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    15 Apr: Mayan / Austrian city and walking on air

    by , 04-15-2024 at 11:52 AM (59 Views)
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

    Taking the bus home (as I did in high school), some people seem to have fallen asleep, this guy Pedro I met a few days ago while camping IRL is also getting out on the same stop as I.
    I offer to walk with him, but he is actually going the opposite direction, towards └-dos-Loucos, so I say bye when he meet his sister or friend and they get in a car. When I start walking back, chaos ensues.
    The road and sidewalks are covered in parked cars, people everywhere like there is some demonstration or street fair. I need to get on top of cars trying to find my way out. End up on some underground path where I come across a Mexican John Wick offing a hunch of dudes and I turn around before he sees me, afraid he might want to eliminate the witness. On another tunnel I see an exit but it is guarded by a kind of Robocop looking android, who starts shooting lasers towards everyone on the tunnel. But I yell "stop, don't shoot" and for some reason he does and lets me pass.
    When exiting the tunnel I realize I am no longer in Alhandra but some other place with Aztec or Mayan construction. The tunnel actually opens up to a cave with amazing carvings and sculptures on the walls.
    I slowly become lucid and start floating around in the air to admire the surroundings, then notice something funny: all human faces carved in this South American style engravings look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. As I walk towards the outside and see more monuments with this face, the more clear it becomes it's him and I laugh at the absurdity. Then as I step on open air, the constructions outside change and look now a mix of Mayan/Austrian, slowly shifting towards only Austrian. I find myself in a city with endless streets that looks like Vienna, with palaces in yellow fašades as far as the eye can see. One fašade is covered chaotically in black bronze horses sticking and hanging out over the street below, with still some Mayan like sculptures in between.
    I find myself in front of a larger palace with a patio and a huge black limousine in front that starts driving away. I fly to it to try to see who's inside. The limo is followed by a sports car that I also can't see who's driving, but I'm curious. Is it the Schwarzenegger like guy/god that rules this place or my mind will make up something even more silly? But I can't keep up with the cars. I speed up my flying and still they disappear. Then the road ahead transforms into a live version of a video game, becoming covered in grass and flowers, but with canons popping up from the ground and blasting transparent energy balls towards me, water canons shooting at me and creatures that I don't know if they are friendly or not coming towards me. Then objects that I suppose I should pick up but have no clue what they are and what they are used for.
    I get quickly tired of it and get out of the road to the left side towards a cliff. There is some other lady joining me, seemingly curious about what I'll do. I am also not sure what I'll do, but I wanna do something useful with the dream, so I think I'll try to walk on air, to simply put my feet in the void and not fall down. This is something I never did before. The lady tries to discourage me but I ignore her and take a first step. It's so easy, as if there is a glass bridge beneath me. And I keep going. It works perfectly, but at some point the invisible floor starts to feel a bit smooshy, not entirely solid and it isn't easy to walk anymore.
    I then realize I'm back over to "Vienna" and below me I see an hotel. It's named Hotel Regence. I decide to go inside and see who's staying in it, but I wake up.
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