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    1. Put that tutorial in a cage!

      by , 06-05-2013 at 05:34 PM
      The room is white, featureless, indirectly illuminated, and the only object in the room is a black-metal cage, approximately 42 inches on a side. The bars are about 3 inches apart and I can clearly see that nothing is inside the cage.

      My intention is to put the Dream Control tutorial into this cage. It's what I'm supposed to do and it's also what my father wants. I did feel odd having him advise me in any way about dreaming material but he seemed to know what he was talking about, though he was never in the room.

      I struggled for a while with the concept of placing the tutorial in the cage and how it wouldn't escape the particular style of cage, since the spacing between the bars was easily wide enough to slip through (for a tutorial) when I woke up.

      I don't even know what to say about this dream.
    2. The camp, the snack-man, and Baja, New Mexico

      by , 06-03-2013 at 05:03 AM
      My son is headed to camp this summer with the scouts and I've decided to accompany them on the bus. I know I don't have enough money to actually participate in the camp but I felt like I should come along just the same.

      The bus arrives in camp and a sharply-dressed staffer boards the bus to give us the orientation directions. After pointing us in the right direction we all head towards the barracks that will be our home for the next 11 days.


      I must admit I'm fairly upset that my son has brought a huge radio with him and I'm chastising him since I know it won't receive anything anyway. Besides, we're in the woods and I'm sure people would prefer to hear the sounds of nature versus the boombox he is toting around.

      Of course, my son protests, and I decide to back off as we enter the main room of the common area. Immediately I realize how weird it will be to have co-ed sleeping quarters but in all honesty that's not important right now. I see that another parent is there with her son and she is getting him ready for his ceremonial swearing-in as the leader of the contingent. I know he's not ready for the position and isn't up for the responsibility but I keep these thoughts to myself.

      Turning around in the cramped cabin I find my son has placed his radio on a nearby dresser and has turned on the music. To my surprise it is picking up radio stations just fine, but even more surprising is the TV I see mounted to the wall as I look up. I can't believe that we're in this remote location and the camp has hi-def TV.

      My son starts eating a bag of chips and unloading his stuff from his pack. I call him into the hallway and I'm fed up with his constant eating so I start yelling at him though I'm not really upset so I lower my voice and begin talking to him in a more conversational tone. It's good that I did lower my voice as the raised tones caught the attention of the camp scout-leader and he looked worried. My attention returns to my son and then pauses as he turns to ask some of the scouts entering the room about their snacks, bags of chips and goodies that are loaded up by the armful.

      "We actually got there at just the right time, "says Kevin, one of the taller and older scouts. "The line was empty when we got there but by the time we were leaving there were fifty people lining up. I'd suggest getting your snacks now while they still have some."

      I look at my son, knowing he can probably wait, but then I think better of it and just encourage him to head up and get his shacks now. He heads out of the room and I decide to follow him.

      The main area of the camp is slightly muddy from recent rains and hundreds of pairs of boots tromping through the square. The mud continues up the steep hill that leads to where the scouts are all headed to get their snacks. The hill is grassy and has clearly benefited from recent rains but the boots of the scouts have turned the trail into a slippery and muddy path, despite many flat steps cut into the hill to prevent erosion.


      I'm especially impressed with how green this part of New Mexico looks and how nice the air is and I'm glad we're far away in a remote area of the state, distant from all the cities and urban areas that plague our home. My thought is barely finished when I come to the top of the hill and I see the distant vista of downtown Baja, New Mexico, the largest city in the state.


      I nearly gasp seeing the tall buildings and sprawling city laid out before me over the next ridge. My son clearly knew more than I did when he decided to bring the radio on this campout. Even more strange than the view is where the path now leads; We're on top of a parking garage, a muddy trail leading from the hill to the far corner of the cement parking lot. In the corner sits an older man and his friend, two chairs and a white plastic cooler their only equipment.

      I approach as my son finishes his transaction and I get a brief glimpse at their offerings. Cold beverages fill one side of the cooler and various other snacks sit on the ground at their feet, slightly hidden by the open lid of the cooler. I'm a bit put-off by this sight and I had hoped for better from a camp that could afford to put HDTV in the camper's rooms.

