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    1. 12 Apr: Used as scapegoat of a russian cyber attack

      by , 04-12-2024 at 12:09 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      I am invited (more like kidnapped) by a Russian criminal whom I have a history with. I think I am an hacker, I did some work for him once and he fell in love with me, but now I'm not sure if he is trying to help me for old time sake or using me as a scapegoat for his dirty work.
      He says he'll release a virus in the world that will wreak havoc on all systems and asks me if I have any old PC with a floppy disk drive and I say I do. So he hands me a floppy disk which he says contains the antivirus. He tells me to use it on my computer and then I'll be safe. I find it really suspicious, because it will make no damn difference to have a working computer if the whole society collapses. There might not even be electricity if his plan works. But I'm scared for my life and I just wanna leave and go home.
      I know my face will be everywhere on CIA screens for being here, so he is probably setting me up or using me as a decoy. I hide the disk the best I can, so that any camera that might film me outside doesn't see it. When I reach my flat, I turn on the news and chaos starts unraveling in the world. Banks crash and other services start failing, people flock to the roads trying to go somewhere safe. I just wanna go meet my parents and ensure they're fine, but it's still a bit far and there is almost no way to get through the traffic jams. I wait a bit and go out by foot to get some stuff and prepare my trip. When I return my house has been searched. They tried to be discreet as not to denounce themselves, but I can tell that a lot of things are misplaced. I still have the disk with me and don't know what to do with it. I manage to go out of town through a road that most people are taking in the opposite direction. I fear I might not have enough fuel, but I manage most of the way, then need to walk the final bit. My dad is worried with the chaos and showing me how they reinforced the front door and windows of the house, but when I go into the backyard to hang something to dry I notice there is one door from the outside to the corridor / garage leading to the yard that doesn't have any lock. We have our dogs there, who are like different incarnations of my RL dogs Hachi and Bernardo, and are also kept separate because they also don't like each other here (my parents here also look like my RL parents, but we are totally different people and live in a totally different world). I rush to tell my dad that door needs to have a lock asap as outside people are starting to loot.