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    1. Night terror at work, Random partying, and Kyle + Cartman!

      by , 01-08-2013 at 07:28 AM
      Last night was a combination of many dream fragments.

      1.) I had a reoccurring, repetitive dream fragment about me forgetting to do something at work. Space anytime I have any of these dreams often wears out my mind, and I end up getting up several times during the night. I wonder if there is a way to prevent dreams like this from happening, so that I can simply work at my job effectively, without suffering during sleep.

      2.) I am at a large gathering/party, and that there are many festivities going on. There was a brief dream fragment prior to this one about how I got to the festivities, and at first it was all taking place inside of a large venue/bar. However, as dreams Tended to do, the setting had completely changed by the end of this dream fragment, going into the next one.

      3.) I wake up and get out of bed, and I head out to where the festivities are. At this point the area is one large outdoor strip, similar to a long street with a whole bunch of stands and a lot of people. As I am traveling down the street, I am overcome with hunger, and I head over towards a stand. There I see Bill from work getting food, and then deciding he didn't want the food, putting the Food back where he got it from. The food was some sort of southwestern Mixture of seasoned chips, salsa, and a whole bunch of fixings. So, in other words, nachos. ...

      4.) For some reason, later on in the dream, I discovered that Cartman is there, and Cartman and Kyle are doing something together and decide to drive off on a motorcycle. As they are driving off, Cartman is telling me he's doing something specific, while trying to act overly innocent. Knowing Cartman, I knew that he was up to something, and I was afraid he was getting me back for something I did earlier, So I decided to find a motorcycle and follow far behind him so that I can tell where he is going. While doing so, we are coming across the road that sits right next to a cliffside into a canyon. Kyle and Cartman soon discovered me, and so they turn around to try to counter pursue me, but I Circumvent them driving around a statue that was sitting randomly next to the road. ... I am traveling down a hillside into the canyon with Kyle and Cartman driving after me, and as I stop, Kyle and Cartman in protest, telling me that they were trying to do something nice for me because of how angry I was at them earlier, And that I was ruining some big surprise. ... Very randomly, I gigantic rock golem begins to make its way out of the ground, which was the size of a Titan. With powers of that of a God, it declared that it would take Cartman, and separate his past self from his future self for all eternity, as the weather started becoming very very nasty. ... It all ended with me finding a used snickers bar, biting into it, and realizing that it was old.
    2. DJing on School Grounds/Alternate World in my Backyard

      by , 01-06-2013 at 07:22 AM
      Another dream with two parts, unrelated to one another.

      The first dream had to do with references to school/college.I have been having several dreams over a longer period of time that have been about school or college, that usually have the theme of being late for school or not attending class. In those dreams, I am usually stressed out or panicking, because I am late for class, or I have been avoiding the opportunity to learn. This dream was a little different, because instead of being stressed out over missing class, Brendan, a whole group of my friends, and I decided that it would be a good idea to set up mine Brendan's and my music equipment. We ended up setting everything up in a sheltered/ garage like setting, despite not having permission to use it. At that point, it felt like an episode of Trailer Park Boys, as at same time, we were trying to avoid being caught, and we're performing strange measures to make sure we remain in the clear. They may have been a reference to drugs at some point, but as things went along, and as I wandered away from the place where we set up our musical equipment, the scene begin to change.