      It's time to head back to camp and I see one of the other scouts from our troop nearby, also ready to head down.

      "Let's race!" I call to him and the next thing I know we're both racing down the muddy hillside. I can't believe how fast I can go and after taking a particularly large step I know I'm dreaming. I can see that I'm about to land in a rather muddy spot so I pull up my feet and let my momentum carry me a distance of nearly 25 feet beyond the mud, a great moment of control and satisfaction. I want to wrap up the race in a grand way so I turn sideways and slide down the rest of the slippery hill of mud, a feeling of exhilaration that is as close as I can get without flying. Naturally I win the race.

      Now that I'm at the bottom I start to take a look around and I find the camp actually lies on the edge of a suburban part of Baja, the tree-lined streets almost giving the impression of some small town in Tennessee. Slightly in front of me and to my left is a old, brick firehouse, now abandoned, and a pair of railroad tracks lies between me and the building. A couple of cars navigate the nearby neighborhood streets. I feel so odd having a camp this close to the neighborhoods of the city.


      To complete the odd scene, a motorized contraption straight out of the late 19th century appears, an oddly-shaped machine with spinning wheels and a sputtering steam-muffler. The conveyance is clearly designed to travel on both train tracks and regular roads, overly-complicated with gears and flywheels that make approaching it seem dangerous. I watch as the machine rides the rails around the building and then enters the road on the far side of the building.

      I take this as my cue to follow the driver and I suddenly find myself in a Chevy Blazer, an older model that is both cramped and over-powered. My daughter is driving and I know she is planning on passing up the strange contraption we are rapidly approaching. My cousin-in-law leans in behind me to tell me that, "Everything will be okay, we can easily pass the machine. This Blazer has a V8 engine and is more than powerful enough to catch it."

      We pass up the machine and continue along a road that slopes down towards an intersection ahead, though my daughter shows no sign of slowing. I can see the slightly-obscured stop-sign and I yell at her to stop before we hit something. On cue a man appears running across the road, as far from a crosswalk as he could be, his diagonal path on a clear intersection with ours. I brace myself as we hit the man and he goes spinning up and over the hood, though he shows no real sign of injury and continues on his path.

      "Okay, " I'm thinking, "that was weird." We turn left at the new road and I realize we're heading deeper into the city of Baja, a place I've never been and I can only vaguely picture on my mental map as in the northern part of New Mexico. I still can't believe how green it is, but even that pales in beauty to the snow-capped mountains I see to my left, illustrating how high up we are in elevation. To my right is a wide meadow that is clearly a park used for sports like Frisbee and impromptu games of touch football. The air is warm, perhaps 60F, but there remains a little snow along the edge of the field. Every part of me is marveling at the beauty of this place and I start considering what it would take to move there from Texas.


      Sensing my desire to look around and get a feel for the place my daughter stops driving and parks the vehicle right in the middle of the lane, a bit further out from the curb than one would normally park. I watch as she leans out of the door and sprawls out over the pavement, her head in one lane and her left arm stretching out into the next lane of traffic. A car is approaching and I pull her arm back quickly to avoid it being in the way of traffic. My pleas to get up go unheeded and I can't believe she would go to this length just so I can look around at the trees and mountains, a scene I know my mind has created but clearly a place I want to explore.

      Unfortunately I wake up, remembering a location and experience more pleasant than I could possibly describe.
    3. A Visit To The DreamWorld Academy

      by , 04-23-2013 at 04:59 PM
      I've been working on the reopening of the DreamWorld Academy section of the forum and I guess it has influenced me. :)

