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    11 May: OBE or astral projection

    by , 05-11-2011 at 03:23 PM (942 Views)
    I think this morning I had my very first real conscious experience with OBE.
    I think it happened to me before, but I wasn't really aware of how it started.
    But really early this morning I woke up briefly in my bed from a lucid dream and as I started to plunge back into sleep, I heard a little buzz announcing sleep paralysis settling in. Two thoughts came to my mind: either I'd go with the flow or I'd move my hand a little bit to stop it, because I really don't like it and usually it doesn't take me anywhere anyway.
    I tried to move my hand, but so very little that it wouldn't actually interrupt my falling asleep, just the SP noises. As I did it, I felt like my left hand was indeed made of two hands, the physical one and a ghost-like hand. Always with my eyes closed, I focused on the ghost-hand feeling and soon I started to see my hand, my bed and the wall in front of me, although I kept my eyes closed. My body did enter sleep paralysis but I wasn't really asleep either. I decided to move my ghost-hand and I saw it separating from my physical hand. It was cool!
    Then I decided to get up, the whole body. I was lying sideways on the bed, over my left shoulder. So I tried to lift my ghostly head and left shoulder. Then "bam": I felt my "ghost" body separating from my physical body. It occurred to me it was an OBE.
    Excitement was taken over by vertigo, nausea and an extremely uncomfortable feeling. I felt like I was leaving my body and as an effect I was dying. Dying would be ok for me: I wasn't feeling any particular attachment to this body and this life. But then I remembered my mom who was sleeping as a guest on the living room and how much pain she and other people who love me would feel if I simply left. So, afraid of continuing with the process and not being able to come back, I laid down again, merged my two bodies and simply entered the sleep and lucid dream state.
    Later when I woke up I felt a bit stupid, because rumor has it that nobody really dies from OBE. But at that moment I wasn't so sure! It felt really real that I could die, but I know it's silly, so next time I'll try to go ahead with it.

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    1. maboroshi's Avatar
      Hi Mayatara. Awesome entry!

      Regarding whether anybody knows for sure, I can't say from my own experience. However, two great books by experienced OBE-ers are Journeys out of the Body, by Robert Monroe, and Projection of the Astral Body, by Sylvan Muldoon.

      Also, Keith Harary is, I think an OBE-er who has written some good books.

      I feel like I've had spontaneous projections, but not far from my body. They also kind of fall into that dream-like category you mentioned.

      Have a good day.
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