      I was now, as I have seen many times before in the earlier dreams, in an alternate version of my property in North Branch, Minnesota. I often have had dreams taking place in an alternate reality/version of places I knew. As I wandered from the house, and towards the pasture, I began to notice a few things that I never thought I would see in our far backyard. I had the suspicion that there were people who recently moved into the area, but I didn't realize I had seen people living directly back from our pasture right on the edge of the woods. Not only that, but what confused me even more, was the fact that there was a small skyscraper that seemed to tower about 13 stories. It looked very cryptic, and had a sign on it that I couldn't seem to read. It was unlike any skyscraper I have ever seen.… I realize that before dreaming this, during the night before, I had watched The Evil Dead for the first time. I soon realized that this backyard of mine who was an alternate world / dimension that I was not aware of. All of a sudden a monstrous Orc-like creature started running through the pasture towards me with a weapon branded. At this point I was in the middle of the pasture, as I noticed the second one was rushing behind it. When the first one approached me, I kicked it in the chest and pushed it back, and then I turned tail and ran away. As it got back up, and started chasing me again, I realized it was faster that I was, so I had to serpentine my way to escape. However, it outran me, and parked itself in front of my running path, and stopped me dead in my tracks. It, and the other one, began attacking me, but I didn't have much of a weapon to defend myself with. From what I can recall, that's what I woke up.


      There is a clear message here behind my anticipation towards going to school. Obviously I have been avoiding something, and subconsciously have been feeling anxious, and know that I have been squandering my time. This dream helped me realize that. ... I have been filling in the gap with hanging out with friends and doing music, which has taken away the anticipation and stress, but has not been teaching me anything, or has not been teaching me what I should be learning.

      As for part two, I remember last night I was debating the idea of an alternate world that I was not aware of. Seeing strange things in my backyard seemed like I had somehow entered this dimension by accident. The wicked looking orcs were simply a reflection of the fact that I had watched a horror movie last night.
    3. Wolves and Cougars (and random scary things)

      by , 01-03-2013 at 05:30 PM
      This dream had to do more with a pack ofwolves and a pack of dangerous wild cats. I believe the Wild cats were cougars (no pun there).

      I don't remember much of the beginning, however I do remember a huge portion of the latter half. I was standing outside of a truck on my home property, when somebody lets the cougars out, and they run into the long grass. Both the cougars and the wolves each had an Alpha male, and alpha female, two juveniles, and a young one. After the cougars ran into the long grass the wolves then jumped out of the truck (out of their own segregated part of the truck ) and they started going in a separate direction. However the juveniles and the young one ended up following the same path as the cougars, and then a large howl was heard in the distance.

      The alpha female looks toward the long grass and she yelped, as a way to tell them to come back quickly. This is where things began to get crazy, and scary. And the young one began to run back out of a longgrass, but I could foresee what was about to happen, so I started heading towards the deck and towards the house. As anticipated, the cougars began rushing out of the long grass in pursuit of the wolves, and I knew that the cougars were too dangerous to hang around, so I had to get to the house quickly.

      At this point, my dream began to be motivated by fear, for as I stepped into the porch and watched as they got closer, I remember there was a humongous gap in the screen door, and I knew that it was only a matter of time before a cougar would realize and because the screen door to attack me and so I had to scurry into the actual house.

      In the process of wolf almost made it inside the house but I decided to close the door and lock it, as I stood and watched in the porch. I also realized, almost too late, there was a gigantic tarantula spider in the porch that I left there in a box which was sitting right behind me what I was standing in the porch.

      As I also looked out on the animals, I looked at the spider in the box in the porch, and I realized how grotesque it was, with the creepy exoskeleton, and spines on its back that were moving.

      As I watched, I remembered that there was a slug worm, that was large, flat,green, and had large teeth, roaming free in the kitchen. As I saw it, I ran away in fear, into the middle room .

      It was at this point that I woke up.
    4. Camping, Water Skimming, and The Horny Raccoon

      by , 12-31-2012 at 06:22 PM
      I was off in the wilderness doing some fishing with Mike, Dan, Calvin, and myself. (The people listed are my friends and roommates)

      Somehow, I was convinced that I had to be at work the next day (which in waking reality, i did,... but this was a vacation dream, so in hindsight, it made no sense!)

      I decided I would go one last trek into the wilderness away from our cabin. I traveled to a narrow peninsula set between two lakes. One smaller lake to the southeast, and one larger lake to the northwest that wrapped around the land barrier between both lakes (one lake cusping the other, if you can visualize it) . I had a tube (which was actually a pillow. yay for sleep!) that I used to travel across the smaller lake to the other side, paddling my way there. Then I did a little bit of exploring on the wooded land, and then after the sun started coming down I decided it was time to head back.