      I'm standing on a balcony overlooking a moderately wide castle room below me where my friends stand in front of a large fireplace. The walls and floor of the room and the balcony I'm standing on are all made of large blocks of worn, gray stone. The room is warmly lit by candles and some other unseen source but no fire burns in the empty fireplace.
      The walls are sparsely decorated with a few key paintings and tapestries. The room has a couple small tables near the walls and one larger table in the middle of the room, complete with an oil lamp and some nondescript items on the table. Above the fireplace is an engraving noting the lineage of the DreamWorld Academy but the few words are not written in English.
      As is common in my dreams I have a mixture of celebrities and animated characters as my acquaintances. Tom Cruise is dressed like some kind of ranger, Barry (the fat kid on American Dad) is looking smarter than usual, and an Asian schoolgirl with dark hair and the typical short skirt stands off to the side looking meek but capable. Tom Cruise is holding a long, wooden staff at his side.
      Without warning the floor around the fireplace begins to rotate on a pivot, revealing a new chamber behind the fireplace. Barry and the Asian girl step off the rotating floor but Tom Cruise quickly examines the situation and drops his staff to prevent the panel from completely rotating and cutting off the group's entry.
      A distant light-source is visible from the next chamber and the light appears as though it does not come from a source of warmth. The light appears cold and bright, almost ethereal but not wavering. Just as everyone turns to look in that direction to see the interior of the room...the dream ends.

      It's a good first visit. I plan to try and incubate future visits.
    4. Lucid and Singing at 7-11 - 04/21/2013

      by , 04-21-2013 at 06:39 PM
      I'm not usually one to sing around people, at least not on my own, so when I found myself in the middle of a 7-11 singing along with the overhead music I became lucid. It's not uncommon for me to have music in my dream or sing inside my mind while in the grocery store but this is a new treat for me in a lucid dream and I go with it.

      The song I'm singing is All-Star by Smash Mouth, not my first choice for a musical number but apparently easy to remember. As I begin singing I start walking around the aisle, checking out my control and it occurs to me that I should make the most of this neat scene. I have always wanted a musical number in my dream and now I have one.

      As I finish the first stanza I slightly raise my arms and the dozen-plus people in the store all stop in place, shopping baskets in hand, and begin singing the chorus. It sounds really cool and I'm totally digging on making this happen.

      "All that glitters is goooolllddd! Only shootings stars break the mold!"

      I continue singing and I'm even impressed I can recall the words so easily. the novelty of singing in a dream isn't wearing off though I find I'm not so keen on my voice as the solo participant. Still, I keep singing as I slowly walk among the stock-still shoppers.

      "It's a cold place, and they say it gets colder
      You're bundled up now, wait 'til you get older
      But the media-men beg to differ
      Judging by the hole in the satellite picture."

      "The ice we skate is getting pretty thin
      The water's getting warm so you might as well swim
      My world's on fire, how 'bout yours?
      That's the way I like it and I'll never get bored."

      And again the people erupt into song and I'm thankful to blend in with the harmony.

      "Hey now, you're a rock-star
      Get the show on, get paid..."

      I don't know any of these people but it's funny watching them standing there like an awkward music video.

      "All that glitters is gooolllddd!"

      As they sing this part they raise their arms in the air and wiggle their fingers for emphasis. I can't help but smile. :)

      "Only shooting stars break the mo-o-ollld!"

      The song ends and I'm slightly glad the pressure is off. My throat feels dry and scratchy and I wake up, still smiling and feeling happy.

      I'm an All-Star! :D

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    5. 04/11/2013 - How Lucid Dreams Work - 1st dream (lucid)

      by , 04-11-2013 at 07:06 PM
      I'm chatting lucidly with a male DC that seems to be almost otherworldly. He appears human but there's something more to him that I perceive as futuristic and knowledgeable.
      My surroundings are unimportant and appear to be contained within some misty cave, dark and foreboding, secretive, the kind of place where stuff like this happens.
      The man is dressed in white clothing and is holding a box to his chest, about 12 inches on a side and perhaps 7 inches thick. It appears to be internally illuminated and glows a light green color, though it is not transparent.
      The man explains to me that if I place my hand on the box then the patterns my hand makes will determine the kind of lucid dream I have. This isn't hand-reading technology but in fact responds to various patterns, and it's these patterns that control all kinds of dreaming.
      I place my hand on the box and the scenery around me shifts to a brilliant blue view of the ocean from cliffs. I flex my hand and it changes again to scenes from past dreams, odd-looking skies and places that don't exist.
      I want to step into one of these scenes but everything gets fuzzy and I wake up, needing to pee. :(
    6. Learning About Gollum - Dream 2 for April 7, 2013

      by , 04-07-2013 at 05:13 PM
      I am visiting a large multi-story sound stage where the next Hobbit movie is being filmed. Today, OpheliaBlue and I are visiting with Andy Serkis to find out how he plays Gollum and what is involved with making his character come to life.


