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    1 Apr: Rabid rats turn people into zombies

    by , 04-01-2022 at 12:54 PM (162 Views)
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

    At my mom's neighborhood, behind her apartment building. I watch as a bunch of big rats climb each tree at the hill behind the building and destroy them in seconds. I make noise trying to disperse them, but I just delay the process. Someone starts screaming and I see rats trying climbing all over her. These rats are really dangerous. I get inside my car worrried about it, but I leave as I am heading to my old univeristy. My former colleagues are all there studying math for an exam and they wonder why I left the university. I wonder to. I go talk to a former teacher and bring some papers with me. I try to explain what I have been working on and that I left university in part due to my autism diagnostic. I expect some understanding but instead I get some some ugly remarks from her. and so I decide to leave. But she trigerred my stims and I am feeling uncomfortable that others might notice it. A friend joins me and we get in the car together. We notice more situations with rats out of control. We get home, which is a kind of loft with an attic that we share with a bunch of people. From the window we see absolute madness of rats everywhere attacking people and invading houses. I remember that the windows in the attic are open, I go close them. We all stay really quiet and silent, waiting for something to happen. One of the girls comes in with a bite in her arm. She later becomes rabid and attacks another girl. Meanwhile, outside people are starting to bit other people. I realize we have a zombie attack going on and we must leave the city now. But I am really concerned that it might be too late.

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