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    6 Oct: Crime in the Arctic Circle

    by , 10-06-2020 at 10:32 AM (153 Views)
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening astral projection

    I am a detective with a colleague working on a case somewhere in the Arctic Circle, on a small community. It's freezing hell and locals found a body near the coast. We try to collect some evidence, but the body is completely frozen and we can't do shit and nobody seems available to pick it up to the morgue. Then someone warns us of a polar bear coming towards us and we have to run. The bear goes to the corpse with the intention of eating it, we try to scare him away but then a pack of wolves comes from another direction and we just have to give up. Next day we find bits and pieces of the corpse, like an arm and a foot.

    Later on I am somewhere in Africa visiting some friends, but on arriving at their place, I encounter dozens of lions and lionesses either roaming around or lying down in groups here and there. I jump inside a car that is parked just outside their house and call out to someone. But their door is open and I fear the worst. I drive around and find more people I know and bring them in safely into the car. We are packed like sardines and some lions get more aggressive, so we get out of there.

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