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    31 Jan: Pandemia

    by , 01-31-2013 at 05:14 PM (541 Views)
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

    I am somewhere in North America, for some kind of conference or work camp. I am in the middle of a meeting or workshop when the moderator is called outside. When she returns she looks seriously depressed. She just says we're all free to go home. We ask why, what happened and she says "It's not official, so I shouldn't be saying this, but it seems a deadly virus is spreading fast through the world and soon the authorities will tell people to stay home, so I'm letting you go ahead. Goodbye and god bless you."
    It all seems far fetched but as I walk by a lake with a colleague, in silence, we both feel it's real and it's happening. I say to her that it would have been better to be hit by an asteroid, becuase it would be quicker and less painful, but then I regret and say it's better this way, because at least it's only humans that die and the rest of the life on the planet can thrive when we're gone or nearly extinct. At the end of this park we're crossing, we arrive in the city and it seems that people are in the dark about what's going on. The subway is closed, there are no buses running, but nobody explained to people why.
    I wonder how I can go back home in another continent. For sure they already closed the airports to, before giving the news and the panic spreads. I panic for a second and then feel rested that at least my family back home can stay indoors for weeks or months due to the food and water reserves I prepared for them. I'm happy that they have a chance of survival.
    Me and my friend are stuck in this city. We watch the riots as the news are announced and it's every man for itself. We watch as former drug dealers are now selling suspicious packages of a fungus, claiming it's a vaccine against the disease. I comment to my friend that if some people survive, the history will recall that a huge percentage of deaths was not due to the disease but to the ignorants who ate that thing. We watch as the authorities warn about a mandatory curfew. All those who don't have a home, are being taken to camps. We think that's bad, because the chance of getting sick in the middle of thousands of people is greater than on our own.
    We find shelter at some technical installations of a municipal swimming pool. It's warm and inconspicuous and can be locked from the inside.
    But some night maybe someone tipped us of because a group of police or military come by, trying to open the door. There is a small hole on a wall and we furiously scratch it to make it large enough to pass through it. Like in the Matrix, we then pass into the walls and hide there very still. They manage to break the lock and they point their flashlights all over but luckily they miss the hole on the wall and they move along.

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