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    Clash with the FBI. Two words; They suck.

    by , 07-19-2010 at 03:58 AM (640 Views)

    I had a false awakening. I don't remember why, or how I had it, it seemed to dawn upon me out of nowhere that this is a dream. I was very excited, but then, out of experience, calmed down. After the usual round of stability and clarity exercises, I got up, and crossed the room. For some reason, almost all of my false awakenings occur in my room, and the light are always off. I opened the door. I saw the same old corridor, the same mirror. Another reality check.
    While crossing the corridor, I could see foot-long sharp blades protruding from the ground. I laughed to myself. A snap of my fingers, and they vanished to thin air. I continued out of my house, and came to the ground floor. (Note: This was my old house, I moved recently.) What the hell? There were FBI officers all around me, each armed heavily with some serious booty kicking weapons. They didn't speak, nor did they move, but it was clear that I would be toast if I moved a muscle. Here, I forgot I had any supernatural powers. I ran away. Somehow, gravity was much easier to manipulate in this particular dream. I found that I could control gravity very quickly, making it change directions and turn it off or make it stronger in a fraction of a second. As soon as I jumped, the rocket launchers fired. BOOM! A deafening explosion. But I was unhurt.
    I continued, walking on walls and roofs, and tried to get out of there, into the open ground. Then, some of the officers actually caught up with me. Instinctively, I jumped off the wall, and roundhouse-kicked one on the back. He fell to the ground, making a large crater there. Then, I continued to fight my way unarmed through the incoming battalion. I don't exactly remember all the moves I did, but I remember that it was pretty epic, even better than the best martial art movie out there. Within a minute, all of them, some two hundred, were on the ground, unable to move. Satisfied, I continued outside.
    In real life, there is a large electronics store some three block away from my house. Right in front of it, is a large open area. After exiting my building, I came here, without any idea why. I saw about a dozen people gathered there. I could tell they were all delinquents. They were looking at me in a disconcerting way, which clearly challenged me to a fight. They were wearing Thaub, which is the traditional clothing here.

    Talk about unfitting attire. Oh well. I stared at their leader, and made a sudden movement. This was the spark needed. In an instant, ten of them sprang up upon me. I still didn't remember I had lucid powers. Again, I very easily defeated each and every one of them, without the slightest injury inflicted upon me. I forgot, again, the exact moves, but I do remember this one scene. I was in mid-air, right in the middle of a back-flip. I had back flip kicked someone, sending him high into the air. Suddenly, as he reached the zenith of his launch, a sniper bullet pierced him, straight through the heart.. Someone was helping me.
    When all of them were defeated, we suddenly found ourselves on a stage, each getting awards for the fight. I remember two of my friends somehow getting the awards, too. The awards were 1 cubic meter aquariums that held a peculiar fish. I remember getting an octopus, while my friends got a tiger that breathed in water and a microscopic crab with mushrooms on his shell. I woke up after that.

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    1. Linkster17's Avatar
      lol, nice job
    2. BigFan's Avatar
      Love the tiger breathing in water part
    3. Max ツ's Avatar
      my mind is seriously awesome.
      'A writer is a person who has taught his mind to misbehave.' - Stephen King.
    4. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Sounds like the Remote Viewers Dream Corps is after you.