      My view shifts to the upper-most reaches of the stage area some four or five stories above the ground. The scenery is so intricate that the design team has to make props and paint this high up to convey a real feeling of the fictional location. I'm rather impressed but I want to go back down to stage-level where all the people are. My will brings me on a twisty descent back to the ground, an action I know I should be doing while lucid yet somehow I don't think I am.

      (This is as close to lucidity as I get in this dream)

      Andy is letting us know about the makeup and shows us the cameras used to film the movie and I find it surprising that instead of the normal practice of using a combination of motion and facial capture devices he is in full prosthetic makeup. This makes it odd talking to him because we can see him as Gollum but his voice comes out in normal speaking tones and he seems quite happy, an unusual expression to see on Gollum's face.


      Some more details happened but I've lost them.
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. A Flooded Road, A Negligent Cop, and Anderj101 Gives Me a Wall of Text

      by , 04-07-2013 at 04:56 PM
      The road that leads up the hill from my current home is actually the same road I used to walk up to get home from school when I was young. For some reason the Neighborhood Association has seen fit to flood this area with water that is almost waist deep. In my mind I'm questioning the wisdom and reason for this decision and can't come up with any rational explanation for it.


      I do recall that when I was young the intersection by the corner of the school property would get some standing water in it, maybe enough to splash a little while riding a bike through it. It never seemed deep. Now...the water is deep enough to require wading and it seems to be at least knee-deep for a couple-hundred feet. I don't get it. I know the water hasn't always been there because I can even remember how it looked when the road was given fresh asphalt when I was still in school.
      Sadly I never solve this mystery but the water seems to no longer hinder my movements after a few minutes of pondering. I'm still standing at the corner and I see a game-disc for one of the Playstations in the house. I pick it up and start to put it on the shelf which appeared next to me but I realize that if I do my son will come and take it to his room. I put it on the shelf anyway but I push it further back so that he may not notice it immediately. I don't really have time to deal with its placement at the moment.
      I get in my SUV and look back to see a police officer approaching the intersection and he seems a little inattentive to his driving. To prove this he turns onto the side road I am on, just a little over from the flooded intersection, and sideswipes my SUV. WTF! I keep watching as he passes me without stopping and proceeds to a house a short way ahead of me. He gets out of his Bronco-style vehicle with a large bouquet of roses that he clearly intends to give to some lady he is enamored with. I suspect his love has blinded him to anything else in life, yet I find no joy in this. I'm still left with a damaged vehicle.


      I get out and begin examining the Lego constructions that my son has left on the shelf across the street (which still looks like the neighborhood but is somehow part of his room). Some are larger than others and represent different times of his life but all are complicated and intricate.
      Coming to my senses I literally ask myself out loud, "What am I doing?! My vehicle just got hit!" I put the Legos down and start examining a piece of sheet metal about 3 feet on a side. It's bumped and damaged from where the police officer's vehicle struck it though I can push out the dents by hand. I wonder if I can do the same for my vehicle and I only briefly wonder why I'm looking at a piece of sheet metal from my son's toy box.
      As if on cue my son shows up to ask me what's wrong. We get in my vehicle which seems to be a combination of my SUV and a house I've never been in but apparently share with my family and anderj101, among others unnamed. I really feel the need to make a report about the police office that struck my SUV and I turn to see his license plate. The numbers seem to change and at one point I even think it starts with an exclamation point.
      Staring at it long enough helps resolve some of the numbers just before he drives away though I know it will be easy to identify him to the police. He not only had damage on his vehicle, his vanity plate indicated he was from California, a little far from his normal jurisdiction.
      To communicate this I decide to use my vehicle's console to send a text-style message to the police. I want to start typing but the text-box is filled with characters clearly put there when anderj101 was visiting some other website filled with hundreds of chat room names. These room names take me forever to delete as I have to push a button to remove text and the screen only shows one text-line at a time. I've got to tell anderj101 not to use my vehicle for surfing chats in the future!


