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    Comp Nights 3 to 8 - Apocalyptic Worlds and Stress

    by , 09-10-2023 at 04:05 AM (182 Views)
    Finally got time to type this up. Great news, a couple days ago I was telling my friend S how to have a lucid dream, and that very night they had their first one! I feel so accomplished

    Night 3

    Dream #1 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: Taking something similar to IB tests, but all of them combined.

    Frag2: Screenshotting A's (illegible) vdeo a bunch of times. Laughing really hard.

    Woke at 3:10 and WBTB.

    Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
    Incredibly stressful dream. I was doing the SAT again, but it was online at home and I couldn't log in. I was very distressed over this for some reason, screaming and crying and hitting myself, but no one cared. In fact, my parental units scornfully dismissed and perhaps even blamed me.

    I continued crying until 8:00 pm when time was up. The distribution of my time spent on each section popped up on the screen, even though I had been stuck on the sign-in screen the whole time. I screamed that my parents didn't care about or understand me and my mom was like, "Oh, you think you have misunderstood problems? Do you wanna hear my problems?"

    I said yes and she grabbed Nile's ear and stabbed her fingernail into it [I actually saw a mark there IWL the day before]. I shouted in shock, grabbing her wrist to stop her.

    Later I posted online about my "panda" in Japanese and someone was confused; I explained that Nile vaguely resembled a panda.
    4:20 WBTB.

    Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
    I was telling people about my SAT dream, in an apocalyptic world with J and some random guy and eventually my ex. The random guy kept messing with my Chromebook, saying it was "cruel" of me not to charge it for him. He was annoying but manageable, so we didn't get rid of him. At some point we went out to find something and left a note so he wouldn't freak out.

    Later texted a Japanese friend on LINE, who said he would show me his "last place" in volleyball.
    7:35 WBTB.

    Dream #4 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: Post-apocalyptic world where I was worried about my dreams. Grades were involved somehow. Talking about someone's mom and the difference between two things.

    Frag2: Got an ad claiming Wattpad caused hair growth, tiredness, blurry eyes, poor posture, et cetera. Drugs "more prone to coffee-vomit," according to Wiki. Searched something up on YouTube.
    This dream was so unhinged. 8:10 WBTB.

    Night 4

    Dream #1 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: Someone hated bubbles, tried to be eco-friendly by discovering them online(?), but got mocked instead. Pre-K teacher with 76 students tried to defend them, and the one doing the mocking said "Scary." (She was kind of a Karen).

    Frag2: I was sifting through worn-out books from my dad's generation to find the meaning of life.
    4:00 WBTB.

    Dream #2 (Fragment):
    Person was trying to share their interests but kept getting shut down. 5:00 WBTB.

    Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
    Dramatic story about a kid who was separated from his mom at a very young age and never grew taller. He made friends on a snowy mountain by grabbing their sled and hopping on. Later he found out his mom was alive (I, as the NEO, was unimpressed with this development). They exchanged souls for a short time; hers resided in a horse tail, and his in a candle.

    A day passed and I became him. I'd grown taller, but she couldn't even tell! Z also invited me to play Minecraft to grind for something, as it was the last day of an event.
    5:30 WBTB.

    After that I kept drifting off and waking up again every 10 minutes. Had multiple dreams about alarms (there were none) and false awakenings. In one of them Z forced N to get up and come downstairs with him, but when I woke up N was in bed and Z wasn't even home. It was incredibly realistic, so I was surprised. Had to get up for school at 6:15.

    Night 5

    Dream #1 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: Featured a celebrity named Awami, whom people were absolutely obsessed with.

    Frag2: Left my my books in a classroom.

    Frag3: I was in a class doing activities, one of which was to make new friends. I joined a group of three, and another person came over to ask questions. When they left I said, "Sayonara and congrats, you now have three friends."
    4:20 WBTB.

    Dream #2 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: A girl was writing a positive energy book.

    Frag2: In my house but more apocalyptic. There was a strange dog on the steps, and I encouraged it to sniff me.
    This dream was really long but I couldn't quite remember it Woke at 6:15.

    Night 6

    Dream #1 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: A and I had different (illegible). I tried to show how the traits we shared should mean we shared that too but (illegible).

    Frag2: At some point we were sitting in class, and at another point J and I were in a car, and there was some BL plot, then it was my (illegible) and I was like "I don't needa park I'm a safe driver" or something and J called me an idiot.

    Dream #2 (Lucid):
    Plot1: Was in something similar to a program I did over the summer. Some girl put makeup on me, much to my discomfort, and for some reason there were clothes on the table. When I got home, two nerds were in the process of leaving when my mom asked them about signing up for colleges not listed on Common App. In response they gave her a HUGE booklet, like the size of It by Stephen King.

    Plot2: L sent a pic of me floating upside down in the air on my bike. I assumed she edited it and responded with something vaguely depressing.

    Plot3: There was a tick on my stomach. I asked my mom to get it off for me, but it crawled off, apparently not having bitten yet. (Though it was engorged and there was a dark spot on my skin). I chased it in the dark, asking, "Should I kill it?!"

    She said yes, so I raised a fist, but then she shouted for me to stop because it would run away (it was surprisingly fast). The whole time I had been wondering why she was acting so weird, and right before the dream dissolved from stress,
    I thought, "Oh, I see. This is a dream." Unknown time WBTB.

    Dream #3 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: Was looking at a painting of a girl about to punch another girl, but deciding not to because she didn't want to bloody her fists.

    Frag2: The world was ending. That's all I remember.
    Woke at 6:15.

    Night 7:

    Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    When I woke from this dream, it felt like I had been asleep for years. Doctors were murdering part-time workers, lighting their hats on fire. One seemed particularly without empathy, and I liked her.

    Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
    Possible side plot about boy and girl riding a train.

    Main plot: I was doing SAT work. My mom said I had to finish it in one day; she kept nagging me. Walking home from school, I saw a bunch of Ramune marbles and picked them up. My car passed by, my familial unit going on a trip without me, so I had to run after them by foot.

    When I finally caught up and found them in a cave-like area, I yelled, "Why do you always drive away without me?! I had to run to catch up!"

    Z just made fun of me, so I turned around and left without saying a word. I hopped some stones across a river and climbed a short rock wall, my mom chasing me from behind.

    "You need to do your work," she said when she reached me. "What you're doing right now doesn't look like work. If you score in the top 10, you can go to a good college. Why is a passing score so low… 3.5 GPA is acceptable in this country!!!" With a manic smile on her face, she started banging her head against the wall.

    "Stop! Stop!" I yelled. "There are 330 million people, of course the average isn't going to be that high! Stop banging your head!"

    She turned around and started talking about work again, and I sobbed, "Why do you hate me?!" trying desperately to control her with the NEO, but it wasn't working. It's only with this tyrant version of her that it is completely ineffective.

    She grinned sweetly. "Because you inspire me [to hate you]."

    Woke at an unknown time. After that I had another dream, but I don't remember it at all.

    Night 8:

    Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
    I don't know how, but I went to sleep at 12:00 a.m. and woke up at 12:20 a.m. with a dream. I would think it's REM rebound, but it's not like I'm sleep deprived. Well, I guess I am compared to the amount I was getting over the summer. I don't know.

    I was in the basement with Z, and he mentioned something that made me want to watch a horror movie. With a grin hiding his fear, he said, "Leave, then!"

    "You leave!" I shot back.
    Woke at unknown time and WBTB.

    Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
    Plot1: I was with K and J. Something they said upset me, so I went quiet. They were trying to (illegible), so I went to S's house, perhaps planning to do work. I stood there not intending to go in or even knock, but I was spotted and they opened the door. Nile ran out for some reason, but I caught him.

    In the parking lot a little girl was being bullied by an older boy—I think he had stolen her basketball/football. Nile was barking at them so I let him go. (Actually, it was only implied I let him go; this scene instantly changed from one to the next.) He barked at the boy and freed the ball, then lay down all cute for the little girl.

    Plot2: I was a writer for some weird publishing team. S was in a different one and I found their book online. It featured me committing suicide and was rated "the least printed book of the year."

    Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
    Not apocalyptic, but there was some "vegetable disease" going around. We also had another dog who looked exactly like the beanie baby Spunky (which J gave to me a couple days ago); it was really attached to me. I think there was a third dog as well.

    At some point my mom came home and got a scratch on her finger which I could feel (it hurt), but she didn't seem to be infected.

    Somehow our room caught on fire so I ran in to grab my valuables, then came back downstairs to get Spunky. My mom picked it up by the nose, which I yelled at her for. I wasn't allowed to go to S's house but I think I went anyway. On the way there I heard a radio show about covid and illness myths, that it's not your fault and that washing your hands isn't counterproductive.

    It was about 8:00 now, and until 9:30 I would keep waking up every 5 to 15 minutes.

    Dream #4 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    I attended a meeting for aromantics.

    Dream #5 (Non-Lucid):
    Searched up information about the veggie virus, apparently it was a specific plant from India that could only kill you if you touched it. So, if I wanted to, I could safely walk around outside. (Was asleep for 15 minutes.)

    Dream #6 (Non-Lucid):
    Apocalyptic world, we were in a strange house watching an enormous floating keyboard blot out the sun. Went inside when it got dark, I sang a song to "fill" the room.

    Someone started knocking on the door and I knew it was a killer (vaguely lucid?). He was trying to stab through the door, so I stabbed through it as well, impaling him multiple times, but he kept recovering. I NEO-summoned Omori and the killer "accidentally" hurt him and, devastated over it, left.

    Suddenly I woke up (FA) inside another strange place, wondering if it was a double illusion and I had hurt someone on my side as well.
    Then I woke up for real. (10 minutes.)

    Dream #7 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    Searching the library for books on the veggie virus. [I don't know why the veggie virus was in so many of this night's dreams.] (7 minutes.)

    Dream #8 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    Someone invented a device that improved circulation, with numerous other health benefits. (5 minutes.)

    (Another fragment, but it's completely illegible so I won't count it.)

    Dream #9 (Non-Lucid):
    False awakening. Rooted through my bed, which was cluttered with boxes for some reason. I found three missing headphones and a bunch of Nerds candy, among other things.

    Dream #10 (Non-Lucid):
    J and I went to our old teacher Ms. B for advice; something about our birthdays. I only remember her saying that parents should use both punishment and reinforcement techniques on their children.

    Night 3:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream (x4) - 4 points
    Previous sum: 43 points
    Sum: 49 points

    Night 4:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - .5 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream (x2) - 2 points
    Previous sum: 49 points
    Sum: 53.5 points

    Night 5:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream (x2) - 2 points
    Previous sum: 53.5 points
    Sum: 57.5 points

    Night 6:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream (x2) - 2 points
    DILD - 10 points
    Previous sum: 57.5 points
    Sum: 71.5 points

    Night 7:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point
    Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - .5 points
    Previous sum: 71.5 points
    Sum: 75 points

    Night 8:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream (x7) - 7 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment (x3) - 1.5 points
    Library Theme - 5 points
    Sum: 15.5 points
    Previous sum: 75 points

    Comp total: 90.5 points

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    1. theshirecat's Avatar
      Great news, a couple days ago I was telling my friend S how to have a lucid dream, and that very night they had their first one! I feel so accomplished
      Preach the word!
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