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    1. Not a swell birthday

      by , 04-08-2012 at 11:59 AM
      I had pretty good dream recall when I had just woken up and I was about to write it down but then my sister came between me & my dream journal. Sad, sad!

      The only thing I remember issss...

      It was my birthday. Suddenly I notice a litlte worm sticking to my arm. I try to take it off but it doesn't work. I think it's yellow with black stripes and it's really really small. Lynn is there and she freaks out and says I have to go to the doctor. She takes me to the doctor and then just runs away, she seems really freaked about by the yellow-black worm. I'm at the doctors and I tell her about the worm and she looks at my arm but it's gone. There's only a little scar left. She prescribes me some medicin but then I notice it's not a scar, it's a cut and the worm has just gone a lot deeper into my arm. About now I get really disgusted. I push the cut open in order to see how far the worm has gone in. I can't see it, but the cut is really deep, though it's not bleeding. I tell the doctor and she says she'lll operate it and get the worm out.
      I wake up.
    2. Open windows might become a new phobia of mine..

      by , 04-06-2012 at 11:23 PM
      Last night was a bit of a blur. I woke up a lot (to go pee, yay, bladder infection) and dreamt quite a bit but just this main bit is still fresh in my memory, kinda:

      I'm in the bedroom of Lynn, one of my besties, but in the dream we're dating. I feel a bit awkward about it. I'm sleeping over at her place and I have to go pee in the middle of the night, return but I take the wrong door because it's a big student dorm and all doors look alike. I end up in Juanitos bed and start snuggling, then realizing it's not Lynn and say:" woops!" I go back to Lynns and we're just talking.. And suddenly this big bird comes pecking at the ceiling window and manages to get in, because the window was half open. It starts hurting us with its beak and we scream and we manage to kick the bird out of the room. Apparently the bird was Laurent, someone I went out with once, and he shapeshifted in that big bird. He looks very awful, as if he's run into a big group of dogs and they bit his clothes to pieces. We went back to the dorm but I feel really weary. Suddenly there's a dove at the window and I think: "oh no, this time you won't get in." so I push the dove away. Then a third time there's something at the window trying to enter so I give it a huge shove, then realizing it was Evelynn, an old friend. I feel horrible and go downstairs. It's daytime now and there are a lot of people; there's some sort of party going on. Evelynns family is there as well. I keep searching for her but I can't find her. I tell my mom and I start sobbing uncontrollably.
    3. from catholicism to naked mission

      by , 03-04-2012 at 10:47 AM
      I arrive at a concert with 3 passionate catholic believers and a friend (I can't remember which one). I know one of the catholics, superficially, her name is Hannelore and she used to be in my year. The other ones are friends of hers. The concert is outdoors and very small scale. The first thing I see there when I arrive are Filip, an ex, and a girl with short curly blonde hair. They seem to be on a date but they look really bored. He catches my eye and throws me an angry look. (...) We are standing in a circle and some guys come talk to us. They somehow find out Hannelore and her friends are catholics and are really passionate about it and they start making really rude comments about it. I defend the catholics. They bugger off but Hannelore is in tears, she's really hurt by what they said. The other catholics seem not to care too much. I give Hannelore a long hug. She looks really moved and surprised I did that. The rest of our company looks pretty surprised as well. (...) The catholics keep getting rude comments from people on the concert. (...) I'm on a bench with Hannelore and hugging her because she was crying, again.

      __________________________________________________ ____________
      I'm in a bar/club at night. I'm a waitress. Actually it's a special kind of bar, because the customers can also ask alone time with the waitresses to have sex with them. Ehm. I just realized I'm a prostitute in the dream. Well, anyway. People are in costumes (it's carnival, or halloween) but I decide to go naked for the night, same with some other waitresses. I'm really at ease with this though people stare and whistle and make comments all the time. There is some kind of mission which I forgot about. A friend of mine in trouble, or something. Two old guys want to have alone time with me, I first let them follow me but when we're alone in the room I kick them and run away.
      Tags: semi-lucid
    4. A serious talk and happy times

      by , 02-29-2012 at 10:47 AM
      I slept really, really bad tonight. I fell asleep only at 5 while I actually went to bed at 1. I kept waking up as well. Anyway just have two short fragments that I recall and maybe that's all there was.

      My mother is sitting in front of me, looking all serious. "Julie, there's something I need to ask you." I say: "Go ahead."
      "Are you straight?"
      "Well... I don't like to define it. I think I can fall for both sexes."
      "No. From now on, you only like men."

      __________________________________________________ _________________________________________
      My friend R. is really happy. He made up with his friend C. again. (in fact she has been ignoring him really rudely) I see photos of them making up, hugging a lot, smiling, doing fun stuff. But he's a girl in these pics. I assume he dresses up as a girl sometime and does it because it's easier to make friends being a girl. I see there are a lot of other people in the picture, all girls. "Friends of C." he says, "Haven't been bored for a split second for the last two weeks!" He seems really content and I'm really happy for him.
    5. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I have a moustache!

      by , 02-28-2012 at 11:33 AM
      This is only a short... but pretty scary one!

