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    19 Nov: Spies, food, feeling trapped and a fairy tale

    by , 11-19-2010 at 11:17 PM (591 Views)

    21:45 GMT

    Not yet quite dreaming, but thinking (as I sleep) about the NATO summit and Obama and meditation (?) Whatever.

    23:00 GMT

    Spy games
    Iím at the train station just outside an airport, watching, as some cool guy with a guitar case is coming up some escalators. On top of the escalators is another guy who seems to be waiting for him. They spot each other and the guitar guy tries to go back, pushing everybody whoís on his way. He is kind of spy, but I feel he is actually doing a very heroic work and is not the villain. But this other guy is government and for all they know, this guyís a spy and a bad one. They chase each other and the guitar boy manages to reach the train platform. The chaser starts shooting, thinks get ugly and some guy tries to play the hero by trying to jump over the guitar boy, but misses and ends up falling on the train tracks. This causes a lot more chaos and the guitar boy manages to escape.
    I watched all this and I watch the boy moving away by getting on a train and jumping from it a bit further.
    I am hovering somewhere above all these scenes and my mom is by my side and we discuss calmly how people not knowing the intents of each other, end up hurting each other and creating mayhem.

    Being a nag at the canteen
    I arrive at a canteen where Iím going to have lunch with some girl friends. I think mom is also still around. The soup plates are filled with soup, but instead of being side by side on the counter, they are stacked over each other. I say ďGross!Ē but take one and get all dirty with soup on my hands and soup dripping all over. The main dish is tofu with rice and potatoes. They also have omelette sandwich as alternative and I take one. The line is taking a lot of time to move and when finally it is my time to hand over my lunch ticket I conclude maybe I will take the dish, because itís included in the price anyway Ė so I go back and try to fill a plate, but then it breaks in half. I finally get my food and to hand over my ticket, but then I canít find my wallet Ė I had left it on the counter back in the beginning of the line. Once again I have to quit my place and go fetch for it. People are really getting annoyed at me.

    TV show
    Then Iím sitting on the floor with my back against a couch where my mom is sitting. Weíre watching TV as we eat and thereís a new talk show, which is in fact not new but an old one, from the 60s or so. Itís about informal conversations with famous people. They also sit on a living room and in this case this actress is sitting on some pillows on the floor while responding to the questions from the host sitting on the couch. The topic they are discussing is New Age. The actress is explaining how her ďreligionĒ is not yet well accepted, especially in the USA, but she believes it will in the future. Iím a bit bored and my mom hands me some pieces she said she bought so I can fix the cat water fountain. OK, cool, Iíll be right on it!

    2:20 GMT

    Princess on a fairy tale
    I need to descend into a sort of deep and large well, to save my mom. But inside this well lives a monster. He kidnapped my mom so he could lure me into the well. He wants me as his companion, for endless times. I am trying to go down without him noticing me, but itís basically impossible and he captures me. He is a strange ugly creature which scares the hell out of me at first contact, but after a while, I start sympathising with him. He just feels lonely.
    But then I discover thereís a whole new story behind, with intrigues involving two royal families. So, I am the princess of one kingdom and thereís a princess of another kingdom. And the monster originally captured this other princess, but her family made an agreement with the monster and so they kidnapped my mom and offered me in exchange. Then my own family comes in my rescue and the two kingdoms start fighting. But I canít stand all this violence and hatred and meanwhile Iím sort of friend with the monster and bring him along with me to stop this nonsense. A crazy guy from the other kingdom freaks out, thinks Iím nuts for bringing the monster along and wants to shoot me. He is pointing a gun at me and I try to defend myself Ė only thing I find around is a stapler, so I shoot staples into his groins and he howls in pain.
    When everybody calms down and weíre quietly sitting under some trees after the war is over, just admiring the sunset, one of my friends or sisters says ďLook, I can see fairies.Ē I tell her itís not fairies, just some moths translucent and shiny because of the sunset light hitting them. And at first thatís in fact all I see, but then... ďI can see them to!!!Ē Little orbs of light are floating around us and they become more and more numerous until they fill the entire space. I feel bliss emanating from these creatures of light and they heal our wounds.

