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    I wasn't originally planning to write anything here, but I wanna brag about my name
    1. First and foremost, "Meiseki" (明晰) means "lucid" in Japanese.
    2. But written as 冥関, it can mean sooo much more (if you stretch it). "Invisible barrier," "divine gate," "underworld," "link between life and death," "secret connection," et cetera. This spelling is my favorite.
    3. Found another one, 迷関! Put it into Google Translate/DeepL and it means "labyrinth," "stalemate," and "stumbling block."

    MeiSEKAI is a pun on that, since "sekai" (世界) means world. It's also a nice parallel to the realms in ProSeka, a game I like. But that's not all:
    1. Written as 冥世界, it really does mean underworld/netherworld, though the "世" is left out.
    2. And as 名世界, it can mean "famous world" or "great world."

    Kanji is pretty cool, huh?

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