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    A ghastly reincarnation of my old nightmare.

    by , 07-24-2010 at 07:29 AM (568 Views)

    I dreamed that we had gone to visit some family friends. It was a small house, and a small family that lived in it. They were a middle aged, married couple with two kids, a son, about 12, and a daughter, who was about 10. We took an elevator to their apartment. I was with my family. We were all pretty excited, for some reason, talking quite lively and not a hint of horror or pain.
    As the elevator started climbing, I saw the door through which we had entered the little enclosed box below, and was replaced by a concrete wall. On each floor, there was a separate door to get out of the elevator. But between the floors, there was nothing to see but solid concrete. Our acquaintances' house was on floor 13. Yes. Floor Number 13, the unlucky one. I didn't find that the least significant, however. I remember, on the wall between the 12th and the 13th floors, I saw a dried out, but still distinguishable red liquid, that ran either down from up, or up from down on the the wall between the two floors. It was technically a vertical, horribly noticeable column of red liquid that ran the entire length of the wall. I found that odd, but didn't ponder upon it too much. The electronic display on the top of the elevator displayed 13, and we slowed down to a halt. The elevators door creaked open, by itself. I didn't find that odd, either, disregarding it as modern technology. There was only one apartment on this floor. I could see a door made of brown, polished wood, with golden handles. There was a little golden plate on the top portion of the door, which marked the number of the apartment. Guess which? You got it right, Apartment 13.
    I suddenly became aware of an unpleasant feeling. It was the oddest thing I had ever felt. It was as if the temperature had suddenly dropped to zero. As if by stomach was fighting to digest something particularly nasty. I felt weird. That was not all. I could also sense someone, or perhaps something, standing right behind me. Only, I couldn't see, hear, or feel it. But I was pretty sure that there WAS something, something more sinister than bad luck, that resided on this floor.
    My family was still blissfully unaware of the situation we were in. They didn't detect the slightest bit of change, nothing. They just talked merrily, each absorbed in his or her own discussion. I rang the bell, hoping that it would be better if we came inside. We could hear someone's hasty footsteps inside, and then a more heavy set of feet coming towards the door. As I waited in apprehension, the sound got louder. Finally, I heard a soft click, and saw the handle turn.
    I saw a middle aged man, dressed in a white shirt, faded blue jeans, black, highly polished boots, and red sweater. It was the middle of July. How THE hell can this man wear a sweater in such hot weather? Then again, it was not at all impossible given the chilly atmosphere around me. He was wearing a ring on his hand, a black diamond set in platinum. I could sense nothing weird, or nothing evil about this man. He looked, and felt normal.
    He greeted us warmly, shaking hands with each of us. He then invited us to the living room, where a cozy fire was burning. Definitely odd. We all took seats around the room. I was sitting in a red, plush sofa. It was the softest thing I had ever sat on. Whoever this guy was, he sure was well-to-do. A few moments later, his wife, also middle-aged, came inside. She was wearing a black cocktail dress, with a beautiful red rose embedded on the top left of the dress, right above her bosom. She looked incredibly beautiful, far less than her age. She greeted us all warmly too, and sat down beside me. I found it extremely uncomfortable, even though I had no idea who this peculiar family was, or how we came to know them. The ladies started generally talking about well, ladies stuff, and the men started on about politics and work.
    I was a little left out. The mother felt that, perhaps, for she called her two children to take me to their room and 'familiarize with me'. Only the brother came out. He was tall for his age, well built, and with a face that would be exquisitely handsome in a few years. He greeted me respectably, and then asked me to come to his room. I accepted the offer, having nothing better to do.
    He led me through a small corridor. Towards the right, there was a door. It was all black, an odd choice for a kid's room. He opened the door, and led me inside.
    As soon as I crossed the border of the the room, each and every nerve in my body screamed in protest. NO!, my instincts shouted. You have to get out of here, fast! Can't you feel it? This sense, this presence. Just get out of here. As soon as possible. Yes, my subconscious was probably right. I should have run like hell when I had the chance. But that would be rude, and bad manners was something neither me, nor my family could tolerate. Disregarding it all, again, as aftereffects of the horror movie I had watched last night, (I did remember the name of the movie in the dream, though, but forgot it upon wakening.) I gritted my teeth and moved inside.
    The room was even more chilly than the rest of the house. I looked out of the tiny window on the wall opposite to the door, and was that it was raining. Yes, raining, in the middle of July, and in the middle of a desert. I didn't find that weird, too. (Props to my reality checking. -_-) The next thing I remember, I was playing a first person shooter game with the brother, whose name was, ironically, Max.

    After a while, another person came in. It was the daughter. She looked exactly like the girl in the Silent Hill movie. Quiet, and threatening in a, well, quiet manner. There was something weird about that girl. She held out her hand for me to shake. I was a little hesitant, but I told my instincts to either nut up or shut up.
    I shook her hand. It was as cold as ice, or colder. It was, rather, as cold as death. She was very pale, as if she hadn't seen daylight in years. She gives me a stare, a calculating stare. Rather annoyed, I go back to the game. Now, she is INSIDE the game! Wtf?
    Big letters come up on the screen. 'Kill or be killed.' I get scared, and start shooting that girl. She avoids each and every one of my bullets. Max looks really worried. 'Now you've done it.', he says, and runs out of the room. I follow him. He screams out the whole story to his parents, who jump up in panic. I learnt that the daughter was haunted, and attacked people who offended her, sometimes killing them. The only way to get her to stop was to kill her within the game.
    So we all go inside the game, where there is a forest. It was pitch black. The girl is flying at us out of thin air, scaring us to bits. We find shelter in a little room. There are heavy weapons and heavy armor inside.

    Jackpot. I put on a futuristic black armor and take a sniper, and head out with a pistol in the other hand.

    As soon as I open the door, I wake up.

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    1. Linkster17's Avatar
      that is creepy
    2. MadMonkey's Avatar
      Very well writen.
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    4. Max ツ's Avatar
      My WBTB waking session is almost complete. Hopefully i will have a quality LD. I gotta break out of my dryspell.