      So I took my tube and I ran, and with perpetual physics that one would only find in dream state, I started skipping across the lake. The distance was so far that I ended up skipping across the smaller lake, off the peninsula, and onto the larger lake. I stopped and I was amazed by what i just did. I ended up taking my awesome sense of inertia into the wilderness southbound again, and I came across Mike and Calvin, camping outside with a bonfire, right in the middle of an outdoor exposed shack that the randomly found out there. I started hanging out with them, having a lot of fun during the night, inside the cabin shack thingy, and I wanted to tell them about my awesome journey .

      As time went on, and we got a little drunk, I forgot the story, and we started looking at some older notebooks, and I was going to try to burn some of them. Oddly enough, some of those notebooks were some of my older dream journals and personal thoughts, and I decided I would put most of those aside for safe keeping. Then I was playing with my tablet, which turned into a picture frame for some reason, and I put it up on one of the walls.

      I heard Calvin say "Holy sh*t!" and I looked, and the sun was already up. All of the sudden, I felt something on my leg, lifted my leg, and there was a raccoon h*mping me!

      I tried telling everybody, but nobody was listening. For a brief moment, I just stared at it, wondering where it came from in the first place. Then, I tried to pry it off of me, but to no avail. It was latched on tight! ... I looked around and I told everybody again, and they noticed, and Calvin pointed at it and once again shouted "Holy sh*t!"

      End rape scene!
    5. Something About Time Travel?

      by , 12-30-2012 at 06:14 PM
      I had a dream that made very little sense.

      However, I remember a handful of it. It started with something very drastic that happened on my property and Northbranch. Someone who I was trying to stop must've caused the death or something very very bad because after he had accomplished it he was able to escape and I couldn't forgive myself for not being able to catch him. It got to the point where me and a few of my friends went to this unknown place, and through some occult method, they were going to try and solve or undo what horrible thing had happened.

      Oddly one of my friends grabbed a defibulator and tried to zap me with it, and I didn't know why. He did zap me, and then I fell to the floor in pain. It turned out as they were dragging me, that they were going to attempt some sort of time travel.

      The next thing I know I was on the street in front of my house. The street was very very busy and it took me a while to get across. Then I approached my house and oddly enough a few things were different. I checked my phone and my phone said that it was 10 days earlier, but when I went into the house asked my mother she said that it was the next day. I had thought that it had not worked at all but that I asked her and she told me that it was the year 2000. This makes no sense to me, because many things were different but they were also new.

      So in the end, my reality was tampered with. =( ... The logic of my dream was utterly inconsistent.
    6. Luxury Bunker; Unfortunate Death

      by , 09-12-2011 at 05:23 AM
      (will be revised for format and grammar later)

      There were two ultimately important dreams I had last night, above whatever dream fragments I witnessed. The first was a quite lucid dream of me walking the streets of a city. I knew very well that I was dreaming, and instead of trying to do a bunch of amazing things all at once, I decided to take my time and explore the area. I watched the buildings smowly pass by, noticing that they seemed rather indistinct from one another. I continued to enjoy my venture, allowing myself to think about how much life I can experience if I continue to dream as lucidly as possible. Plenty during waking, and even more during sleep. … The second part of this, I found myself in the lawn of aomeone elses house (or mine), and I wanted to jump up to a tree branch to get a view of the city. I succeeded easily to ignore gravity and float up to a tall branch of an even taller tree. I wanted to fly next, but in my attempt, I could not convince myself that I could; for what little gravity there was, I could not let go of it. So instead, I landed on the ground once more, feet touching grass.

