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    11 Oct: Magic candies (RPG task)

    by , 10-27-2010 at 08:04 PM (869 Views)

    23:30 GMT+9 – sleep

    Only recall having had dreams related to Japan.

    04:20 GMT+9

    A young master
    A kid venerated as a great master arrives amongst a group in which I‘m included. I feel something strange about him and I try to find some sign that he is not true master. He comes accompanied by other teachers and everybody pays homage to him with lots of bows. Before he sits to give teachings he climbs the walls around like spiderman, I wonder if it’s to impress people and that tells me he might be using some trick because true masters don’t show off. Then I have this insight that his wonderful powers derive from the fact that he knows we’re all in a “dream” while others don’t know or else he would not be more special than anyone else, because we would all have the same powers. Still, I initially thought this was a “dream” but not “A dream” – meaning, I thought I was awake but also that he was truly Awake. Finally I realise we’re in a dream-dream. By now I’m outside this meeting place where I was previously but when I become lucid I go back to see if this kid-master is still there. I cross the glass windows easily but he is gone by now.

    Magic candies (RPG task)
    Then I think about which task I want to perform and I choose the RPG task. But my LD is not strong enough, so I look at my hands trying to sharpen it. Then I look for a portal and I see a long corridor and a mirror at the end of it. I go there and my reflection becomes alive and comes out of the mirror. This reflection-me tries to distract me and discourage me from my intent. I remember my RPG warrior character and as I become it, I use my sword and plunge it into my other me. My other me looks surprised “How could you?”. My other me starts decomposing. It is hideous yet liberating to see my own body rotten and become dust. I feel prepared for my task and I jump into the mirror. I remember the town of Denn, but didn’t remember I was supposed to go to the forest. So I landed on a town, which this time looks like Lisbon, but instead of reality-like, it is entirely cartoon-like. I feel amazed with the originality, the beauty and the detail of this cartoon reality I landed on. After a while I remember I should look for the forest but then how to get there? I don’t want to use another portal because on my last jump I almost woke up. Then I see a subway station and I think maybe I can take the metro and imagine the last stop is in the forest. But I also think that will take too long and I’ll loose lucidity by then. As I think of it, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter appears in front of me and handles me some candies of various colours she says are magical. Each of the colours is related to a place dominated by those colours. So if I wish to go to the woods, I should take a green one. I thank for the gift and I store the candies in a pouch. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to take the green candy because I loose lucidity and just continue roaming in the town for a while.

    07:00 GMT+9 – wake up

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