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    Why Does Everyone Want to Kill Me?

    by , 08-20-2020 at 03:22 PM (300 Views)
    Tuesday morning I had a dream that I was marrying my sister. Right before the ceremony, she was being super mean to me so I called off the wedding and ran away. Masked men tried to kill me and at one point I think they successfully shot me in my side. I ran back to the ceremony to warn the guests of the masked men. The men followed me. The men started firing guns at random hoping to shoot as many people as possible. A bomb went off and the ceiling collapsed onto my father. He looked unconscious. I ran to him crying and screaming. I kneel and check if he's breathing. He opens his eyes and I notice I'm covered in blood. My father isn't bloody, so the blood must have been mine. He tells me to run, but I don't leave his side. Then I wake up.

    This is my dream from last night into this morning.

    I'm in an unfamiliar place. Being hostile is acceptable. Pre-teen boys are rowdy and fighting. One of the boys -- let's call him Henry -- comes at me and I grab him by the shirt and pant leg and drop him sideways to the ground. Henry threatens to smash my face. "Go ahead. Do it. See what happens," I dare him. "Do it. I dare you. Do it. Do it. Do it!" Henry is so angry, but he knows that he can't hurt me because I'm much bigger than him. Instead, he smashes the face of a boy he was previously fighting with right into a table. Let's call this other boy Darrel. Darrel's head rises from the table and I can only see the back of his head. Everyone around us is gasping and begin to panic. Even Henry panics. I walk until I can Darrel's face. There's a pair of scissors sticking out from his left eye. Henry doesn't know what to do, but he grabs onto the scissors and starts opening and closing them over and over again -- cutting Darrel's eye repeatedly. I think he's dead, but he miraculously survived (less one eye). Henry runs away.

    I remember waking up after this scene ended, but I must have fallen back into the same dream.

    Henry is now out for revenge because the police are after him because of what he did to Darrel. I call it revenge because it was, of course, my fault that Henry did what he did to Darrel because I was taunting him. Henry is now acting like a murderous lunatic, which is a strange thing to witness in a 12-year-old boy. I am constantly trying to find new places to hide from Henry, but he keeps finding me and I run and hide to a new location. I'm scared and lock myself in a room on the second floor thinking I'll be safe until the police arrive. However, Henry is a stealthy little fu*ker and scales the outside of the building like Spider-Man and climbs in my room through the window. We fight. I barely escape. Now I trick him into thinking I'm hiding in another room on the second floor of another building. I start to sense the environment is like a co-ed campus in the middle of the wilderness for children who have been selected to become assassins. Henry scales the outside of the building and I see him climbing into the window. I take the opportunity to run and find a new place to hide -- trying to put as much distance between us as possible. There is a lot more of me running and hiding from Henry, but I don't recall the exact details. The last thing I recall from the dream before waking up is Henry finally found me again and I was able to incapacitate him and restrain him while the police made their way to arrest him.


    Why does everyone want to kill me?
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