      My second dream consisted of me either out amongst a field, or in a city, when I find a peculiar staircase leading downward, decently far (about two stories), and I enter this very nicely furnished bunker, with red carpeting, bright lights, beige/white walls with small designs. I felt as if I stumbled upon an unknown place of solitude. I decided to make myself at home, and start living there. For some reason, there may have been either suvivalism out in the wilderness, or a post-apocalyptic theme to why I decided to live here. I spend about two days (in representation) living in this place, enjoying its facilities. One night, I was sleeping in the bedroom, with the front door open, overlooking the main door from down the hallway, and I was very paranoid. What if someone entered this vast place in the middle of the night while I was sleeping? What if mthis place was so vast that there were already people living in another part of this place, and they could not be trusted? I got out of bed, and tried to secure the doors franticly. I was very afraid in this place, and felt that it may render me insane if I let it get to me. I found myself a gun amongst a dresser, and attempted to load it, despite only having two bullets. I stores it somewhere and went back to sleep. … A night later, in dreamtime, I was awoken by a plethora of gunshots. I thought they were coming from above me. I heard screaming, and frantic noises. I saw a few bullets penetrate the ceiling, and I freaked out. I grabbed my gun, and out of the interest of not wanting to face any of the mess if it came down, or see anybody in case they were abruptly hostile, I ran to the womens bathroom, and hid in a stall, and closed the door. I heard the noises getting louder, knowing that they were entering. I heard footsteps of someone entering the bathroom, and tensed up. They managed to cross my stall, and gaze into it. … It was a woman my age, and see seemed very lighthearted, and calm “Whoops” … I relaxed a bit, and decided to slip out of the stall as a few more women passed by. I asked what the commotion was, and they said that they were fleeing because there was a nearby prison break and a few guys escaped. There was a guy with them, asking me if I had any hot soup for him, and I figured, why not get him some? … However, I look across the stall walls that separated the stalls from the exit (like a wrap around), and two large, burly, and seemingly agitated men entered the bathroom, with an aura of fear cast across the room. I knew these two were the ones they were running from, and in order to keep them from flipping out on us, I offered to make them a bowl of hot soup. They were receptive to the idea, and let me approach without being too hostile at first. That is when I pulled out my gun, and pointed it at one of them, telling them to back into the corner. They did so, with sinister grins on their faces. As I came around to the other side of the stall wall, one of them grabbed for his weapon, and I shot at him. I hit his leg, causing him to barrel over and go down, and he attempted to shoot me with his gun. I k new I had only one bullet left, so I did the best to avoid his shot, and aim at him correctly, aiming down the sight. My second shot missed, which prompted me to charge forward, slam his hand with my pistol, and then get atop of him, and pistol wip him until he was unconscious. Suddenly, the second, even more burly man grabbed me around the back from behind as I was trying to leave th bathroom, and stabbed me in the stomach area. I took the blow, as I also took his weapon, pulled it out, and began stabling him behind me. While disabling him, it wasn’t enough o kill him, so I decided to stab him over and over again until he was dead. As for me,… I knew I only had about an hour left to live. I gave a narration in my head about “This was it. This was my end. Bunker. Bathroom stall. Hot soup. Stabbed!” … I decided that I did not want to suffer dying over an hour, so I decided to find what was left of the blade that stabbed me, and attempted to slip my wrists, unsuccessfully. At a particular moment, I thought to myself that perhaps I should be carefull, because I began to correlate the dream to something that was possiblty happening in waking, and I didn’t not want to accidentally slit my wrists IRL through some dumb miracle.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Walls of the City (Those we can't see)

      by , 09-07-2011 at 06:19 PM
      I find it particularly interesting when a dream invokes more of a train of thought than simply a venture of sights and sounds. Though, like most dreams recently, this one is fragmented between many different happenings.

