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    30 Aug: LDs & SP

    by , 08-31-2011 at 07:39 PM (557 Views)
    I concluded that for my LDs, it is more crucial to wake up (and then go back to sleep) 2-3 hours before the time to get up, than it is to sleep a lot.
    I am now going to bed around midnight (instead of the usual 10-11 pm) and I try to get up around 4-5 am and walk around a bit) for at least 15 mins and then go back to sleep until around 6-7 am. At least in this last part of my sleep, I sometimes have an explosion of LDs, even sleeping less hours.
    Last night I counted at least 5 LDs in sequence, separated by conscious SP. Not much to tell, tough. My focus level was a bit down. I tried to complete an RPG task, but I entered SP in the moment I got to "wear" my character.
    During a moment between dreams I though there was an earthquake, because I could feel the bed shaking violently, but then I concluded it was SP effects. I also felt a presence in the bed with me (I was sleeping alone and my cats were locked outside). I felt it touching me and it was uncomfortable, but it no longer freaks me out (much).

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