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    Battling a dragon. Falling in love.

    by , 07-19-2010 at 05:19 AM (1355 Views)

    I was back in the early 15th century. There were numerous castles around me. All I could see was castles, and endless green fields. Everything was very brightly colored, a vision that I rarely see. It was magnificent. There was one slight problem, though. I gigantic dragon was attacking the city. It was red, and it's scales were sharp as a knife. It was breathing fire all over, and was causing more destruction with it's spike hammer tail.
    The next thing I remember, I am on a horse, and dressed in epic knight armor. The horse wasn't real, for it was hovering! It had micro hover pads attached to it's shoes. I found that completely normal. I had a long lance in my hand.

    I continued towards the dragon, with all my might. Suddenly, and without a warning, the dragon turned to dust and vanished. There goes my battling spirit. I turn around to see the one who had spoiled my day, and get mesmerized.

    Konoka, from Mahou Sensei Negima, for those who know her. Need to cut my anime intake. -_-
    But, she was dressed in a style similar to this, and looked way more mature than in the manga:

    If you have read, or watched the series named, you know about Konoka's personality. She is sweet and relaxed, and is fun to hang around with. Add the bad ass-ness to the personality, plus the sexiness, and it makes my perfect type of girl.
    I lost all thought. I could gaze look stupidly at her. I was transfixed.
    She comes up to me. Without warning, she kisses me. I was shocked. My DCs don't usually do anything unless I, um, take the aggressive role. But it was a blissful sensation. About half a minute into it, and I wake up.

    "Sometimes in dreams, waking up is the most painful part."

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    1. Linkster17's Avatar
      awesome dream, sorry that you woke up so soon.
    2. BigFan's Avatar
      hmm, I've had those weird instances as well, but, it's what makes them interesting. Nice to be able to read more of your dreams
    3. Max ツ's Avatar
      Thanks. I just don't like these type of dreams. They make me feel sad and weird upon waking.
    4. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      You should find her in a dream again, and talk to her. I am sure you can do it!
    5. Max ツ's Avatar
      Maybe I don't wanna, you know? If I can't have it in real life, then having it in a dream will only make it worse.