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    14 Sep: Chase and funny pet

    by , 09-23-2010 at 10:26 AM (512 Views)

    23:30 GMT – Sleep

    Me and 3 others are trying to escape this group of men who want to kill us. We’re on shallow waters (ocean shoreline, I think), it’s foggy and they are on the beach trying to spot us. They see us as we are getting close to a boat anchored there. They start shooting as we get inside the boat, but they are fast and before we manage to turn the boat engine on, they also get to the boat. We hide and decide to split up and go in different directions. We later gather on land and follow a road with a stone wall by our right side. From the top of this wall fall amazing huge hanging plants with red flower bunches and for moments I forget about the danger I was running from and just feel captivated by the alien beauty of this place.

    Strange pet
    I am carrying a cute pet that is making a lot of noise. He is so tiny and gets lost inside my clothes. I have to undress my pants very gently, trying not to squeeze or squash him. I find him in there, he is a bit wet, I dry him up, I cuddle him, he looks like a fury ping-pong ball.

    2:30 GMT

    Nothing... [total frustration]

    7:00 GMT – wake up

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