      To type this message, which I decide I should post on DreamViews, I have to push two buttons on the dashboard until the proper character is displayed and then move the cursor one space over. It's a frustrating process and I know it will take forever yet I plod on, slowly working out my message about the terrible officer.

      And that's all I remember clearly. I know there was also some strange demon-like person wearing a hooded robe that I took for an obscure forum member who advised me on my memories of the flooded intersection but I can't quite put it into the context of the dream.

    8. So...many...rats

      by , 04-06-2013 at 07:55 PM
      So much sadness...see the note following the dream.

      The first details of the dream are lost but I remember standing with Jen along the north side of the house I grew up in. Trees are around and above me, and to my right are the railroad ties that separated my property from the neighbor's.

      I was thinking about how I heard noises the previous night and thought maybe a rat was under the house. I was telling this to Jen when I looked down and saw a blue rubber drainage hose used for draining the washing machine. It was larger than normal and near the end was a large motionless rat.

      I pointed at the rat to illustrate what I had just been saying. "See? I guess it ate the poison and once it bit into the hose and found water the poison became activated and killed it." At least, this was my theory.

      My gaze travelled to the left and I knew I was correct as I saw another rat, and then several more. I couldn't believe the poison had killed so many rats. Of course I was wrong. As I continued to leek left and see more rats I discovered some were still moving and actively biting into the hose. The more I looked to the left the more alive the rats seemed to be.

      I began counting them. One-two....three-four-five-six....seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. That must be all of them. Wait, no, there's more. Twelve-thirteen-fourteen...fifteen, sixteen, seventeen! Wow!

      I'm not sure which amazed me more, seeing 17 rats ranging from dead to alive munching on the drainage hose or actually counting from one to seventeen without becoming lucid enough to actually do something.

      I woke after this for the need to pee...stupid body.

      WHat really made me sad was that I had hoped to have a good sleep period with strong dream recall, you know, because there wasn't any need to wake up early on a Saturday morning. Unfortunately that plan was foiled by my friend calling me at 8:49 AM and waking me to remind me the Scouts were going to do a team-building course this morning and they were meeting at 9:00AM. The act of rushing to get myself and my son dressed, fed, prepared with lunch and up to the meeting place pushed all thought of dream recall from my mind. :(
    9. The Queen Visits Austin and I Have a Lucid Roll

      by , 04-04-2013 at 10:01 PM
      Something about airports has always fascinated me.

      The beginning details of this dream are still lost in the haze but my first memory places me outside a long building that stretches into the distance on my left side and in front of me to my right. It's perhaps 3 stories tall with lots of windows and corrugated metal walls painted white. I think this is what made me think it was an airport.


      In front of me on the ground is a long run, similar to the ball return at a bowling alley, but thinner and closer to the ground. The opening of this tube/run is small, about the width of a soda can, and can expand slightly like the elastic sleeve-cuff of a jacket. For some reason this seems like a good place to stick my sandwich, though I know it may get sucked through to the other side of the building.

      And it does.

      I walk into the building which I know must be an airport. The ceiling is low, like a cheap office, and the ground floor isn't spacious at all. Old tiles, old walls, and some cheap potted plants reminds me of an office-scene that was already old by 1983. Still, something tells me I belong here or fit in and therefore no one will mind if I go to the other side of the building and out onto the airport tarmac.

      It's noisy out here, windy, and I can see the jetways that stretch out to planes when they arrive at the gate. To my sudden surprise a large plane lands in front of me after passing quickly overhead. It's white with red engines, about the size of a 737, but it's sleek like the Concorde that used to fly over the Atlantic. I can tell it's a very powerful plane and the sleek design suggests someone wealthy owns it.

      (like this but with round engines on the wings)


      Like a slap to the face I realize the plane belongs to the Queen (of England) and she has decided to make a surprise visit to Austin. I can't believe my luck that I should arrive at the perfect moment and decided to get past all airport security to be where I am when she arrived. The first thing I think to do is make sure my hair is in place, though the wind prevents from being anything close to tidy.

