• Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

    My Dream Goals


    ➥Practice taking off and landing
    ➥Fly to space
    ➥Control flying speed
    •Walk through a wall
    ➥Make a portal
    ➥Through a mirror
    ➥Expecting a location to be behind a door
    •Change sizes of objects
    •Use telekinesis
    •Doing something I've always wanted to do
    ➥Using a gun
    ➥Doing a back flip
    •Shoot fire beams
    •Convince a dream character that he is in a dream
    •Morph into a creature/animal
    •Become invisible
    •Create art
    •Talk to subconscious
    •Summon an item
    ➥Weapon ⁅sword/gun⁆
    ➥Accessory ⁅diamond ring⁆
    •Summon a person
    ➥Girl of my dreams
    ➥Famous person
    ➥Fictional character
    •Drive a vehicle
    ➥Car ⁅flying car⁆
    ➥Motorcycle ⁅bike from tron⁆
    •Drink something
    •Wear an armor
    •Leap over skyscraper rooftops
    •Go to a restaurant and tell them to surprise me
    •Make a friend
    •Do intense parkour
    ➥Jumping from a very high building to another
    •Make music
    •Change weather ⁅snow⁆ (it doesn't snow in my country)
    •Perform real magic in front of an audience
    •Tell the dream to show me something amazing
    •Transform into the opposite sex/gender
    •Time travel/control
    ➥Go back in time and meet myself as a child or forward and meet myself in 20 years
    ➥Make everything in slow-motion
    ➥Speed time to 5 years forward and see what have changed
    •Re-live a memory or experience
    •Visit other planets
    •Survive a zombie invasion
    •Explore an ocean and breath underwater
    •Make things explode
    •Find my dream guide
    •Mind control DCs
    •Have superpowers
    •Talk to animals
    •Take a mystery dream pill and see what happens
    •Ride a spaceship
    •Sky dive
    •Explore a cave
    •Change sky's colour
    •Look at a mirror and see what happens
    •Experience a negative situation
    •Create my own dream world
    •Face a nightmare[/LIST]