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    Searching for a love. A dangerous love.

    by , 07-19-2010 at 03:10 AM (440 Views)
    I was following someone. We were on a lone road. It was dark, but I could see clearly. It was raining very heavily. I was in a hurry. I knew that the person running in front of me had to be stopped, for his own good. I remember that it was one of my close friends, and I wanted to save him. He was searching for someone, and very desperately at that. He was in a tuxedo, the kind you see in weddings. But it was all messed up since we both were running so hard.
    He was completely out of control. He was screaming someone's name, I forget what it was. I knew that he was shaken emotionally by some event, and he was trying desperately to put things back the way they were. We were still running, the road was endless. He wasn't getting tired, and neither was I. The matter involved was too great to be concerned about such trivial things. I knew that whomever he loved was being held captive, by a really dangerous organization, which was basically her own family. Something about the mafia boss's daughter falling in love with a commoner.
    He suddenly went down a staircase, that popped out of nowhere on the sidewalk we were walking on. It was a steep one, which made climbing down easier. It was even darker here, but I could see very clearly. I realized that the staircase led to a train station under the ground. It was all eerie here. Without warning, a shriek split the night's quietness. It was not a man's scream. It came from someone, a girl, who I knew, but could not exactly point out who it was. I was terrified by it, as it sounded like the scream from someone who is being tortured.
    Another piercing wail. I was getting really tensed now, because both of my friends' lives were at stake. Hearing the scream, my other friend panicked even more, and started running even more wildly. He was following the direction of the sound. No. He CAN'T go there. He just CAN'T! I hurried to stop him. He jumped into a train that somehow was there now. I followed.
    A change of scenario took place. Now, I was in a factory. To be more precise, I was in a large room, about ten meters square. The room led to another similar one, and there was a separation between the two, the kind you see in garages. There was a linear chain of similar rooms, each connected to the one before it. My friend kept running through these, and every time I followed him, the separation would become intact. However, I slipped in through them, as if they were nothing but water. When i tried this for the fifth time, I woke up.

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