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    Comp Night 4 - A Very Confusing Lucid

    by , 06-06-2023 at 02:55 AM (295 Views)
    Y'know, I really love these podcasts with CanisLucidus and OpheliaBlue. They always seem to say the most useful things right when I need to hear it... even if they said it years ago.
    Anyway, on to the dreams

    Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    A girl was on the subway, heading for Japan. She was confused about Chinese versus Japanese pronunciation. Someone abruptly stopped her at 3:30 to ask a question.

    That's all. Ironically, I woke up at 3:30. Logged the entry and went to sleep, attempting WILD as usual. I used CanisLucidus's "99, I'm dreaming, 98, I'm dreaming" method this time.

    Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
    Spoiler for suicide:

    There was an immediate scene change. Now I was not even in the dream, but the "camera" was on a guy wearing a turtle shell, and he said to me, "So, you're trying to WILD? Just give it up." We both became simultaneously alarmed by his words. "I mean, no, no, never mind.... I don't know anymore, you schmuck."


    I woke up at 4:21. After recording the dream, I lay awake for at least 35 minutes, doubting if I would be able to get back to sleep at all. But I was thinking of LDing and WILD the whole time, and eventually I drifted off.


    Dream #3 (Lucid):
    Where do I even start? The order of this dream is so scrambled... I'll try my best.

    I was on a spaceship, in a small room with my mom and a cabinet of spices. Lucid from the get-go, I remembered my first three-step task: flying! I jumped up and hovered in the air, being careful not to fly through the ceiling in case the dream blacked out.

    Wriggling in midair, I bragged to my mom, "This is a dream! This is a dream!"

    She clapped and praised me
    , yet at the same time, I heard her shrieking at me to do my work. It was weird, but the image of her in that room was super vivid. I remember being amazed and hoping I didn't wake up.
    Then I had a false awakening.

    I attempted WILD by imagining my mom as she was before, and she kind of "booted up," but in the end it failed. So I went to sleep normally
    and the next thing I remember is being in my living room, lucid again. I pushed my brother aside and jumped into and through the front door, trying to teleport. I emerged in total blackness.*

    At first I assumed I had woken up, but then I thought,
    Wait, what if this is the "void" CanisLucidus mentioned? Remembering how he hailed it as an effective teleportation tool, I tried to summon up a scenery. Grainy graphics resembling the ATNRPG logo popped up.** (I started playing it yesterday.) There were four letters instead of six, and they kept changing, most of them somewhat Greek-looking. I wasn't surprised; I was glad for the typical dream sign.

    I entered what I for some reason believed to be a WILD transition. I was in the woods in front of a stream, mentally comparing it to its real life counterpart. This one had more greenery, and the trees were packed more densely. A kid from my ESS class appeared, floating face-down in the river. (I was reminded of Dazai from BSD.) But he wasn't completely limp, rather suspending his waist over the water while keeping his head submerged.

    My friend A was with me and we pulled him out, despite his struggles. "Can't you see I'm trying to die here?" he snapped.

    "You should do a better job of it then," I said coldly. "Besides, we'll get in big trouble if we're caught turning a blind eye."

    He pushed us away and even started throwing punches. A was distressed but I figured it was a good opportunity to solidify the dream. Unfortunately, I couldn't feel anything.

    Don't remember the end of the scene, maybe it was another FA+false DEILD.

    I was on a spaceship again, literally on top of it, mostly non-lucid. My body was a mechanical bunny, and making it walk was quite difficult. A little astronaut was with me, and we had to avoid these moving concrete traffic barriers; touching them would be fatal. (On some level it was a video game.)

    He opened a door for us but I somehow entered the wrong one. I came across a device with the ability to change the background of my alarm clock. I was like, "Oh wow, I never knew that my alarm clock background could change!" (I was a little bit lucid since I assumed it would change it in real life.)

    A selection of anime-style backgrounds filled the screen. I scrolled through the various themes, among them Irisu Syndrome, Yume Nikki, generic night skies, et cetera. I was going to choose the first, but I couldn't buy it because I needed 30 "tickets" and owned none.

    How am I supposed to get tickets? Never heard of 'em, I thought grumpily. I accidentally pressed a button but canceled it by hitting "esc." I think it also teleported me to the correct door and sent me through.

    I was lucid again, more than before, walking through the spaceship's hallway with a bunch of people. I decided to go with the flow and follow them, wondering if they would take me anywhere important. We went through one of those futuristic, automatic, semi-circle-shaped doors into a room I didn't pay enough attention to to remember.

    I thought of the competition, under the impression that this was its own separate dream, unaware of the false DEILDs. I said hello to a reporter lady and she happily greeted me back. Then I tried to push my finger through my palm but it didn't work at all, so I looked at my hands instead. Totally normal. For a moment I assumed it was because the dream was so stable, but perhaps I was just being cocky. I looked closer and bam, suddenly I only had three short fingers on each hand! It was so creepy I actually said "Eek!" and shook them out. I looked away and in my peripheral vision saw them return to normal.

    I worried the repulsion would wake me up, so I distracted myself by flying. It was unusually difficult; I had to kick myself into the air and flail around to stay afloat.

    "Stop that," the reporter scolded. I did, and she led me over to a marked circle on the ground, asking me some questions I didn't listen to nor answer.

    I wracked my brain for the memory of my next three-step task, but nothing came up. Again I worried about waking up, and maybe the dream dissolved, or I had an FA, but this is the next scene I remember:

    My memories of this part are particularly fuzzy, and I wasn't even in it. There was a play going on (in the same spaceship I believe) but a couple actors had been abducted—a gay boy and a pretty blond girl. An image of the latter flashed across the screen, anime style, of course. Short wavy hair, long eyelashes, a floppy hat, and a white sundress.

    Someone said, "Oh, I knew that gay guy was going to get abducted someday."

    "Well, I knew that girl was going to get abducted someday," someone else put in. [The visuals were very bad.] "[Name], you should have watched her better."

    [Name] was a teenage boy who probably had a crush on the blond girl. "I thought it would be creepy to watch her too much..." he mumbled.

    They were about to set out on a rescue mission, but before they did, I woke up for real at 5:36. There was a sort of hypnopompic transition into wakening, similar to the turtle guy but less vivid. A monk was facing the "camera" and talking about lucid dreaming. I don't remember what he said.


    The reason the order of everything is so confused in my brain is because I didn't write it down right away. When I first awoke, I still believed all those false awakenings were actual DEILDs, and I tried to do another one. But after a while I realized that this time was different than the others and I needed to hurry and write down the dream, or I would forget.

    Anyway, this is my first LD of the competition! YAY! Maybe I'll draw some pics for it tomorrow.

    Edit: Pics!

    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - ½ point
    Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point
    WILD - 10 points
    Fly + First Chosen Task - 10 points
    Interact with a Dream Character - 2 points
    *Does this count as Fully Phase through Big Solid Object if I lost lucidity afterwards? - TBD (Edit: Yep, 10 points)
    **Is this Advanced Summoning? - TBD (Edit: Nope)
    Reality Check / Stabilization - 1 point
    Tonight's sum: 26.5 (Edit: 36.5)
    Previous sum: 25 points

    Comp total: 51.5 points (Edit: 61.5 points)
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    1. DorianMask's Avatar
      Hey! I saw some spaceships last night too! Maybe I can manage my first lucid of the comp tonight
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      Congrats on the lucid dream!
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    3. Meiseki's Avatar
      Hey! I saw some spaceships last night too! Maybe I can manage my first lucid of the comp tonight
      Good luck
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      Nice drawings!
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