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    24 Oct: Mafia wars type dream game

    by , 10-31-2010 at 10:28 PM (679 Views)

    20:30 GMT – sleep

    Planes crash
    Two airplanes crossing the sky right above my head are clearly going to crash one into the other a bit further ahead. I m with my dad who starts running to see it and I grab my camera to film it when it happens. I think we’re maybe being morbid and cold-blooded but the fact is there’s nothing we can do to prevent it from happening.
    When we reach the crash site, we only see smoke and pieces of metal scattered all over. Later I learned a few people escaped alive but not when it crashed on the ground – they had been rescued when the plane was still on air, by some team who entered the plane in distress and gave some parachutes to selected people. They couldn’t save everybody – maybe not enough parachutes and I tried to imagine being one of the persons being left behind and the despair these persons might have felt.

    Staying at some place and waiting for my cousin Cris to join me there. She arrives all excited about a new job she has. Later, our cousin Rui also appears and strangely the crush I had for him as a child, rises up for no reason at all.

    I’m at some apartment in a strange circular building on the outside, which funnels down in a spiral with inner verandas and terraces on the inside. It’s a very stormy weather outside and I close down the windows and shutters and it gets really warm and comfy inside. When shutting the last window I see someone outside who is either in danger from the storm or with whom I want to talk, but either way, I decide to go outside on purpose for this person.

    Wounded horse
    When I go outside, the building becomes a hill with green grass and lavender and many forest animals roaming around. No more stormy weather. To go faster to the bottom of the hill, I fly there. Other people are trying to do the same and fly up or down, but they are flapping their arms and look exhausted, so I try to show them how to simply glide effortlessly. When I arrive down there I encounter a huge biodiversity and also lots of animals which are alive, others that are dying and others already dead. I see a horse with a wounded leg and I really want to help but don’t know how.

    2:30 GMT

    Now I’m in a same kind of building as before, but this one goes underground so to go from top to bottom, I have to go down a spiral staircase so I just jump all the floors to the (under)ground level. A guy who’s down there gets absolutely amazed by that. I then mingled with people but notice that he is following me. He finally stepped into my way and asked me if I was such and such person. At first I didn’t know what he was talking about but then I realised we had met before many times already and we had a world in common. He was totally obsessed with this idea we were soul mates. And he was cute and all but I didn’t feel anything special for him at all. He was getting touchy and holding my hands and I had to tell him I have a boyfriend, but he wasn’t letting himself be discouraged by that, so I had to escape from him.

    Mafia war-like game
    I disappeared in the crowd and found a group of faces I recognised from prep and high school. They were among a group of people organizing a game which I joined. Each individual or couples were given documents and/or objects representing a company or a business. Then we had to either steal, buy or merge with other companies and the person with more businesses in the end would win. The game could go on for days and people had to go around doing fairly normal lives in this common space (building) where there were a cantina, a gym, rooms, and everything else we needed to hang there.
    In the beginning I was stealing documents from the most naïve persons, but then I started feeling bad about it and decided to instead make friendship with them and establishing agreements to merge or buy. I decided to only be aggressive to those who were aggressive to others. As aggressive and violent players were forming alliances between them, the game was getting more serious, because they would step on no matter whom to get control of others businesses, like a mafia. I had made merges, but in all agreements I kept the ownership, because I was stronger than my partners and businesses would be safer with me, but I was also being badly hunted down because so many businesses were concentrated on me. As a lonely wolf, I thought the docs would be safer with me, but only if I was not caught, so I was mostly hidden and attacking these bad guys whenever I had a shot. I managed to steal the documents of one of the biggest baddies’ group. Then they were infuriated and hunting me down and I wondered when the game would end, because they were taking it extremely seriously and would resort to violence if they'd catch me.

    6:00 GMT – wake up

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    1. Samael's Avatar
      I think we’re maybe being morbid and cold-blooded but the fact is there’s nothing we can do to prevent it from happening.
      Do you ever wake up and wonder where your sense of empathy goes while you're dreaming? 'Cause I get that a lot.
    2. Mayatara's Avatar
      Well, not so much. Most times I used to had overly emotional responses in dreams, even more than lack of empathy I would feel compulsive sadness, empathy and so on, more than even awake in a similar situation. Nowadays because of meditation and stabilization of my emotions, even in dreams I get a fairly moderate reaction to emotional situations. But this time I was wondering if I wasn't maybe being too coold-blooded for my taste. But I think it was ok because it happens once in a while. i guess it depends on a lot of things - specially if it's one of those dreams in which we are just observers or if we are really engaged in the action.
      But if you feel that way often, it probably means something - a more subtle lack of empathy in waking life that manifests strongly in dreams? Just guessing.
    3. Samael's Avatar
      And I think that sense of emotional balance is something to strive for, in waking life as well as in dreams. But yeah, every once in a while I wake up and go "WTFASDFJKL was I thinking?" And it does happen fairly regularly.

      If I had to guess at a root cause, I'd be more likely to consider it a defense mechanism, comparable to getting angry when you're being accused of something. I get nightmares, and by now I've realized that an emotional reaction won't help me get through that situation, unless that emotion is anger. So either I get angry and violent, or I go overboard with calming myself down, to chilling effect.

      It's actually quite dark side of me. I had a martial arts instructor once who warned me that I was probably doing myself more harm than good, and that I'd be better off helpless in a nightmare than opening myself up to negative chi in such a blatant way.
    4. Mayatara's Avatar
      Hum, I don't know what is better. As long as you use either way as a starting point to a balanced, serene and compassionate stand in whatever situations arising, that's what matters There were buddhas who attained enlightnement just after having murdered countless beings, so being cold-blooded is not an absolute obstacle to become enlightned.