    3:45 GMT

    Lost on my way home
    Iím the town right after my home village and I head to a bus to get home. I hop in to ask the driver if he is going that way, but he closes the door and drives away before even replying to me. ďNoĒ he says, he goes to the opposite direction. He then tells me I can get out in the next town and come back to get the right bus. Nice, thanks... But then maybe he realises he was uncool, so once we arrive at next town, he comes outside with me and walks me by some road to explain where I should go to get back. He is actually flirting with me and says he is so sorry. I say ďNo, I am sorry for causing so much trouble!Ē (really?) Then I see that a 19-year old girl and a month-old baby are following us and people come out of the bus screaming thinking that we were kidnapping them. Crazy people.
    So I just keep going and encounter a small village on top of a hill, with really cute white houses and an amazing view over the river, which never looked so good to me. I see a harbour and people bathing in the river, on the base of the hill. The sun is shining an I feel so attracted to the water that I consider bathing just after taking a photo or two of this place. But then some guy appears and he is cranky for some reason and distracts me from that intent. Instead I go up some street and get engulfed by a sea of people crammed into some alley.

    Then I encounter my auntsí house and stay there for a while. Their house is gigantic, rich and fabulous, but maybe with too many ďbibelotsĒ and souvenirs from their travels. Shelves and shelves of stuff. My friend Zilla is also there.
    For some reason at some point I want to go away, but I donít find any door and each window I cross just leads to another room. Iím getting a trapped feeling and my friend Zilla is following me around, asking me why I want to leave. The urgency to leave goes up and I find a toilet with two windows leading outside. I try to open the first, but itís jammed, so I go to the second just to find a huge, scary spider on an enormous spider web blocking the window. If it was an ordinary spider it wouldnít stop me, but it was huge, and fleshy and looked really dangerous, so I gave up, or at least went to look for something to take it out of the way. This was on a basement, so I decide to go upstairs but the spiral stairs going up are now a spiral of a continuous sand bag that we had to climb up. It left me tired but didnít stop me. Then on top floor I see one of these shelves with a beautiful Buddha on it and because I stop to admire it, my friend Zilla then lures me to stay by saying thereís a whole section of Buddhist souvenirs my aunts have in a room. I go to see it and it works, because I no longer think about leaving the place.
    Later on I wake up in a bed and my BF is just by my side, writing in the dark on some notebook. When I look at the window, thereís a very dim light coming in and I think I see the Italian Tower of Pizza just passing by. How can that be? Then I see Godzilla, a T-Rex and a Triceratops passing in front of the window, but they have this look of a 50ís sci-fi movie. I shake my BF ďDid you see that? What is that?Ē He laughs and says itís just a movie. Either the window is a screen or outside the window a movie is being projected on a wall. Either way, I cool down. I get up and I see a model of the Kyoto Pagoda on the bed-side table. My BF says it is nice and then I see a button and some monk figurine on the base moves and the whole thing starts making a sound, like chimes. We find it kitsch to say the least. Then my aunts appear on the other side of the hallway to this room and I have no clue what they want from us.

    5:10 GMT


    Iím walking on the city with mom and BF. We enter some fashionable clothes but we notice a big movement outside and we remember itís the anti-NATO demonstrations. We decide to join it or at least check if everything is calm and safe. It doesnít look so calm. As we go downhill, we see lots of police and they seem to be taking position for something. We follow a group of activist but keep a safe distance and are ready to come back if things get ugly.

    6:30 GMT

    A kitty accused of treason
    Then Iím walking the sidewalk from my old school in my home village, when I see a group of kids calling for someone. I instinctively know they are looking for a kitty. I spot the kitty on top of a brick wall and I fly over there. I also feel they might not have good intentions, so when I see the kitty about to jump to meet them, I grab her. They then see me and ask me to let her go, but I ask them back what do they want from the kitty. They say she is their friend. I insist. They also insist she is their friend. ďAnd...?Ē And then they say ďBut she is a traitor!Ē. I remind them it is just a tiny kitty, but they are seriously mad at tell me I donít know her. Ooookayyy....!

    Then I enter a house with my BF and we head to a room on a mission to make a baby. But the room is geminated and thereís another couple in the second room. Itís my cousin Sara with her BF, who is a Eastern European guy who is in bed with his laptop. I have a short conversation with my cousin and smile that sheís so growned up. She is a bit upset that the guy wonít put down the computer and I offer to help him out, so maybe he gets it done faster Ė he is with some software problem. But my BF (I think) tries to discourage me and in the end just drags me out of this room. But when arriving at our room, itís now a dining room and lots of family is there having some meal. We sit down and I remember passing on something.

    8:00 GMT

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