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    Arctic Princess

    by , 07-30-2014 at 06:44 PM (508 Views)
    Sorry for all the tense changes and conversational tone, I rushed this a bit.

    So I have some really fuzzy WILD that I admittedly had forgotten to stabilize (oops), I start off and Iím in my own dining room, but Iím standing next to a couple of dudes and Iíve got no idea who they are. Immediately they start saying they need my help saving some Princess; while I do like to see where the story in lucid dreams takes me, I recall how often I get annoyed when I get sucked into dream plots before completing my goals, so I tell them to wait a sec with a hint of annoyance in my voice and I walk outside through our backdoor onto the balcony.

    My lawn looks a little bit Autumn-y, though I think the most unusual thing was the fog. Yeah, the area was pretty foggy, and I couldnít see further than a couple hundred feet. I eventually focused on a few points here and there to try to clear up some of it and I find that far out past some woods are a bunch of mountains, which to me, are an obvious confirmation that Iím dreaming. For whatever reason, I decide to ignore these anyway and come up with a plan of my own.

    These random dudes followed me outside onto the balcony and are wondering what Iím doing, and I basically just ignore them as I decide Iím going to fly directly up into the sky and somehow come crashing back down. I climb onto the railing of the balcony and make a confident leap up towards the sky. I donít go very faróI end up kind of floating around a little above the house like Iím in space. The guys are watching me astounded, but Iím just a little frustrated as I try to push myself up towards the sky.

    It was weirdófirst I tried swimming up, but it ended up going pretty slowly. So, instead, I tried to envision that the air under me would give me some sort of push towards the sky. Not only did it work and I felt myself suddenly rising, but it gave me the momentum I needed to keep going. Eventually I felt myself rising pretty steadily, the wind going past my face. Though it didn't last long, this moment was pretty vivid. I'd even look down and it would look like the ground was literally being eaten up by the fog. I kept rising, and I ended up passing these flaky clouds--they weren't soft and liquidy, but more like... thin cotton candy. Weirdly enough, my cat was sitting on one of these clouds. Just lying there, chilling, watching me fly.

    I laughed at this sight, and took a moment to stop and lower myself down to him to say hi. He gave me a couple of blinks and I kept going about my way. I flew up and up, though I never passed or even saw space. I just kept flying up towards the blueness of the sky. It always felt out of reach, neverending.

    Eventually I stopped, gauging it was high enough. I had no idea how high I actually was, or how long it would take me to fall. It was so foggy, I couldn't see the ground, and since I could never reach space either, everything around me was just blue. And I was just... floating.

    Then my wonder turned to confusion as I realized the problem: how was I going to get down? While I was skilled enough in flying, I was certainly not skilled in not flying while flying...er, or something to that effect. All I was familiar with was landing, which I couldn't do a thousand feet in the air.

    I got a little creative and came up with the idea of pretending I'm flying because I'm tensed up, or holding onto something. Although there was nothing actually there, I gripped the air like I was holding onto something, and I tensed up my body as if I was really trying to hold on tight. Though it wasn't visible, I did get the feeling that something was in my hands, and my feet gradually started dangling, as if it was the reason I was still in the air.

    I let go, and I immediately started falling--well, everything was still blue, but I felt like I was falling. Apparently there's no such thing as terminal velocity in my subconscious, because it constantly felt like I was accelerating. I would go down and down, and the air would whip past me, and I'd get butterflies in my stomach. This feeling lasted for maybe a dozen seconds--it was right when I started wondering if I was stuck, if I'd have to wake up or get creative to get somewhere, when suddenly the fog unveiled itself and the ground was right there.

    Yeah, fog is trippy, I didn't see the ground until it was 20 feet away.

    I hit the ground on my stomach with a slight bounce, but it wasn't painful in the slightest. Actually, it was much more shocking, like a sudden adrenaline rush or as if there was an unexpected drop on a rollercoaster. I desperately held onto the dream though, feeling the grass with my hands and taking in how it smelled, and thankfully I didn't wake up. As soon as I was confident I'd stay in the dream and the shock faded, I stood up casually and brushed the grass off my clothes. I noticed I ended up in my lawn, so I started heading back up the balcony.

