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    6 Sep: conference, college, failed sex fantasy and chasing thieves

    by , 09-07-2010 at 10:59 PM (819 Views)

    A shitty night. I was very tired but still I tried so hard to set my mind to the elevator task (task of the month). I did dream about elevators a lot, but unfortunately it wasnít good enough to accomplish the task.

    0:20 GMT Ė Sleep

    Canít recall any dream, just thoughts come to my mind, but I doubt they are related to what I was dreaming.

    3:30 GMT

    Participating at a conference
    Remember vaguely a train travel (recurrent), being in a palace-like house (another recurrent) and taking an elevator (could have been the elevator task of the month, donít know).
    Then I remember a bit better being with my mom at some conference room. We arrived late and were going to sit on the floor on the aisle, as we couldnít find any available seats, but someone just arranged us two seats, lateral, but close enough to the front. No idea what the conference was about, but there was some person speaking and it was something political.
    Then I also remember being with my mom at some snack-bar or small dinner (maybe cafeteria of this conference place) and the menu was all around pasta dishes. I had a big fattening pasta dish wish cream sauce and I still had to eat part of my mothers dish because she didnít want to eat it all and I always feel bad about leaving food on the plate.

    6:40 GMT

    College residences
    Iím staying with colleagues at what seems to be a college residence. From the main hallway, there were stairs leading to some kind of inner courts Ė shared rooms for groups of students Ė then leading to individual rooms. These common rooms were quite colourful and artistic, leaving me the impression that some of these students were art or fashion students.
    We are all departing the next day to someplace all together. Some already departed today. I just realise that I was supposed to go with todayís group and Iím pissed that now I have to spend money changing my ticket for the next day.
    When going from one group common room to my own, I have to go to the floor upstairs and on my way I encounter this little baby from this couple that is staying on their own separate double room with direct access to the hallway. The baby is lovely but too small to be playing alone in the hallway, so I stop and play with him, waiting for his parents to appear. I tickle him and he laughs like crazy. Then his parents do appear but they donít seem so happy with what Iím doing. I try to break the ice saying I was just looking over the baby so he was safe and offer to babysit him whenever they need Ė ďjust knock on my door.Ē.

    Not my sexual fantasy, sorry
    Iím on the shower with my boyfriend when some other couple I never saw in my life join us on the opposite side of the shower. Thank god the bathtub was long and we didnít even need to be close. I felt a bit uncomfortable, but hey, itís just a shower, everyoneís naked, no reason to feel so embarrassed. Iím just curious where they came from and why. But then they start having sex, more specifically, the guy starts doing oral sex on the girl.
    I am shocked. They didnít even say a word to us but then feel free to do that in front of us? But my boyfriend is getting horny and wants to play along. I am doubly shocked! I mean, Iím not extremely puritan, but I canít do certain things with people I never saw before, there needs to be some emotional connection. So I just grab a towel and leave. But when I open the bathroom door, it goes directly to the street. I donít care. I am wet, barefoot and half-naked but I just want to go away from that dream and do something else. Then Iím walking the streets, semi-lucid, enjoying being half-naked in a fancy neighbourhood, and guys in jaguars pass by and look totally surprised at me.

    Chasing thieves
    Iím coming out of a supermarket with my mom, carrying a trolley full of groceries. The supermarket is on a upper floor of some building and the parking lot is underground or ground level and with the trolley we need to take the elevator to get there.
    We are approached by a begging couple who offers to carry the trolley in exchange for some coins. We are not very willing to do so, but we agree. Then they enter the elevator with the trolley and thereís not enough space for us all. They tell us to go next that theyíll be waiting for us, but it smells fishy to me. I immediately sense that itís a scheme just to rob us. I tell my mother to stay there and I basically jump all those floors Ė maybe 10 Ė through the centre of the stairways. I manage to arrive at the door of the elevator when they have just come out of it. The problem is they have an accomplice waiting and one manages to stall me while the other runs with the trolley. But not for long. I kick his ass, capture the other guy and also kick his ass and recover my trolley. Then I go back to the elevator to go up. But strangely enough, now it is too small, only has space for myself (I guess the trolley is now bye-bye from this dream) and I canít even move. Once again I feel claustrophobic, so I decide to close my eyes until it stops. But it starts moving slower, I feel upset with that and I wake up. (Another lost opportunity for the task of the month).

    8:15 GMT Ė Wake up

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