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    6 Sep: Abducted by aliens and sabotaging the MIB-alien partnership

    by , 09-06-2022 at 04:20 PM (324 Views)
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

    Me and mom have suspected for a long time that we have been abducted by aliens periodically. Then one day walking by the riverfront in Alhandra, she gets a bit more ahead of me and I lose sight of her for a bit. When I catch up and see her in the distance, I also spot a big alien ship pointing a tractor beam to her. She is starting to being pulled up and I run to pull her down, but we're both sucked in. She seems to be in a trance, but since I am extra weight that wasn't planned, I am fully conscious as maybe the effect only works on expected passengersWe are dropped at a big hangar but there are no aliens in sight. Looks more like an automated factory with conveyor belts and escalators and all the abductees move on their on while on a trance. They are taken to what look like shuttles and sent somewhere else. I observe all this while hiding, and when I lose sight of my mom again, I decide to jump out of the hangar through and opening to the ground, because I fear there won't be an atmosphere I can breathe, once it lifts off. I feel that now that I gained some insight into the functioning of the abductions, I may resist entering a trance next time I am abducted. I meet other abductees and we exchange info on methods to resist the numbing effect of the tractor beems, but nobody ever really managed to suceesfully pull it off. I am the only one who accidentally went through it consciously. Somehow, the next time that I am beamed up, I become physically numd and unable to move, but totally aware throughout. Once I am taken in the shuttles and end up at what looks like a train station inside the ship, I get out from the abductees lines and hide out. I spot some alien guards and even alien guns and I grab some alien grenade. I throw it to the middle of the "train station" and when it blows up and the aliens scramble, I sneak into a room where other humans are being held hostage. These people are also conscious. There is a blind autistic girl in the group with her mom and she is unaware of where she is and people are making an effort to keep her happy and entertained and hiding thr truth from her. I feel emotional and I share with them a plan to escape with them all. Fortunately for us, the ship is parked somewhere on Earth and is not flying in outerspace. It has many floors and we run down a bunch of stairs until the lowest floor. I sent everyone else before me and when it is my time to follow, we are surrounded by a couple drones flying over our heads. They zap us one by one and freeze us into what seems Han Solo frozen in carbonite, but it looks like wood. One by one we try to resist, but it doesn't work. Then I and another person notice a small detail, that the board people get frozen in, has a fixed size, like there is a size limitation to it. So we try open our arms and gesticulate like crazy to try to look larger and impossible to freeze. Somehow it works. One of the drones keeps flying around us and zapping us from all angles but we yell insults at it as we flap our arms and flip the middle fingers. That's when the men in black appear. A couple guys in suits and sunglasses, lead by a lady that doesn't seem very friendly. She is indeed pissed. They surround us and tells we're supposed to cooperate. Then zap us with yet another tool that makes us numb and obeyant. Then ask us to line up and march. At some point soon after, I manage to break the effect and just pretend to comply while making signs to my mates to see if anyone else is aware. I think a few of them are also slowly breaking the spell and regaining control. So I start walking sideways and going around in circles, then getting under an area with lots of valves and turning them, releasing vapors and causing chaos and confusion. The lady in black comes to me and tells me she has had it with me and asks WTF am I doing. I literally ROTFL and say that all their instruments no longer work on me and I suspect they are also not working on a few others either. Then they break character and join me in my little insurrection, grabbing the men in black. The lady then breaks down and starts talking like corporate talk, about the need to show results, to have a certain number of subjects being tested successfuly or else this alien-government cooperation will fall apart. I understand her frustration as an employee following orders. She is sitting down, defeated, while she shows me some dossier with graphs and signed protocols and explains why she has to keep doing it. Then I ask who the fuck was the stupid person who decided to secretly kidnap humans and why are they still doing it, when there are legions of human beings who would volunteer to do the job if only they were open about it and fucking asked. I tell them to just come clean and publicly announce this partnership and ask for volunteers and I guarantee they won't be short of interested people who always wanted to see the interior of an alien ship and cooperate with whatever studies they're doing and be part of the few selected ones, even if that involves a little anal probing here and there. They seem convinced and hire me as their consultant.

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