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    25 Apr: gnomes rule the world

    by , 04-25-2014 at 01:35 PM (563 Views)
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

    I see my cousin Joćo playing with other kids on ths street park. I join them. There's a kind of standalone treehouse from which we can slide down and jump and I have great fun, but I start noticing some strange thing about these kids: they are all athletic, enjoy being outside and are fierce enviromentalists. That's good, but a bit suspicious. I notice my cousin is extraordinarily kind and good boy, and I fail to recognize him as I remembered. Then I see a kid hugging a tree and that's ok, until the point in which every one of his hairs light up on the tip and fuse with the tree trunk, like the connection the aliens on Pandora have with the other animals and plants. Ok, what is going on?
    That's when they take me to the coast and I see numerous tiny creatures, like gnomes and goblins, rising from the sea. They tell me they have been secretly transforming the kids and will now make a full scale invasion of the planet, to stop the humans from destroying what's left of the world's ecosystems. They make an implant in me, that is supposed to tranform me into one these kind, peaceful, green mutant, like the kids, but I resist the brainwashing power. I mean, I am already like them, but I want to still think for myself. In the end I think: is it that bad that they will turn every human into a nature loving person and the world will be ruled by mythical guardians of nature? I guess it's just fine for me!

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