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    18 Oct: Raptor attack after quake

    by , 10-27-2010 at 10:11 PM (842 Views)

    23:00 GMT+9 Ė sleep

    Dreams recalled fade before I take notes...

    04:00 GMT+9

    Math test
    I dream that my colleague Silva is not happy with something I did, which put in risk financing to some project. Then she also tells me I have math test in a week and I know I havenít been to a single class but Iím confident I can learn all I need until then.

    Raptors attack after a quake
    On a town on a mountain, passing by a school. Small shakes sign an incoming bigger quake. All kids leave school immediately. I also run to an open space. Roads open up cracks, everything cracks up. I save two kids, a girl and a boy of different ages. Town goes without power or communication means. After a few days, cars are still running and people are trying to get back to normal, despite being isolated from the rest of the world. I think they might be precipitating, as they should be acting in accordance to the current situation and not going back to work in offices.
    The quake had side-effects. It opened a time-space breach and dinosaurs appear in the mountain. Soon the town is being preyed on by velociraptors. Thatís when people decide to organize themselves to face the new situations. Separated by sudden attacks and need to take cover, people form groups and hide in buildings. Iím in an isolated house with a group of people who were all in the vicinity when the raptors first attacked. We established a perimeter and we tend after some vegetable garden outside. But one day, small vicious raptor-like creatures invade the perimeter and weíre no longer safe. Iím armed with a stick and knife (all I could find around) and I enter the house going through a nerve-wrecking scene like in the movie Alien. Some creatures are inside already and I move silently trying not to be surprised by one. Only have on shot to stick my knife into them. I see movement behind a curtain and I attack with the knife. I uncover to find my cat dead. I cry, but I feel the situation is critical and I canít possibly lose focus, so I forgive myself, considering the extreme situation Iím in.

    07:00 GMT+9 Ė wake up

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    1. dollarway64's Avatar
      That's odd...I had a very, very, and...wait for it... VERY similar dream. I was on a mountain and there were rocks everywhere. A girl ran up to me and said, "There was an earthquake!" I look around, some people are trying to move the rocks. Then, there was a great flash and...every one started running everywhere. I didn't see what was there until I turned around and saw like twenty raptors coming for me. Then, I died, but somehow came back to life. There were people hiding in buildings and I ran into one. Then, I woke up. Strange, huh?
    2. Mayatara's Avatar
      No way! And was it on the same night? That's quite a match!
    3. dollarway64's Avatar
      October 18, right? Does this mean that we had a shared dream?
    4. Mayatara's Avatar
      Well, I think so! There's no way we can prove it to anybody else, but if you're being honest and I know I'm being honest about the description of this dream, then I don't think a simple coincidence can explain it. Specially because I've been having a series of shared dreams with dreamers from DV and there's no way so many coincidences could take place in a short time and n such detail.
      A general dream about an earthquake could be a coincidence, a general dream with dinosaurs could be a coincidence, but such specific sequence of situations in one dream at same night is just to much to be a coincidence.
    5. dollarway64's Avatar
      I'm being honest about the dream. I think it's a shared dream, to. If it is, then it's my first shared dream and I'm proud of it!
    6. Mayatara's Avatar
      Great! Sure, I believe you! I think we have no reasons to make these things up. What would be the point? I am also glad that I had another shared dream with a different dreamer It's fabulous that it happens so often with DV dreamers, so I can have the confirmation! Hope we have some more shared.