    One of these other dudes asked me, "What was that for?"

    All I said was, "Just proving myself as a God. So, what was all this about a Princess?"

    Lucid dare done.

    So now he started telling me about how some Princess was captured by this other clan in the jungle that they're rivalling against. Honestly, it's some cheesy plot where people go to war over some hot 17-year-old chick.

    He starts telling me more but mid-conversation I feel the dream fading, so I let it happen and perform a DEILD. The moment I'm back in the dream, I'm in the jungle they were talking about.

    (side note: still forgot to stabilize)

    So the guys I was with were all dressed pretty urban-y like they were actually civilized, but these jungle people I'm with now are all dressed like cavemen. These guys expect to get their Princess back?

    I went around talking to some of them to find they don't actually have any sort of plan to get their Princess back either. I'm a little annoyed, so I try to think of my own. I see one of the dudes I met earlier (still dressed civilized unlike the rest) and ask him for more information on our side, if we have any weapons or even a base. He tells me their clan is part of some snowy place which apparently borders the jungle (biome logic; are we in Minecraft?), but as I glance around for it, he hastily tells me that it's getting dark and that we should be getting to sleep. I ask why that's so important, and he says that the rival clan is guarding the snowy territory.

    I then wonder why we're in the jungle, but I just kind of say, "okay, whatever," and lie in the grass beside him. Eventually that other dude that was with him in the beginning of the dream came by us as well. We just kind of hung out, not saying much, and I took note of how swampy and wet the grass felt. Vibrant green leaves were on the ground besides us as well. Eventually the dream fades, and I DEILD again.

    It's nighttime, and instantly I stand up and think, "oh wait, this is the perfect time to do something important." I started basically writing the plot in my head--I decided that back in the snowy territory was some stone or whatever that possessing would defeat the rest of the clan (on hindsight, it really would've just been easier if it was in my pocket, but oh well). Now would be the best time to get it, because everyone would be asleep.

    I made my way to the snowy place in which I just instinctively knew where it was, but to my dismay there were people all geared up with guns that were guarding the place. I wondered how I'd get away with this, then decided I would transform into an Arctic wolf as a disguise. Since doing this task, transformation has never been a problem for me, and I especially could relate with already having specifically transformed into a white wolf in a snowy territory. Most of it was will--I just ran through the edge of the territory, and looked down at my hands until they began pounding against the ground. I felt fur surround my body, and I knew the transformation worked.

    I look around and the guards are completely ignoring me, I see this hill where there's this glowing blue stone at the top of it, so I end up trotting over no problem towards it. The guards continue ignoring me, and I even manage to get the stone in my mouth. I get a little nervous at this point, and just try to casually walk back towards the jungle. My nervousness gets the best of me however as I hear a shout to my right--one of the guards saw me with the stone, and boom, just like that, all of them were on me. I took off at full speed, somehow managing to dodge their bullets. I made it back into the jungle, but they kept chasing me, and the commotion quickly awoke everyone else. For whatever reason everyone else had guns too (maybe it was because of the stone?), and everyone was quickly wide awake fighting clan versus clan in a nasty gun battle in the jungle. I turned to human form as well which wasn't too hard, kept the stone in my pocket, and quickly summoned and took out a gun from my other side. It was a simple trick I used a lot in dreams: act like I was pulling out a gun from my right pocket, and it would suddenly be there in my hand.

    What was most interesting about this part is that I felt invincible--nothing really affected me, but I could kill anyone by just looking at them. So I did, in plain sight as well, just shot the DCs I knew were from the other clan.

    I don't really know why, I guess it was just coming to the end of my dream time, but I felt the dream fading once again. I knew it was getting late into the morning, so I decided that would be it--but not without taking the stone out of my pocket and quickly finding one of the dudes from the beginning of the dream. I gave him the stone and told him to use it to get the Princess back. He mumbled something back, but it was so fuzzy I don't really remember what, and just kept going about shooting these other guys. Because of that, I'm going to assume whatever he said was a good thing.

    I woke up, and I like to think that they ended up succeeding in getting back their Princess from the jungle.

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