      I woke up in the room of my student residence but there were a lot of beds there all of the sudden and it got bigger too. The beds looked like they had been slept upon but I was all by myself at the time I woke up. A guy enters, he is short and has dark brown hair. "Chop, chop," he says, "get up, you, we're going out on a date." He hands me over my tooth brush and leaves. I get up and look in the mirror and notice I have a blonde moustache all of the sudden. I think: "oh no, nooo! I can't go on a date like this!" and yell at him that I won't go because I'm too tired. Then I take tweezers to pull out the hairs and I lean into the mirror but the moustache has disappeared. I feel relief.
    6. The Happening, or something

      by , 02-27-2012 at 01:15 PM
      There's something strange going on. People are dying and nobody knows why it's happening. Something like "the happening." I'm at home with my brother and his girlfriend. There's this big ape trying to enter our home. I'm throwing a bone or something to distract him. He can't help himself from getting the bone and I have time to lock the doors. It got really close locking the second door: the ape almost got in. I'm still scared that he'll get in by smashing a window or something. I'm convinced that he'd kill all of us if he gets into the house. I see him racing around the house through the windows but then he suddenly disappears. My dad, mom and sisters arrive now as well. We have to hurry up to get out of there. Everyone is packing his stuff together. Mom tells me not to forget my jacket and I take my old sisters ski-jacket which was hanging on a chair. Then Anso, Isa, my parents and myself get into the car. My dad tells us to hurry up. We have to go to the pharmacy to get the remedy or something. I'm worried that if we come back that it'll be too late.
    7. Never sit next to an old hag on the bus

      by , 02-25-2012 at 01:23 PM
      Alcohol gives me some strange dreams....

      I'm on a bus with one or two friends. We're going somewhere and I'm excited about it (I think a waterfall but I'm not sure... ) I'm sitting next to an old lady but I'm turned away from her to talk with my friends, and I have my legs curled up on the chair with my feet near the old woman. I'm wearing a white skirt and suddenly the old woman reaches under my skirt and starts pulling my underwear. I feel embarrassed and jump up and look at the old lady and she's making an obscene gesture with her hand. She looks really really thin and ready for the mental institution, with her eyes rolling from one side to the other.
      __________________________________________________ ___
      I'm at some event with friends. I don't really remember what the event exactly entails, but there's an inside and an outside and there are benches and there's a lot of talking... Manon really wants to take a groupsphoto. A blond girl takes the photo. We want to do a funny pose so I start doing a ballet pose and everyone copies me. (...) I'm feeling good, I talk to a lot of new people and making jokes. There's this guy who often looks at me, he's wearing a brown sweater and I think brown pants too, and his hair is dark blonde and he has a sweet face. My friend Lien says he's looking at her and tells me the guy is interested in her. I keep quiet and kind of hope it's me he's interested in. (..) I'm by myself and Lars comes talking to me because he owes me some money. He only has a bill of ten euros but I can't give him back any change so he tells me I should give him back later. We keep talking a bit and Lien catches us talking and seems upset by this. (In reality she would have been upset too, she had a crush on him and he was an asshole to her). She takes me by the arm and drags me away there, saying that Levi has disappeared and we should go look for him.
      __________________________________________________ ___
      I'm in a tunnel complex with friends. There's a small man, but sort of buff. He's also bald and wearing a sleeveless shirt. Anyway, he turns out to be a psychopath and a serial killer. He has this thing that when he's in a go-cart, or perhaps any moving vehicle, he has to start running over people and killing them. So he has a go-cart in the dream and there's a girl that runs away and he wants to chase her in his go-cart. He first looks at us but we quickly get into another go-cart so he actually thinks that we will support him in his killing mission. In reality we try to stop him. (...) We're sleeping over at Lien's. It looks different from the actual house but I'm not asking any questions. All the other people but me can sleep upstairs in someones bedroom, I have to sleep on the couch downstairs. Suddenly the killer is there. He's being okay because there's no moving vehicle around but I still don't trust him and feel the urge to strap him to the radiator. I'm thinking, "he's small, I can handle it", but apparently he's stronger than I am and he tries to rape me but then a girl intervenes. She has dark hair which she wears in a pony tail. She tells me she has experience in these situations and ties him up to the radiator. (....) I'm sleeping really badly on the couch. There's a glass of water next to me which I often drink of because I'm thirsty but it doesn't taste too good. I have the awkward feeling that people are upset with me. The next morning I talk to Lien's mother. I ask her if I can do anything to help her and she points to the couch I've been sleeping on and suddenly there are 2 beds instead of one couch. They're like sleeping couches, or couches you can unfold to beds. Lien's mother tells me I could fold them back to couches. I want to do it but then I get distracted by something and the other people are up too and helping around and the next time I look at the sofas they're already folded up. I feel guilty.