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    A Lucid Exploration of the Haunted House.

    by , 10-04-2010 at 04:02 AM (933 Views)
    I was in my bed. Everything was fuzzy and disoriented. For a few seconds, I couldn't remember where I was or how I got there. Heck, I couldn't even remember who I was. After a while, things began to make sense. Of course. I looked around. My wall had a pale purple color, unlike the black coloring I had recently done in my room. On the computer table, I saw a rickety old VCR and an iPhone 4G. On the wall in front of me, Da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' was hanging. Finding that a bit odd, I decided to do an RC. I looked at my hands. Perfectly normal.
    Deciding that I was, in fact, awake, I got out of my bed. I looked at the clock. 99 hours and O_O minutes. No kidding. I continued along the room, noticing that my beloved tiles were replaced by a carpet that was more like those metal sponges used to clean persistent dried stains on kitchen ware. I opened the door. There was nothing in front of me! Thinking the lights in the corridor must be turned off, I continued. As soon as I stepped in through the veil of darkness that hung just beyond that door, I felt a huge jerk on my bod and a sensation of falling through a long tunnel. I couldn't see anything, and my bod seemed to be spinning at a phenomenal speed. "Portals! Shit!", I thought, as I figured out what was happening.
    I slowed down to a stop, landing flat on some grass covered area. It smelled horribly like dead bodies in here. I stood up, and cleaned myself off. Rough ride, I thought. Looking up at the sky, I saw a moonless night. Again.
    "Damn, I should make night and dark my dream signs!"
    Wait. What? Dream signs? I looked at my hands again. There were no hands! I looked away, and looked again. This time, there was no second finger on my right hand.

    I turned lucid. Way to go max, I said to myself, now you need two RCs and things screaming at your face to realize it's a dream. The clarity was good, and the dream was stable. Still, I was taking no chances. While rubbing my hands and activating all my senses, I concentrated on the environment. All around there were huge patches of grass, each blade a foot high. I lone tree stood in the background, leafless, lifeless. I started towards that tree. It was huge, now that I came close. Touching it's bark, I could feel each and every cut in it's bark. So much detail, that I was surprised myself. I did forget some details later on due to an abrupt waking, but I still remember a lot.
    I circled around the tree, to look what was behind it, and saw this:

    Pennhurst Insane Asylum. I had seen a documentary about it recently. That had GOT to be it. A chilly breeze swept by hair back as I realized that I was in for a lucid nightmare. Smiling, I walked towards it.
    I reached the front gate. An ominous feeling seemed to take over me. For a second, I considered turning back and fly to somewhere. But I was not the type to run away. I had visited three supposedly 'haunted' buildings in my city, and spent a night there each with three of my friends, and plus I spent a night in a place that WAS haunted. *shivers* bad experience. After all that, this little lucid nightmare won't frighten me. Or, so I thought.
    BOOM! The gate banged open, almost as if it had read my mind and was challenging me to dare to step inside. As I stood there just inches away, I saw it. A dead body, lying there on the ground. One of it's eyes was ling on it's cheek. It's body was badly mutilated. It's left leg stuck out at an odd angle, as if it was twisted by a huge force.
    Sheer horror came over me as I saw it was moving. No, it wasn't just moving, it was standing up! I screamed, but no sound came out. The figure limped towards me. It's left leg's ankle bone, (or whatever you call it, I was never good at Biology. ) was sticking out, and as he walked, that bone dragged across the wooden floor, making a horrifying and disgusting scraping sound. I tried to run away. The door was still open. Good. Time to RUN!
    I ran at top speed towards the door. It didn't suddenly close or something else didn't pop out. It seemed like I would get out. I reached the door and.....BANG! I struck an invisible barrier, that seemed to be made out of wood. At that very moment, everything changed, as if I was viewing it all through a negative filter. Now I saw the real door, which was closed. As I started to get up, the creepy siren sound from Silent Hill started to ring around the asylum.

    I knew what was going to happen before it did. And it wasn't good.
    At that instant, the walls around me started to disintegrate into flakes. Now, just like in the movie, I could see the real walls underneath. Something grabbed me from behind. I spun around. It was........this.

    I screamed in horror. She grabbed me b the waist, and started, weirdly enough, tonguing my neck. Something was wrong. She was holding me way too tightly. It hurt. The pain grew and grew, until I could bear it no longer. The pain changed into a sort of vibration. I KNOW that vibration ~ I was going to wake up. Grabbing on to a wall to stay in the dream, I managed to shake her off. The vibration didn't stop, and surely enough, I woke up. Drenched in sweat.

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