      Yet, the more memorable sections, happening after my initial encounter with the strange POV version of what seemed similar to League of Legends, and the initial training session with a somehow remembered drama/theatre group from high school, I caught a glimpse of a highly luxurious part of an Unknown City, inside a few of the urban buildings. I heard the anonymous mentioning (a story being told to me) of a particular woman, who was either a queen, a princess, or a countess, who was so sheltered by her high-class pampering, and completely cut off from the public and the life of normal people, that she became psychologically distorted, and began hating the people outside out of massive distrust for all. Her heart was twisted all because of the walls that sheltered her; held her back from the world.
      I found myself, then, in a very luxurious commercial space, with a number of high class vendors and restaurants along the way, with a window lining the left side of the hall as I gazed downward upon the city streets. I was wearing a very fancy vest with white shirt and tie underneath, and felt that I fit into this environment, … almost infiltrating-ly (since it was not something I would usually wear). I felt as if I was here out of posing as someone who was rich, or as a spy of some kind. As I explored this area, I began to rationalize the same about vampires, and most things hidden; such things could succeed living in urban spaces and we would know little about it, due to the sheltering of classes, the walls between people, and the countless amounts of forbidden, cut-off, and unexplored spaces in this Unknown City. Not any one person can be aware of everything that occurs within these walls at all times.
      I managed to approach a high-class restaurant, but out of timidness or sudden disinterest, I decided to turn around and made my way towards the door leading outside. Oddly enough, while being a few stories above the street before, I was now suddenly transported to the street itself. It was a busy street, with many a small outlets, and lower-income stores. Anyone of these places had doors leading to some place that one can only guess based on the sign. I persisted to explore until coming across a bus area next to a school. The drama class that randomly appeared from before was about to head to their first great performance, and I was certain to avoid any of them noticing me (since for some reason, I was supposed to perform with them). I retreated back to my car, and decided to drive away from the bus.

      Later glimpses in my dream consisted of a great air-battle between 3 factions and 1 evil faction. Strangely this evolved into a small room encounter between members of each fending off lights that turned people into zombies.

      Yeah, ... normal dream-state madness alright.

      Still... there was somewhat of a moral I manage to catch from the passing of all of these thoughts.
    8. MatthewOlson VS. an Army of Foot Soldeirs!!

