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    21 Sep: School play

    by , 09-24-2010 at 11:19 PM (563 Views)

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    School play
    On some house with some girls. We are being prepared by hairdressers and dressed up for some photo shoot. One lady tells me to sit on a chair and that a hairdresser will spray my hair, nothing too elaborate. But when I sit she asks me something totally absurd, like to take my hair off and I reply that it won’t come off as it is attached to my head. She looks upset and leaves. Then another colleague takes over but this one wants to dye my hair. She is preparing some dye and I feel really worried, because she is a total disaster, she mixes all the wrong dosages, spills on the floor, I mean, she would burn my hair with that disastrous concoction. One of the girls on some other chair is Vera and she looks at me also worried. For some moment we think this is maybe for Candid Camera or something like it and she gets up and looks for cameras behind the mirror and so on.
    I also get up and am on my way to some other room. First I pick up some tiny plaque with a number on it and stick it to some board on the wall.
    Then I meet a group of girls – one that I recognise from school, called Liliana and they are sharing food. Once again I have to say I’m vegetarian and they look shocked and tell me the usual crap that I will be undernourished. I tell them, I’m vegetarian for 10 years, do you think I look undernourished? And I pose with my fantastic body  They shut up and I say “There’s your answer”.
    Then I finally realise we’re all being prepared for some kind of show, like a school play. Families of the youngsters are coming to see it. One guy is taking it so seriously that he is freaking out with nervous. A girl tells him to calm down, but he is trying to command the troops and has prepared everything to the ultimate detail, including a serious wardrobe.
    The girl was losing her patient but when she sees the wardrobe he prepared, becomes totally charmed, as well as all the other girls. Everybody dresses up and magic happens. No one’s a kid anymore preparing for a school play, instead we’re all nobles on some kind of real life fairy tale and everybody is just incarnating its role. Some girl wears a princess dress and even birds and butterflies are following her around.

    8:00 GMT – Wake up

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    1. Samael's Avatar
      IRL, people are always up in arms the moment you say you're vegetarian. Even if you don't give a damn what they eat. Blah.

      No one’s a kid anymore preparing for a school play, instead we’re all nobles on some kind of real life fairy tale and everybody is just incarnating its role.
      Very cool.

      (Your "vegetarian" tag is misspelled, btw.)
    2. Mayatara's Avatar
      Yeah, I'm always being attacked by people who look angry at me just because I say I'm vegetarian - it is really like an immune response, so it really must touch some sensitive point down there, that they don't even know about.
      And when I say that I am not judging anybody for their choices, just want mine to be respected, they still keep on attacking as if what I am doing is as hideous as eating little children for breakfast (which they do, not me).
      So it is a recurrent theme in my dreams, because it is a recurrent happening in RL.