      I turned around to look back towards the doors she will use to enter the airport and I feel sudden anger that my sandwich is still missing. Even worse, the end of the run I placed my sandwich in on this side of the building is buried by junk and bags of garbage. In a near panic I run over and begin moving the bags so they will be less of an eyesore. It takes several minutes but I manage to stack all the garbage in a rather neat manner off to the side, giving the impression that the refuse was placed there on purpose in a semi-neat fashion and should just be ignored. I hope the Queen will pardon the mess.

      Where the garbage had been I now find the hole in the ground. The opening stretches easily allowing me to reach in though I don't remember feeling anything. I merely recall being happy to have my sandwich back. I'm so happy I decide to show the people standing nearby (who just appeared to watch me) how easily I can do a forwards flip, a maneuver I've never done before. [B]Being inside a dream (suddenly lucid) I suspect the move will be really easy.

      I move forward slightly and drop my head, allowing my body to come over my head and upper torso. Next thing I know I've done a forward roll and I'm marveling at how easy it was to achieve. I think about other things that are easy to do in dreams and I recall some past moments but I attempt no further moves. I think I'm just glad I could do it at all and I suspect I learned it from watching my son.[/B]


      And that's all I remember.
    10. The Tom Robbins dream

      by , 04-02-2013 at 08:09 PM
      I remember trying to sleep in a bed located in my former neighbor's carport. I'm covered and slightly behind something but I have a slight view of someone moving about and trying to steal something about 15 feet in front of me. I'm hidden slightly so I know they can't tell I'm awake as they lurk about.

      The outlined shape of a woman resolves itself and I can tell that the blurry shape is actually the next-door neighbor. She is trying to be stealthy and get behind me so I discretely keep one eye on her movements. She picks up a book from the table behind me and I realize it's my copy of Half-Asleep in Frog Pajamas by Tom Robbins. I can even see the cover clearly.

      **Despite this, I don't think of the author's name until I'm awake.**

      The woman is about to step away from the table and I say, "It's a good book." She stops, looks at me knowing she's caught.

      "Does he have any other good books?" She asks me in a quavery older-woman voice.

      "Of course," I reply. "There's [U]Even Cowgirls Get The Blues[/U] and Skinny Legs And All...I think my favorite is Jitterbug Perfume. Oh, and Still Life With Woodpecker."

      I'm impressed that I can recall all these titles in a dream and I realize I'm dreaming at the same moment.

      After that all I really recall is being near a Laundromat and the walls opening out from the building. I had to get up too early and should have worked on recall instead of waking my daughter for school. ;)
    11. The Snowie Ophie

      by , 04-02-2013 at 06:50 PM
      This is a fragment from two nights ago.

      I'm in space...or at least my perspective is in space, much like viewing a movie where the camera is in space.

      Approaching me is a spaceship...sort of like the Discovery in the movie 2001. It's coming towards me and is about to encounter the Snowie Ophie, an anomalous object in space that looks...odd.

      Imagine viewing a large mushroom from above...now slice off the top part of the cap and the mushroom just above the stalk, including the veins. What you have left is a brownish-gray mushroomy disc floating in space. That's the Snowie Ophie (as in OpheliaBlue).

      I don't know why it was there but it was significant.

      This...means...something. Wish I knew what.
    12. Legos and A Map To My Doctor

      by , 03-09-2013 at 03:47 AM
      First thing I can recall is being in my doctor's office. Of course, as n most dreams, nothing is right.

      The interior of the building is appointed much like so many medical buildings...utilitarian furniture and carpet in shades of gray and brownish-orange. I'm on the ground floor of the building and behind me is a large waiting area, a large skylight illuminating the far wall and a patch of floor near the door that leads to the patient examination rooms.

      Something drew me to a desk in front of me, slightly closer to the middle of the building. A man (possibly a doctor) and a woman need to find their way to my doctor's office and I know I can help. I tell them...

      "I have an app on my phone for that. I can help!"

      The doctor and I both pulled out our phones. I watched him press a small recessed button below the screen of his phone and the display lit up with the time and some other useless stuff. I pressed a similar button on my phone and a map of the building appeared on the screen. Drawn on a white background was a pattern of the building in black and red lines, and peering closely at the screen revealed the names of doctors corresponding to where they were located in the building.

