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    7 Nov: Non-sense fragments and Trump commits suicide!

    by , 11-07-2018 at 04:29 PM (402 Views)
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

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    An homage party to Saramago (portuguese literature Nobel winner). Manuel Alegre (another portuguese guy who writes poetry but is an idiot) gets on the stage, says some incendiary things, seems drunk. People remove him by force but he picks up a fight with a young journalist and it is mayhem.

    In an hospital, some bad guys come in and make hostages. I sneak out to the next room before they see me, but one suspects something. I hide behind a reclinable chair in the room, no time to run away. They don't see me though. But other people who escaped come in and they find me. I decide to take action and with their help, I attack the leader of the bad guys. Not easy, end up fighting two people.

    In Lisbon, downtown, dressed really hot and cool, get out from whatever place I am to go for a quick stroll. Can't take to long, left something hanging. I come across a fair of second-hand and vintage stuff. Would love to look at things in detail, but I have to just pass quickly. Sellers are all young people and a couple of them block my way and insist that I stop and buy something. I say I can't, they don't seem to accept very well. I go back to the place I was before.

    With some girl friends, including Zilla, we're playing with some crazy afro wigs, testing how they look on us. They are a bit over the top, but I like it. I also try some gorgeous clothes.

    On a beach type environment, me and Riverstone are worried making shelters for us and others, due to an upcoming storm. I dig around some big rocks, making up space like some basic galleries to duck in between the rocks. Riverstone chose to built some kind of tent, that falls down at the first accumulation of rain. Somehow, Donald Trump is involved in the scene. He is going through some heavy defeat and he can't cope with the feeling, so in the midst of this storm, he kills himself. My first feeling is that a human being committed suicide and I honestly feel bad for him, but then I realize who he is and realize how this can be such great news for the world.

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