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    4 Apr: Crazy family and escaping abusive husband

    by , 04-04-2024 at 12:24 PM (27 Views)
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

    Marry into a rich family. Their mansion in a beautiful place surrounded by mountains, but my mother in law is insane. She wants everything in the house plus everybody to wear only white knitted clothes. It is kind funny at first, but it gets exhausting after a while. None of the sisters and cousins of my husband ever complain but the hate it to. I get an accomplice to change the decoration in the living room to colorful stuff. Off course she hates it and wants it down.

    Then I live in an apartment (looks like my mom's, but in a totally different life) and my husband becomes abusive. He keeps me locked up, I can't go anywhere except to some family or work events with him. He's been telling everyone that I'm schizophrenic, so nobody believes when I say what's going on. I always find ways to come to the door when the mailman comes or something, but nobody believes me. He keeps moving me to more and more restrictive places. Then at some party he takes me to, I refuse to go back home, keep insisting publicly that he is abusive and I demand someone to call the police. There is a couple people who give me the benefit of the doubt, I press charges, I don't go back and I stay with this lovely family. Police goes to the home and does find evidences he keeps me locked up and that I am suffering malnutrition. There is no record of me in hospital and psychiatric treatments as he claimed. I get a restraining order from him, get support and go to university to study. But gotta keep looking over my shoulder.
    I am afraid to pass under a tunnel that is so dark. Some guy passing by seems safe and nice so I ask if he can walk with me and we become friends. He is such a geek and later invites me to watch him participate in a Lego tournament for 2 or 3 days. I go and I am amazed, as he builds an entire Hogwarts castle and train from Harry Potter with regular Lego pieces.

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