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    26 Sep: Psycho family and mixed stuff

    by , 09-28-2010 at 11:29 AM (584 Views)

    22:00 GMT Ė Sleep

    Someone is advising me about my trip to Japan [Iím going to Japan soon]. What I should prepare for the travel but also instructions I should leave behind for others.

    0:00 GMT

    Mix of stories and nationalities
    Me and my boyfriend pass by some sportsfield and we see large banners with message written in what looks German, but I canít understand it and conclude it is some other similar language. It has the name of a girl and seems to be a cheering message.
    I stick around among the bunch of people whoís there, sitting in groups, around tables or just hanging. I see a cute sofa made in sort of bamboo and then I am given a kind of huge book with detachable pages in wood, which can then be assembled to make this sofa. It comes with an handler and it is so light that you can carry it home as if it is a bag.
    [IKEA hasnít yet thought about this]
    Then this sportsfield is also my momís living room and I am looking on her shelves for some things I left behind, mainly some tiny flasks of essential oils. But it doesnít transform entirely into her living room, because right behind me are these guys sitting on the floor discussing whatever game happened on the field. On my right side is also a desk which is the reception of an hospital. A Chinese girl just arrived there and she is complaining with a doctor that happens to be there, that she had been there before with pain in her wrist and was sent home and now she is feeling much worse. Then she starts saying how the health care in her country (China) is so much better than in the USA and that over there they would not spare efforts to find out exactly what was the source of her pain. The doctor looks impatient and like he couldnít care less about her complaints. Even more to the side is a TV on the wall and it is playing some television channel for Portuguese immigrants. Itís playing a contest in which a guy is trying to win something for his mother. He is knocking on doors and following leads but he looks like a brute from the countryside.

    2:15 GMT

    Prisoner of psycho family and helped by couple of angels
    Me, my boyfriend and my mom go by bus from my current home to go somewhere. But soon we realise we took the wrong bus and we get out a bit further uphill. We cross the street and look to all bus stops around trying to find the right number of the bus. Then I see this kind of garage sale taking place in the neighbourhood behind us. People have their doors open and yards full of stuff and I canít resist checking it. I find two guys who are selling the weirdest stuff and I feel absolutely surprised when I see this box with some device and substance that promises better sleep with more vivid dreams. I ask how does this work, as I never heard about this. Itís something that you can buy in the pharmacy but then Iím speechless when I read the instructions and it says itís for females only and you must insert a long stick with the substance on its tip into your vagina!!!
    I find that absolutely bizarre and I canít help to buy it. I ask how much is it, but they donít want to make a price, they ask me to say how much I want to pay. I hate that, I like people to set the price, I have no idea how much this thing is worth! They keep not giving me any number and they actually seem to be stalling me. My mom is there and also senses something wrong and tells me to go. I also feel like going. Whereís my boyfriend, by the way?
    Then a kid (thereís always a psycho kid...) comes out of nowhere and starts messing around with a bead necklace I am wearing. First I tolerate but then he breaks it spreading the beads all over. I get pissed and kneel on the floor to grab the pieces while I scold him. When I get up... Whereís my mom? Then I realise I am their prisoner.
    Itís a huge family, parents, uncles, lots of kids of several ages and they are all mentally deranged. They keep me locked in their house for absolutely no other reason than just to terrify me and exert control over me. I try to run away several times and they always catch me. Because they are so many, thereís always one around or outside or coming back home and finding me on the road. I even try flying but they can also fly.
    But one day I go to an upstairs room that has a window and a balcony and I lock the door behind me and jump to the ground. Itís night. I hide behind some truck as I see some of them coming home. I then go alongside the road, but through some field to stay in the dark. One of them spots me and flies after me. I fly to, but he keeps on my track. Then I make a strong effort to fly really high speed [picture Neo, when he wants to save Trinity] and I manage to leave him behind.
    I donít know where I am and I take refuge in some nice couple's house I stumble on accidently. I tell them my story and they know this other family and tell me I am safe with them as they wonít dare coming nearby.
    One day they take me to the beach. Itís a grey rainy day, but they emanate so much joy itís impossible not to feel light and happy around them. I feel the presence of my former captors and the couple confirms they are around spying on us, but they promise me they will not dare come close, so Iím safe and that I should totally relax as if they werenít around.
    They then fly to these electricity generators on wave energy that float close to the shore Ė they look like giant sausages that go up and down with the waves. They really love this game and as I fly to one to be closer to them, I see many other ďbeingsĒ that are there having fun the same way. I cannot help thinking that they look like angels, so strong yet so innocent, enjoying such simple pleasures, increasing their energy by just having fun and creating this energy field that keeps psychos away.
    Then thereís a gap in my memory, but I think they help me rescue my mom (my boyfriend I don't know), because later Iím reunited with my mother and we are staying in some youth hostel, temporarily until we go back home. She wants to celebrate, but the bar of the hostel in the basement seems to serve fish instead of drinks! We find it odd Ė thereís a big board over the entrance with pictures and names of several different fishes. And we say no thanks and give up. We take a shower on a common bathroom and as we go back to our rooms my mom looks and feels a lot younger and that is affecting her behaviour. She is half-naked with only a towel around and sheís having pleasure teasing the boys that come across in the corridor, showing a bit more of leg and so on. I tell her to behave but Iím finding it funny that she's so confident.
    Then we pass by some girls who have their room open and are chatting on the door, some inside, some on the corridor. One of them is singing beautifully some RíníB song. I think itís from Alicia Keys and I also want to sing along. But as I am passing by and singing a bit, they tell me to shut up and look angry at me. They say I suck and this other girl is so full of herself she wants to be the star. Ok, I move on. Then I find some table on the corridor, with a spinning top like the one from Inception. I stop to make it spin, but no matter what I do, it just wonít spin!!!

    4:40 GMT

    Teenager TV series and Carl Sagan
    Me and my boyfriend arrive at my momís house and we find my dad sleeping on her room. We wonder what he is doing there but whatever... We want to watch TV, so we turn on the TV thatís on the room and we sit in the dark on the other side of the bed, trying not to wake him up.
    As we zap, I notice thereís Carl Sagan on some channel, but my boyfriend keeps zapping until he stops on this high school TV series. Itís about a black girl that is cast aside in her school. Then a new girl arrives and she is the only one who offers help and gives her a tour and introduces her to the school. She then tells her how she was friend with this and that girl or boy and how, for no reason at all, one day everybody decided to turn their backs on her. As I watch the series I get into her skin and I touch my hair and it is afro! So cool!
    Then my boyfriend complains this show is lame and I say I actually find it cool because I also went through all those integration problems in all schools Iíve been to. Anyway we do some zapping again and I tell him why not watch Carl Sagan and he says ďand you tell me only now?Ē I thought he had seen him. So we tune to that channel and itís an old episode from Cosmos. We miss this guy and weíre enjoying a lot watching the episode but after 2 minutes it ends and my boyfriend starts complaining ďNo! It canít be over already!Ē and then my father wakes up with the noise. But we shut up and stay very still and he turns to the other side and keeps on sleeping.

    7:00 GMT Ė Wake up

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