      by , 08-26-2011 at 06:41 AM
      A certainly amazing dream, with an very close rate of lucidity.
      I was travelling through dangerous territory. I am not sure if the place I was at had dangerous people specifically, or if it was a post-apocalyptic scenario like movie ‘The Road’, but I managed to begin in a deep sewer/dungeon area, trying my best to fend off monsters and deviant creatures for pure survival. At some point in the whole mess, I was attempting to help a cat across a series of large rocks sticking out of the water. I finally reach a basement section with a chandelier, and a long case of steps which lead upward in an L shape (first pointing East, then pointing North). Upon climbing, I come across an abandoned mansion, which I very closely inspect to make sure there were no creatures or danger. This mansion was well worn, and I ventured out among its courtyards and outdoor, which was a misty, rugged place which reminded me of New Zealand or Ireland.
      At this time, I felt the urge to let down my guard finally, since I was now out of the monster mess, and now in a place that I could survive. I began to spend time each day fixing up the mansion and inspecting its rooms and its outdoor storage shed. Thing began to become a bit more civilized, while for the most part alone.
      Except I wasn’t alone,…
      One morning, I began hearing noise of struggle and some women and children screaming. I look a gander outside to notice that there was a brigade of armed and armored medieval foot soldiers (approx. 20) outside, standing to the South of the mansion, with some remaining survivors trying to get away. Some of the foot soldiers were actively chasing them, while most of them were slowly approaching the mansion in wonder of who was there. They did not seem like the friendly type,… or at least, I profound distrust of strangers led me to believe them as evil.
      They started entering the mansion, as I navigated to a hiding place inside of a closet. I waited for a lone soldier to come by the room, a more tubby-looking one, before I leaped out with a makeshift club of some kind, and battered him in the head until he was knocked out. I took his weapon, a rusty scimitar, and began scouring the house, attempting to kill off whoever was inspecting the house. I managed to slay two of the soldiers, before retreating to the basement once again. Perhaps it could have been monster territory, but I was properly armed this time. I noticed, however, that even more soldiers seemed to be occupying the dungeons now, as if they had wiped out the monsters and began for the mansion. I fended them off, killing each one before burrowing deeper into the dungeon, it seemed the layout of the dungeon had changed, and I was now no longer near any sewer, but purely in a place infested by foot soldiers. At one point, I began fighting a very skilled foot soldier with a large sword. I had to do plenty of parrying with my rusty scimitar before I managed to strike him and down him, slitting his throat. I took the large sword and scurried into the shadows again.
      Each time I killed someone in this dream, I became more involved in the dream, and yet, almost as a moralistic response, I felt immediately guilty for killing, but I was filled with this odd complex each time of ‘I’ve already gone this far. Besides,… I’m pretty sure this is a dream’. I wasn’t 100% certain it was a dream however, which prompted more episodes of guilt here and there.
      I managed to enter a more populated area of soldiers, and decided to play off my chances mingling among them, not drawing any attention to the fact that I had killed their kin 3 rooms away. Hopefully, they would simply let me pass off as one of them since I had a sword on me. I entered a small room with a table and chairs, and a resting soldier. This soldier was unarmed, and taking a rest from his duties. Suddenly, I noticed an officer, a black man in a suit of armor, with one lackey following him, enter the room. He had a scar over his right eye and a nasty look on his face. He started judging me, wondering where I came from, and threatening me with violence if I didn’t answer correctly. In a flash, I took me sword, and slit his throat. It took a moment before his throat began bleeding, and as his lackey was coming to help him, I slit his throat too. They both barreled to the ground. The moralistic urge was intense now, and I began to feel lucidity really push its way in response. I knew at that moment that this was a dream.
      Suddenly, a soldier with a large shield and long sword entered the room in response to the death call by the officer, and I started trying to fend him off as best I could. His shield, oddly enough, seemed like a cardboard cutout, and tore easily. The soldier tried to explain that it was a prototype, before I callously slit his throat. … The whole time throughout the dungeon, I began assembling pieces of armor and smaller weapons, trying to increase my power. I finally met a combatant I could not beat, who was wearing a greenish armor which looked like Scorpion/Sub-Zero, and had a glaive. I felt into the main meeting hall of the soldiers and started savagely fending them off. At this point the king of the soldier was present, but I was losing clarity of the dream. The only remaining vision I had left was the leader of the foot soldiers, who looked a hell of a lot like Drew Carrey, telling me how great a job I had done, that I had bested some of his best and brightest and proved myself as a warrior. I knew he was motioning toward the idea of employing me, but before that notion came to fruition, I awoke.
    9. A Case of Copyright Infringement (Someone stole mah musik!!)

      by , 08-07-2011 at 07:05 PM
      To explain before i dig into this particular dream, here are some variables that inspired it:

      -I've recently been working together with two of my friends to assemble an electronica group (one with DJ experience, one with rock band experience, and I, the guy with hip-hop experience), and we've made considerable headway, with a few songs nearly finished! Its a very exciting project for me, and I plan on rocking peoples face off with it!

      -Last night, I spent the night with my friends going clubbing, as a friend celebration for my recent birthday! Was an awesome time!



      I found myself in a nightclub, hanging out with a number of my friends. How the building was set up, I was lingering in the bar area, which was a long room stretching north to south, with the bar lining the long end on the west. There was an exit to the south, but there was also a doorway at the upper end of the west wall past the bar leading into the dance floor and concert hall. The stage took up the northern 3rd of the room, while everyone else were located within the lower 2/3rds, which was the dancefloor. ... I was sitting at a barstool, with a drink in my hand, talking to a cute girl, enjoying myself,... along with music playing in the background,... when I hear the music change...

      ... into something extremely familiar!

