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    30 Oct: The Samsara allegory

    by , 11-09-2010 at 10:28 PM (806 Views)

    21:30 GMT – sleep

    A little orphan bird transforms into a fish and I help hit learning how to breathe inside the water.

    Left behind by an Indian

    On my way to catch a bus on a terminal. Being guided by an Indian guy who disappears in the crowd. Then I don’t know which bus I have to take. After some walking around I find him (who now is a she, dressed in a sari), on some bus stop. I ask why he/she disappeared and she replies she thought I had seen where she was going – in her eyes I could see she couldn’t care less if I’d find her or not.

    The Samsara allegory

    Hiking with my BF, we encounter a waterfall. The rock walls around are very white and I see some niches were people have left incense, jewels and candles. Behind the waterfall, a bit to the left is a tunnel, which looks like an entrance to a metallic bunker inside the rock. My BF decides to check it but I prefer going to see these niches on the right side of the waterfall. For that I have to escalate the rock, for there is no path and I end up falling on the water, which fortunately is just one meter under me. I climb up the rock a bit further down river and find a shop, precisely selling incense, candles and some artwork of spiritual inspiration. I spend some time there admiring some objects but then realise my BF is not coming back from the tunnel, so I decide to go after him.

    I follow the tunnel and end up in a place from where a few corridors go in different directions. I go into one of the corridors and see more corridors and many many doors. I realise I will easily get lost if I don’t use something to mark my way. So I go back and then come with something to write signs on the walls.

    After just a few corridors I encounter some guy and I ask him how big is this maze. He seems to be a pro and he tells me for an experienced person it takes 4 to 5 hours to find the exit, but if one is na´ve it can get stuck there for ages. He tells me inside the maze we are assaulted by all kinds of hallucinations that makes us forget why we went there in the first place. I tell him I’m just looking for my BF and I will keep that in mind. But next corridor, when I am alone, I am already experiencing hallucinations. The corridor is totally submerged by a sudden torrent of water. Surprisingly I can breathe under water, but then a group of sharks appear and they start biting me. They are not big, but they still hurt me as hell, and there’s blood all over. I am feeling desperate but then I see some turbine on the wall, I turn it on and they are sucked and shredded into pieces. Then the water disappears and I remember it’s all an illusion and keep going my way. I then come across a school. The teacher seems more like a military instructor and all the students are adults but are terrified as kids. Someone pushes me inside the classroom and makes me sit on a table. Then the teacher puts a test in front of me and I look at the questions and they make absolutely no sense. I could be there for ages and I would never get it right. But I’m told I will only be allowed to leave this place when I have answered correctly to all of them. I realise that could take eons! I see on the table my BF name carved, which gives me hope – he has been there! And he escaped to somewhere!
    Then I am planning my own escape, which doesn’t seem so difficult – after all it is only a classroom. But someone tells me that running away will activate some maze cops which will hunt me down and bring me back. I manage to escape but I had to keep on the move or the cops would find me. After exiting the school I encountered job "areas". Like some postal delivery company or a paper factory. This one almost got me, because as soon as we would enter these areas, they would catch us, make us work and after a while we would not remember having done anything else in life. I saw people working there and their boss yelling at them because the red paper sheets had 1 or 2 mm more than the standard measure and they had to do it all over again. And these people were totally obsessed and worried about this as if there was nothing else that mattered. I slipped through an then I passed by a gym. I saw lots of totally fit people working out really hard, suffering enormously, and their instructor kept saying “You’re still fat! You sit all day on your desks and you get fatter and fatter. Keep burning those calories!” And they all looked just fine, so I thought “This is nuts, they don’t recall anymore that this is just an elaborate hoax, a mind trick.They totally forgot where they came from and think this is all there is.”
    I saw cops a few times, but I learned about backdoors and shortcuts between different maze areas, so I managed to avoid them. At some point I encountered a small group of people who were aware of the nature of this place, but they’ve been stuck there for so long that they lost some perspective. They didn’t know anymore they just needed to be aware of the hallucination and look for the exit, so they had come up with all sorts of stories on how to escape it. There was a guy totally obsessed about turnips! He had concluded in his life that some turnips with strange shapes, had magical properties and if he got the right amount and combination of them, he would be able to prepare some kind of magical elixir that would free him from the maze. He insisted that I tasted a turnip he had just found. He cut a slice and offered it to me. It was just a bland raw turnip. I wanted to help them, but they were so deluded and I was on a mission to find my BF, so I kept going.
    By now I had everybody after me: cops, school teacher, gym instructor, bosses... I hadn’t found my BF but I was close to the exit, so I decided to just leave before they’d get me. I was cornered on a shop with plates and bowls and other kitchenware, but I could see a corridor that would leave me to the exit, just a few metres away. I threw plates at them as they were slowly closing me in, but they finally caught me. They grabbed my arms and legs and they abused me physically in all sorts of ways, from violence to sexual harassment. In the end I started bloating like a balloon and the gym instructor was laughing devilishly and saying “See, you didn’t work out, now you’re fat! You need to go to the gym!”. But I never forgot about exiting the maze. I kept seeing the door on my mind. I kept visualizing it. Imagining geting closer and closer and then an emergency exit just materialized on the wall in front of me. I remember feeling their grip a bit looser and thinking about running to the door and then I woke up.

    5:20 GMT

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    1. menelvagor's Avatar
      Nice title for the last dream!

      Did you wake up and think to yourself, "How did I manage to understand that everything was a hallucination, but not a dream?!" haha. Really vivid sounding dream. Do you change shapes much in your dreams [bloating, animals morphing]?
    2. Mayatara's Avatar
      Yeah, something like that. But somehow I also think that deep down I had the intuition that I was dreaming and I accepted it as a dream within a dream sort of thing.
      And no, I don't morph very often. I almost always look like a hot girl - sometimes blond, sometimes black hair, sometimes red head, but very rarely I'm a man or a kid and I don't recall ever being an animal. But my body changes a little, like size of boobs or somethimes fat, but this seems to be the subconscious expressing wishes and fears, not my conscient mind making it happen. It's on my list of to-do's, to train morphing.
    3. menelvagor's Avatar
      Ahh, I see. Yeah, I feel like there are dreams where I am in someway aware that I am dreaming, but find that completing whatever I am doing/ following the dream is more important than the fact that it is a dream.

      That's pretty interesting, I really haven't ever seen my own body in a dream [except for when I'm dreaming from 3rd person, when I do it's usually accurate as far as I can tell] . Size of objects is definitely something I've found representative of subconscious expression, just as you say. For me it usually involves the size of animals or people, knives and houses. I get the boobs/fat thing though, probably a cultural/female thing

      Morphing would be amazing! or so I think.. lots of to-do's though, not necessarily the top of the list.

      I've read in your DJ that you mention a guru.. is this a DG? Or an actual guru, like religious/yoga? If so, how fortunate you are to have a spiritual guide that is open minded enough to give you advice for your lucid dreaming! I also have a goal/priority set to sit and be still in a lucid [hopefully a common activity once I accomplish it, though it's all a matter of continual effort, right?], I think incredible phenomenon could occur in such a mental state.

      Anyway. Cool dreams, thanks for the friend+, talk to ya soon!
    4. Mayatara's Avatar
      I'll reply in private