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    4 Nov: Gathering in the mountains and abducted by aliens

    by , 11-04-2021 at 08:22 PM (273 Views)
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

    At some gathering with friends and strangers, Zilla is there, as well as some guys from my school time and the french girl Sophie I met in a band. We are wrapping up the party and there is food and drinks for anyone to take home. Sophie asks me if I want a packet of milk. I say no thanks, don't eat dairy. Then I check a fridge which is full of vegan yogurts and decide to grab some. Unfortunately I make a mess when splitting the yogurt cups, because the lids detach very easily. I then grab some half empty juice packages and start filling a bag with the stuff I am collecting. Then wonder if I could come during the weekend instead, with my car so I can get some more stuff, instead of trying to take this by hand today. But they say the place will be closed during the weekend.
    As I leave, I notice this place is in a mountain area and surrounded by an improvised camping site where a lot more people are staying for some more festivities. I go down a road and have a strange encounter with what seems like giant white cow with heart shaped light brown spots. She seems to try to interact with me but then I notice more people behind me also observing the being and she keeps her distance and even seems a bit disturbed by all the curious eyes. She then becomes a woman but still gigantic and very bizarre looking, out worldly. I don't understand what's going on, but someone says she is this mythical creature from this woods and she is spotted frequently and doesn't like crowds.
    As I see her disappearing down the road and people start dispersing, it is also getting dark and I spot a UFO in the sky. It seems to be coming lower and lower and nearly touches the trees around me. It is dark and has blue and green lights underneath. I go after it, in the hope to see it up close. It lands downhill in an open area by the side of another road. It is about the the size of a big car and I see two or three passengers coming out of it. I try to lay low behind some trees, but one of them turns in my direction and very specifically calls my name telepathically. I get chills down my spine. I don't know what to do, but it occurs to me to run for a second, But I immediately feel numb and paralyzed and feel myself levitating against my will towards them. I am conscious yet totally unable to fight it. When close to the ship, they release me from the tractor beam or mind spell and invite me to seat inside with them. I decide since they are being polite, to go along and try to enjoy the ride. I try to notice all the details. The feeling I have now is that of a lucid dream, I am trying to stay hyper aware and memorize all the details, but never thought this was a dream. They are three, they all look like human females with short hair and in some sort of tight tracker suits. I notice strange that although their hair colors are natural, between blond and light brown, they have incredible colored patterns t the neck level which seem to prolong onto the skin on their necks, like dye or make up. The ship is really just like a car in which there are two seats in the front and one is for the pilot and two seats in the back for passengers, separated by some kind of net or mesh. The ship is triangular in shape and although outside the chassis was dark, it looks transparent when seen from the inside. I can understand them talking among each other telepathically and to me it sounds like french for some reason. I understand the co-pilot is actually a male and he is uncomfortable with the whole disguise and specially with it being a human female. He complains about it and the others say he shall get used to it. I wonder if they are shapeshifters and I do see that area of their necks, experiencing some fluctuations, like a projection with some glitches. I fear that they might look really scary but I also try to stay positive and think it doesn't matter what they really look like as long as they treat me with care. They capture my entire train of thought and don't confirm with words but I can feel their feelings confirming this is not their true form, that they use it to look less intimidating to me, even the choice of being all female looking. I ask if they are cool or if I should worry about something. Their answer doesn't leave me very relaxed. They say they don't mean to harm me, but can't promise I won't be hurt. I ask why and they say the surgery is a bit painful. I freak out "What surgery? Why do you guys always have to do surgery? What is the purpose?" And they say it is not harmful, it is actually to make me able to survive in their ship and environment. Something about pressure and gases, they show me my abdomen swelling like a balloon and they say they need to perforate to release pressure and apparently other interventions without basically anesthetics. That I don't get why and I start feeling afraid of the pain. But they say it's necessary and that it will be compensated by the training in the theoretical part, that I will love that. And I feel curious again; "what theoretical part?'. Once again they don't use words but I get a feeling from them they will be sharing a lot of info with me for almost a week. We arrive at some kind of hangar, maybe a bigger ship that is stationed, I can't tell in the dark. There is what appears like an elevator and they put me on a stretcher and imply I will now be taken to surgery room as we ascend to space. I am like "You're really taking me to space?" Then I remember my mom and rest of the family who will go crazy not knowing anything from me for a week. I ask them to please contact my family and tell them that I am ok, but I know that they won't. Then I lose consciousness.
    And wake up.
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