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    by , 05-02-2011 at 05:17 PM (615 Views)
    Been away for some time now. Already have 4 notebooks full of dreams on the shelf, but no time to type and post them.
    Maybe one day when my life is calmer (when will that be?) I'll find the time to do it...
    Due to life circumstances, I don't do so much mentalization about what I want to do once I'm asleep. Instead I try to keep a stable awareness throughout the day. This resulted in an increased awareness that I'm dreaming to maybe 60% of my dream time, but the determination to accomplish lucid tasks decreased by maybe 90%, so I have just been enjoying the dreams aware without much interferring on their course.
    Anyway, one of this latest nights I summoned my DG to ask her/him (depends on the occasion) about what I should do, and he told me to stop obsessing about goals and objectives and just merge completely with the experience and savor it 100%. So that's what I've been doing and there's not much to talk about it anyway.

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    1. maboroshi's Avatar
      Hi Mayatara. It's good to see from you again. I've always liked reading your dream journal entries.

      It sounds like your life is pretty eventful right now. But I hope that things are okay. Have a good day.