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    A highly vivid Non-Lucid.

    by , 09-28-2010 at 03:02 AM (917 Views)
    I was at some kind of old shopping mall. It was made up of old red bricks, with a strange gooey substance used as cement. I looked up to the sky, and saw a moonless night. That pitch black sky that seems to swallow your being. Feeling a shiver of anticipation, I moved in through the vast, (I mean really vast) gates that had rusted iron bars in them. I could see the rust flying in little flakes due to the breeze and moving around, as the dust moves around in Lion King.
    Thinking something along the lines of, "I am wasting my dream time.", I proceeded, still blissfully non-lucid. The dream was highly detailed, perhaps my most detailed dream yet. I remember noticing each and every little detail as I walked. The crunches of the dried leaves beneath my feet, the smell of the damp air, and the feel of each and every rock as I stepped on it. It was so clear, that for a moment I truly believed it to be real life, for such detail couldn't exist in a dream.
    I saw many shops on my left and right, as I walked through that boulevard. Most of them were closed, and the ones that were open were more like houses, or even inns. I went inside a shop, noticing the sign that was suspended above it's door rocking back and forth due to the wind. I entered inside, and the whole atmosphere changed. It was like stepping from a freezing blizzard into a cozy, well-heated room. Technically, it WAS just that. I could see people roaming about here and there, all in red and white Santa Claus suits that made them look goofy. The were all good natured. No one minded me, nor did anyone ignore me. They politely welcome me in and directed me towards a room.
    I sense of romance overcame me as I entered the room and saw, to my surprise, an exquisitely beautiful young lady sitting there on the window, which was wide open. The moon hung in the sky like a compliment to her beauty. She was dressed an a lavish cocktail dress, also of red color, exposing and hiding just the right amount of skin to make one go oblivious just looking at the wearer.
    Something else caught my attention. Her eyes. She had the most striking eyes I had every seen. And yet, they were brimming with tears, tears that were never quite let loose, but sat there on her lower eye lid as if they were unsure to fall or not. The eyes reflected sadness as I had never seen before.
    As soon as she saw me, her face lit up. It was almost as if she had been waiting for me all this time. Pushing aside that thought, I began to ask for her name, but found myself deprived of speech as her lips made contact with mine, and was locked in a tight embrace. I stood there in an eerily real non-reality, immersed in this moment of emotion. For how long we kissed, I do not know. It could have been a second, minute, or even an hour. It was just me and her, and the silent moon smiling at the re-union.
    BOOM! The whole house, which was now a mansion, shook with a great force. A missile had just hit the far side of the mansion. Breaking apart quickly, I grabbed the lady and half-carried, half-pushed her towards the door. I heard a faint hissing noise nearby, and saw another missile, like a deadly firework, homing towards me. In that split second, I knew I would survive no longer. Pushing the girl out of harm's way, for all good it could do, I attempted to run away myself. No good.
    BOOM! Another blast, much louder and fiercer that the first, shook the ground. Tiny balls of metal came shooting towards me, and tore my body apart. The pain was unimaginable. I could literally see those little balls of metal coming towards me in slow motion, and hit me. As I lay there half-dead, I saw a mysterious box lying not far from me. Somehow, I knew that it was supposed to be lit on fire, which would transport me to a safe place. Not having the strength to get up and look around for a match, I tried pyrokinesis. I imagined my fury flowing from my hands towards that little stone box, and heating it up. With a huge effort, I finally managed to give it enough energy to light up on it's own.
    Oh shit, I thought. It was a trap! From a third-person view, I saw that box explode in the biggest explosion yet, and create a big ball of flames rise up high. I saw my own body fly around with the force of the bomb. I was back to first-person again. As I was flung around, about to meet my death, I thought about how unfortunate it was, 'How sad it is if a flower doesn't bloom?'. Those were the words that came to my mind.
    As the pain became unbearable, I woke up.

    Sorry for the late updates, readers. It was a difficult period I went through, a lot of ups and downs. Nevertheless, I am here now, and shall keep updating my DJ. Note, as I didn't get much time to spend on my LDing skills, my lucids are low on count these days. I will still share the non-lucids, though. ^_^

    Also, should I add more pictures to the dream journal entries. Personally, I think the details I remember should be good enough to create a whole environment in your mind. That is the art of the writer. What do you guys think?

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    1. Mayatara's Avatar
      I like your descriptions very much. Highly poetic sometimes. I also don't think there's need for pictures. I also don't use unless I want to compare a dream with a RL scene I lived. Then pictures are good to prove your point.
    2. Linkster17's Avatar
      Very descriptive and cool dream except where you are in a lot of pain
    3. MadMonkey's Avatar
      Wow most well writen dream I have read. I like pictures when it is appropriat like something thats hard to describe or a diagram.