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    Advanced Task of the Month Completed.

    by , 07-27-2010 at 06:39 AM (1171 Views)
    The same night, I tried to DEILD, after I woke up from my previous lucid. Without moving, I tried to go back to the dream. I was successful. It was the same scenario, but there were no people around. The mountain of marbles was still there. I looked desperately around for a horse, not thinking to stabilize the dream. There was none. Racking my brains, I got an idea.
    I picked up the rainbow marble, and waved it in an arc. It left a very cheesy rainbow colored trail behind it, making a, well, rainbow. I thought, 'Man, this is the most corny dream I ever had.' My mind usually associates rainbow with unicorns, and then, I saw a white horse coming out of the arc. It was sparkling, and pure white. While some may be overjoyed at the sight, the only thing that came to my mind was, 'Gay.'
    The white horse came towards me. It was a horse, not a unicorn. But I was not out of ideas. I summoned an ice cream cone, and then slapped the whole thing on the horse's head. The coffee flavored ice cream acted as bonding glue, and the biscuit cone was stuck to the poor animal's head. I looked away, expecting a horn to be there when I looked back. Success. There was a horn all right, but it still resembled the ice cream cone. Oh well, at least it qualifies as a unicorn. I clambered on t it's back. It did not resist at all, but acted very good. I suddenly felt bad to have stuck the ice cream cone to it's head, but hey, it's just a dream. And he looked happy with his new horn. Suddenly, white feather wings sprouted from it's sides, and it took flight.
    I was flying for a long time. I noticed that someone was riding along with me, grabbing my waist. I looked back, and then got a huge shock. It was Leona!
    She was smiling, evilly at that. "Miss me?", she said. I felt like a murderer who had killed someone and now was being haunted by it's ghost. "Yeah.", I said. It felt good to see her again. I woke up again, out of excitement. AGAIN. :/

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Lol... funny way to create a unicorn.

      My previous night when this task was posted without me knowing, I flew over a theme park, I recall a Merry-go-round... If I knew I just had to land and ride a plastic Unicorn... I am sure it's valid!!!!!!! (Plus all the colors were in the Merry-Go-Round :/ The funnies thing, is I think my third eye knew this. As I flew over the thing, it tried to suck me badly. It was like a magnet (read my last lucid in my journal) I fought and flew away... if I just knew... darn!
    2. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Awesome, and hilarious. I wonder if you laugh in your sleep. My girlfriend said I do. Congratulations! Who is Leona?
    3. Max ツ's Avatar
      @ Percy : That was my mind being creative. XD

      @ Nomad : Yes, I do laugh in my sleep. Funny, my girlfriend told me that, too. O_o
      If you don't know Leona, then this is probably the first dream you have read in my DJ. Leona is my dream guide. Check out the earlier posts for the full details.
    4. MadMonkey's Avatar
      Thats an epic way to make a unicorn, very creative.
    5. TacoKing7's Avatar
      Amazingly funny and creative. I feel bad for the horse, having a cone plastered on its forehead. xD