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    1 May: Lucid encounter with my secondary teacher

    by , 05-01-2023 at 05:57 PM (296 Views)
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

    With my mom on some type of underground shelters. Looks like subways tunnels, a maze of concrete chambers, but with beds here and there and lots of people taking shelter in each room or hallway. We are going around, as if looking for something and I become lucid, so I decide I want to do something with my lucidity, but I don't wanna hurt my dream mom, so I tell her I need to go to the bathroom and I move away. She yells that I am going in the wrong direction and starts following me, trying to catch me, but I speed up and lose her.
    The scenario becomes more and more dystopic and futuristic. I come across loads of people going to and from all directions on this underground, but I think about my teacher DK and call out his name, looking around for his face to maybe show up. It never does, but I am always hopeful. Instead, dream agents start popping up and bumping into me, agressively. I decide to fly up as the place became bigger and no ceiling can be seen. Looks more like a factory now, with a strange maze infrastructure beneath me and a big black screen ocupying the whole right wall. One agent also starts levitating and grabs my ankle, we fight a bit and I get rid of it. I decide to leave this dream by jumping through the black screen to my right, while thinking of my teacher. I come out on the other side and it is still a dark dystopic landscape, like a Blade Runner scene mixed with Stalker. I still don't see any signs of my teacher, or anyone else actually, so I decide to call for my secondary teacher instead, JK. I see some light illuminating a path into what seems a calm relaxing place. I pass a little reception booth and to my right I see a jacuzzi like pond or pool with a big black stone Buddha statue half submerged, sitting in a relaxed position. There are tealight candles giving just enough clarity to the space. I pass by the pool and fold my hands towards the statue. I swear the statue turns its face towards me. But I look again and it's still in the same position. I keep going and see a small building ahead, but before I go in, the Buddha statue appears standing in front of me, moving and breathing like a person. It is smaller in size, the size of a human, when in the pond it was the double or tiple that size. I immediately know that it is my teacher I just called.
    I say hi and he replies with another hello. He smiles and says he had been waiting for me to finally call for him. He asks if I see his face or some other face. His face changed a little, no longer the face of the original statue, but it still doesn't look like him. I chuckle and say no and ask if he sees my face and he also says not really. But that doesn't really matter because we are both sure of whom we are.
    I say I don't know what to do, that I needed to talk to him, that I am confused and lost and don't know what he expects from me. He comes closer, enough to feel his breath in my skin and hair. I wasn't feeling anything romantic or sensual towards him, but now I feel a tingling sensation in my body. I also get closer to him, close enough that our legs intertwine. He says something about how much he desires me and I tell myself I don't feel this way about him. But he keeps going, saying how rock hard he is and he is so close to me I can feel his erection against my legs and I feel strangely aroused by it. I can't resist to touch it and then I put my hand inside his clothes and grab it. The sensation is incredibly specific. He is average lenght but a bit thick and I like it. We kiss and make out and we kick everything in our way up to the building I saw before. Funny enough, it is some kind of gift shop, not a private setting and there is a lady behind the counter, but at this point we just don't care. It's just a dream. I am half undressed and he slides his penis inside me. Half standing up and half laying down, we f*ck and I can't believe how horny I actually am. In the end, he is embracing me from behind, both facing a small mirror on a table. We get to see our faces in it. I vaguely see myself in it but I tell him he appears as some tibetan man mixed with my mom's face, which could be weird, but we laugh. Then I lose consciousness for a while, everything gets black and I fear that I may be exiting the dream and waking up.
    But I manage to wake up exactly on the same place, this zen spa whatever, now with daylight shining. I get up from the ground. A lady, maybe the one that was behind the counter before, comes to offer me some gifts, namely some beautiful hair ornaments. I don't recognize what it is at first glance so she shows me how they are applied to the hair, very lovingly, as if she knows me and cares for me. She then says that guru-ji asked me to join the tsok later on.
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