      I gaze over and realize what just started playing, and a look of pure confusion took my expression. I immediately set my drink down, and brushed past people in approach of the dancefloor. I look on stage and notice two guys, both in white logo'd shirts and caps, one of them wearing a pair of stunner shades, plugging away at synthesizers, a DJ turntable set, and a laptop. The entire time, I have this look of pure distress, knowing that the music they were playing was mine! ... I ended up going to several people, some friends, some not, and yelling to them through the loud music that that wasn't their music! They stole mine and my friends music! ... On top of that, the main song they played was an unfinished song, which the liars on-stage apparently decided to re-arrange and finish,... so not only did they steal my music, but they CHANGED it.

      I end up confronting them after their set, first acting like a fan giving props to them, and THEN going right to the throat by telling them "Y'know. That music sounds pretty damn familiar. Know why? Cause thats MY music! ... Yeah! ... So you best stop what you're doing right now before shit gets ugly!"

      They retorted back at me, saying things like "We changed it man! Its ours!", and "Nobody knows who you are? Who's gonna care?". At one point, one of them looked to their counterpart, and started saying "What do you think man? Is this music going to sell or what?" ... the other one saying ... "Yeah man! This track is bangin'! We're going to make some mad sales with this sound!"

      The rest of the dream seemed to be me, trying to think through exactly WHEN they could have stolen the music from us. It seemed to make NO sense, since none of our music was mixed down to MP3 or was anywhere outside the confines of my own computer. And so I really could do nothing but ride the confusion right on into waking.


      I wonder if there was some message to take from this dream. Perhaps paranoia of a really bad, but unlikely scenario? Perhaps a re-enforcement of how great I think our music is thus far? ... (Unfortunately, since we IRL have nothing ready for public ears, it may be hard for you to paint the image correctly without an example.)
    10. Haunted Book shows up while at work!

      by , 09-27-2010 at 06:40 PM
      This is my first journal entry. I was not able to write the dream down. Instead, I spent time reviewing each part of the dream and comiting it to memory before getting out of bed.

      My first conscious memory of the dream is that I am at work (I work in a kitchen/cafe at a recreation center), and I notice one of my co-workers going about his day (the one I enjoy working with the most). Sometime during my work, I wander into dry storage and I notice a strange book. From what I sense of the dream, I already knew it was there, and I had already read a part of it. Thing is, whenever I do read it, I sink into a deep trance, and I am focused on absolutely nothing but the book. The subject of the book contains some deep form of knowledge, parts of it like one dark story. The image I get is the atmosphere of a large dark forest/swamp that somehow extends through time, and the presence of shady figures that add the feeling of turbulence. ... The exact text or story I can't remember.

      At one point in returning to the storage room, I pick up the book and notice a sheet of paper fall out of the front page, and it converts into the shape of a knight with a sword and shield, made out of paper. It tries to fend me off, as if trying to prevent me from touching the book, but I just swat at it, and pick up the book anyways.

      A third visit to the storage room, I end up encountering the book again. This time however, as soon as I open it, I am sunk so deep into a trance that I end up finding myself lodged inside the book. I end up sensing a voice that commands me that I am not to leave the book until I have read all of it. I end up reading about a chapter before I start feeling claustrophobic, and am afraid that someone is going to come in and move the book, or set something on top of it, thus preventing me from leaving. I end up forcing my mind out of the book, and find myself standing in the storage area once again.

      Then, I began to notice things here and there moving throughout the room. From what I was seeing, I assumed that there were some mischevious spirits in the room that were causing it. I shout out in the room, demanding for the spirit(s) to reveal themselves. Then, one of the shelves begin to stir, and another sheet of paper begins taking the form of a witch on a broomstick, and it starts flying around my head like its trying to attack me. I end up swatting IT away from me, and thats when I start feeling overwhelmed by the atmosphere around me, like there were more spirits that would attack. It is then I remember a technique of meditation; I begin imagining a shield surrounding me to keep unwanted entities out. ... The strange part about doing this, however, is that I start imagining a gauge of how strong my 'personal shield' is (1.00 suggests the minimum effective rate, 4.00 being the maximum. I reached a 2.96,... apparently. .... Dreams are weird, aren't they?)

      Anyways, there is where my dream stopped.