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    21 Oct: Friends, sex and lingerie

    by , 10-31-2010 at 05:48 PM (991 Views)

    23:00 GMT – sleep (huge headache, after 25h of no sleep and jet lag - supposed to be 7 am)

    Japanese house
    On a big house with sliding doors like Japanese houses. I’m worried because I left the garage door open. Then... forgot the rest.

    3:30 GMT

    Make up sex
    My friend Zilla and her new boyfriend are not so happy together, but she is trying reconciliation, so I leave them both in a room, expecting there will be make up sex, but when I come back later on, the guy is leaving with an angry face, so I assume it didn’t work. He had actually left her for good. Then I go inside the room expecting to find her there and give her some encouragement, but i instantly step on a condom box still closed. When I get up again I see another couple lying in bed and they look totally surprised at me like “WTF are you doing here?”.

    Sexy boss
    Sitting at the end of some large office meeting table, on the boss’ chair and all my employees gathered around, so I figure out I'm the boss. But instead of making some speech about workplans and deadlines, I just opened a box I had in front of me on the table and took out some lingerie from the box and asked my employees what they thought about it – If it was too sexy? Too revealing? Should I wear it?

    6:00 GMT – wake up

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