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    07 Oct: A murder and chitchat with friends

    by , 10-24-2010 at 05:18 PM (476 Views)

    01:30 GMT+9 sleep

    A murder and lost in chitchat with friends
    A lady murders her daughter drowns her on a lake or so and I know but I have no evidence to prove my claim. She actually asked me to help her eliminate all proof and I helped her in the hope to actually get some evidences preserved. I did manage to keep one crucial evidence and I went to look for a police station. Along the way I meet my friend Evangelion and he helps me out. He goes talk to the police and comes back saying they didnt care at all. I think about how could they not care about a murder? But I go away for now. I come back a second time. This time Evangelion is with his girlfriend and we plan to go the three together. The city we are seems like Lisbon and we pass by a public garden where a group of older but not so old people (in their 50s) are doing morning gymnastics. I spot 3 or 4 people I know and its as if they are actually an older version of us. I get entangled in a weird nostalgia feeling, nostalgia for the future. I wonder if me and my friends will also get old together and do gymnastics or something like that or if well depart from each other and lose contact. Then my dad is also with us. As we go down some stone stairs to keep on our way we discuss what we eat the previous day and I say I am actually not so well from my stomach because of what I ate and I have a glimpse that I am talking about what I eat on waking life (Japanese food), but before I get lucid I wake up.

    7:00 GMT+9 wake up

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