that I'm dreaming and I am almighty. I wake up and I'm really confused, did I just have a Lucid Dream? I won't count it as one, as it was more emotions and strange feelings, rather than sight. I do have have this godlike picture of a man standing in light in my head.

      12.45 D1: I'm in our vacation cabin in northern Sweden. Me and my brother are going fishing and I'm trying to find a fishing rod. I find one and it's a modified spinning rod. "Can I use this?" I ask and show it to some of my relatives. "Hmm no... That's Lisa's rod" one of them say and I wonder who the hell Lisa is. A girl we call "Ankan" shows up and that's apparently her. "Uhm... is that her real name really?" I wonder and fail to notice the dreamsign! I end up having to fix the rod from scratch, with some piece of string.

      D2: I'm at a hockey game with my cousins. I'm having a conversation with one of them, Michael, about melting temperatures. "Hey, how about kelvin?" I say and we're wrestling for some random reason. "Hmm is that hot?" he asks. "Yeah! It's like super hot". I start playing with an electric socket which is faulting. Sparks are flying everywhere, like it's a broken hose. "What if the current would be AC instead of DC?" I ask an old man, and he says it would be very dangerous. I can feel the shower of sparks on my leg and I direct the thing toward my little brother. He has hair in his armpit (he's 10) and he tells me he wants to go to sleep. I follow him to a room full of bunkbeds, and he lay down in one. I kind of wake up but fall asleep again, and the dream continue.
      I'm at the other side of the room, in the other entrance and I'm trying to turn on the right lights, damn things won't do as I want them to! I can see six or seven buttons and I try to get the right lights to light up, for atleast thirty seconds. I don't want to wake up anyone, and finally I manage to do it.
      Suddenly I'm playing a cool video game in the middle of the room. I got my feet on the table and the game is a cool version of pokémon. The creatures in the game keeps vomiting when I attack and the effects are awesome. The game evolves somehow and now it's about running in 2D. It's like guitar hero where you have to time the buttons, and I suck at it so bad! In the end, the pellets are counted and it turns out I didn't get a prize.

      LD: I'm in my appartment, looking out the window. The entire landscape is moving, and it looks like I'm on a train. I point this out to Monica and she doesn't react much. I get lucid and instead of the building crashing into the next, it turns and continues down a slope. "Hmm, this doesn't feel right, we must be on a pulka (check picture). Suddenly we are, and I'm on the side. I feel like flying, so I make the pulka fly by willing it. We're far up in the sky now, just circling the home town. After like fifteen seconds, we start to descend and end up at my old school. I can feel the dream start to de-stabilize and remember instantly what I read on DV. About concentrating on my hands. I look at my hands and focus on my sense of feeling and sight. The dream stabilizes and gets very vivid right away. The feeling of cold snow against my hands worked great! I leave the pulka and start walking. I think about the task of the month, the elevator task, and decide to try it out. I know there's an elevator on the side of the building, but weren't you supposed to create your own? I decide to make my own and I tell Monica to wait for me, while I walk down a few stairs. On the bottom I expect to find an elevator, only to find snow. I close my eyes and try to concentrate. When I open them again, the snow is still there. I can see a door which is almost buried. "Hmm, what if I try to open the door just a little bit, and crawl in?" I think and I try to make it open. I start to feel my body and wake up almost instantly.

      Amount of sleep: 11 hours

      The damned buttons from hell^___________________________Pulka^

      Well that's it folks. Feels great to finally get a proper LD, and not just fragments of one. I will try to rebound my REM atleast once a week from now on, it'll be nothing but good for me. I'm off to buy some B6 vitamins!

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!