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    Comp Night 6 - Woke Up a Lot

    by , 06-08-2023 at 01:14 AM (106 Views)
    Slept at 11:10, earlier than usual because I was tired. Actually, I'm still tired.


    Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
    I was in S's house messing around with a girl my age, who was apparently my Japanese tutor. S's mom at some point was holding a razor doing something dangerous, but S took it away from her. Their interactions were very much like a parent-child role reversal. I(?) went up to the bathroom to do something, and their mom said, "It's definitely not the bathroom." [I have no idea what that meant or what was going on here, memories and notes are both vague.]

    Later the Japanese tutor pushed me into "my" chair (one among many) and shoved the back of it, sending me flying down a hallway. It rolled like a wheely-chair despite having no wheels and I was facing backwards. I held on tight to the seat and the dream went into third person until I hit a towel and came to a stop.

    The tutor recorded it all but messed up the editing, even though it was live? In the beginning we hadn't liked each other very much and all my awkward jokes flopped, but by this point we were best buddies. The camera zoomed in on each chair, upon which the "before and after" of different aspects of our relationship were displayed.


    Yeah, this dream made no sense. Woke up at 3:31, remembering nothing and tempted to go back to sleep without trying. But I pulled myself together and ended up remembering these two fragments—point-wise, they're the same as a full non-lucid dream.


    Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
    My mom was hosting a dinner party in our backyard, which looked more like J&L's backyard. The house was way bigger than it is IWL, and one of the guests was our neighbor Diana. I was dealing with a troublesome situation involving an animal(?) named Candy, but I can't recall the details.

    I texted J and S in a group chat, asking S when we would meet up, since yesterday they said we had to talk [true]. They didn't answer, and J suddenly sent a "Happy birthday!" message. S did the same, adding a party emoji. I checked the date on my phone and sure enough, it really was my birthday.

    I wasn't surprised, but a gloomy mood overtook me and I started complaining about how, on top of dealing with this Candy fiasco, I had to find out that no one remembers my birthday—not even me. It was a bit hard to type because my phone kept glitching, but even IWL that's normal.

    My mom came inside to grab some tablecloths for the party. I looked at her with a deep frown, the kind a child makes before bursting into tears. I didn't even know what age I was turning, but I couldn't believe she forgot my birthday. [This would never happen in reality unless she got dementia or something.]

    "What? Why do you look like that? You're on electronics too much," she said, and I started crying. "Oh, guess it's not that then."

    She went back outside without asking what the problem was. But a few seconds later, I heard her let out a terrible wail. I knew she'd realized and went out to see if she would apologize. She was hunched over on the ground, but when I went up to her, she raised her head and smiled. "You thought I forgot your birthday? Don't be silly."

    Startled by the change in attitude, I said, "Stop lying."

    It was already 3:30 in the afternoon, so if she truly hadn't forgotten, what was she planning to do? And why had she been despairing just a moment ago? There's no way she could remember yet not acknowledge it. Still she insisted, and although some doubts crept in, I refused to believe her.

    Abruptly woke at 4:11; WBTB.

    Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
    There was a group of horses talking to each other, awkward and relatable, practicing Japanese with flashcards. They took out the kanji for month/moon, but on closer inspection it became the kanji for rain. On even closer inspection, it didn't look quite right.

    Next thing I remember is being in my room, looking at an imitation painting I made of the horses. One of them was biting the other's tail, and there was a dragon on its saddle. A stone tower loomed in the distance, and two more dragons were piled on top of it. The painting was able to move like a live photo. I thought it was very futuristic.

    I had a false awakening in which I wrote down the dream, and after that I had another false awakening in which I did the same thing!
    When I woke up for real at 5:11 I was confused and lay there for a while trying to figure out what had happened. Forgot much of the dream, but the FAs actually helped me recall the details of the horse part.

    Dream #4 (Non-Lucid):
    Andrew Tate was dating a teenage boy. I saw a video on TikTok of them kissing. The caption read, "He's even a pedo now!" There was a child next to the two of them so I worried about the implications of this.

    After the kiss the (teen) kid walked away blushing. He was wearing a Hunter x Hunter shirt, and on it Killua was blushing too. I wondered if the video was fake because it's weird for non-anime people to blush like that, and the matching shirt seemed unrealistic.

    Sudden false awakening. I debated whether or not I should write down the dream, deciding to do it later since it was almost 6:15. I went over it in my head and thought, Even though it's short, it's not a fragment because that was the whole dream. So that'll be one point.

    My brothers N and Z were both awake. Z was in my bed with headphones on, watching something on his phone. I lay down and covered my ears with a blanket because N was being annoying, but when I put the cloth over my ears, I heard loud piano music and singing. It was definitely a cover of a PowaPowa-P song, not sure which one. Even though the singer's voice was shaking and too-loud and full of voice cracks, I didn't mind because I was fascinated by the hallucination. If I pressed too hard and covered my ear canals, I couldn't hear anything, and eventually the sounds stopped altogether.

    I told Z about it and he told me to shut up and stop talking to him, not meanly though. I kicked him and we both kind of laughed. I announced that I needed to pee and since it was 6:14, I figured it would be fine to get up now. I climbed down from the bed, gathered my clothes, and headed to the bathroom. But for some reason, N was about to walk in first.

    What the heck? He's in middle school, he doesn't need to get up yet. Bet he just wants to go on the computer. I told him to stop, and he backed away from the bathroom as if repelled. Behind me, I heard my 6:15 alarm going off. Oh yeah, I forgot to disable it.

    I turned back to do that…
    and woke up to my real 6:15 alarm going off. Kinda crazy!

    I may have forgotten a dream in between the third and fourth, but maybe I'm just confused. I'm disappointed in myself for missing so many dream signs, I even questioned my surroundings multiple times. But what can ya do...


    Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x4) - 4 points
    Dragons Theme - 5 points
    (3 comments - 1 point)
    Tonight's sum: 10 points
    Previous sum: 70 points

    Comp total: 80 points
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