      At one end of the U-shaped building was the area behind me, Doctor Walker's offices, which was where the lost people needed to go. Following the map I saw the entire shape of the building, the map auto-rotating to reveal the other levels and the offices within. The 3-story building was quite intricate on the map though it was only three stories at one end of the building.

      I felt I had done a good job drawing the map, especially since I had done it on my phone with my finger an a drawing app. An overwhelming urge to build the structure came over me and I leaned down to my Lego box to begin assembling the necessary pieces. I started with a green base which I attached two large supports from the farm-kit my daughter had in her Lego box. I was slightly bothered because they were tan but I wanted them to be red. I knew there was nothing for it so I continued building, adding pieces to link the supports together.

      Unfortunately my building skills in the dream were less than stellar and my construction kept falling apart. My frustration is all I recall, though I believe the dream continued on.

      [B]Oddly, drawing a map and working with Legos are both dream goals of mine for future lucids. I hope I can work these elements into a lucid dream.[/B]
    13. Leash Law in Waco

      by , 03-07-2013 at 12:07 AM
      I travelled to Waco, Texas, to give my friend something. Was it a sleeping bag? A large jelly roll? I don't know...but it seemed like a bundle of some sort. I never found out what it was because it became a small dog.

      The dog wiggled in my arms as the building I stood in resolved into a veterinarian's office. I guessed the dog needed to pee by its wiggling and the stressed expression it displayed. I turned around to find the wall missing and I'm staring at what should be a dog park in Waco, though it appeared like the intersection of Rundberg and IH-35 in north Austin.

      Across the street was a gas station which looked much like the lot I was standing in, yet I held to the conviction that I was in a dog park and the police would be none-too-happy if I allowed my dog to roam without a leash, even for the need to pee.

      I implored the vet to give me a leash but he told me again, though I missed it the first time, that the dog would be fine and no leash was needed, nor available. I took a chance and let the dog down...

      And then something happened but I forgot it. Damn these weekday dreams!
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    14. The Escalator in L.A.

      by , 03-06-2013 at 05:33 PM
      California is indeed strange.

      I was driving my son to see my dad in the San Francisco Bay Area, coming from Texas. The highway stretches out in front of me with little on either side, but ahead of me is Los Angeles. The sky is clear above me but ahead dark clouds loom over the city, appearing like angry storms. I attribute this to normal California fog.

      L.A. is just a stop in California before we turn north, a place to get some food and stretch our legs. We decide to go to a multi-level shopping mall with wide open spaces and skylights that keep the place well lit.

      I don't recall all of the details but I know a food-court was present and even some of my son's friends from scouts. I know I felt odd about that seeing as we were in California.

      [B]When we headed out we had to go down an escalator and running down it caused me to become lucid. I knew it felt oddly out-of-place and looking down I decided it would be better if the escalator was sloped instead of having steps I could trip on. The escalator took on the appearance of a moving sidewalk similar to ones in airports all over the world, except with a downwards slope. (I realize as I write this that I've been on a sloped moving sidewalk before at a grocery store in Oakland)

      Reaching the end of the sloped sidewalk I knew my movement would carry me too far over and I would fall, so I picked up my feet to hover my way to the doors of the mall. I've flown many times, or floated, but never before have I done it in a fully up-right standing position while moving horizontally. It was a neat feeling, as though solid ground was beneath my feet so I had purchase yet being propelled along with no effort and no ground-contact.[/B]

      After that I went to my dad's house, used the toilet and wrapped my nude body around the backside of the toilet while lying on the floor, staring up at one of my dad's friends. Honestly that part wasn't really interesting so we'll just leave it at that. ;)
    15. A Fragment of Italian Truth

      by , 03-04-2013 at 07:14 PM
      Sadly I can only recall an interesting fragment of my dream but I know it involved searching for a video on the internet which showed once and for all how the Italians had learned the ultimate secret to life and happiness and had put it in a video which starred Hobbits and Mario Bros. characters.

      Sadly, I saw it but then lost the link and could never find it again. :(
      Tags: happiness
      non-lucid , dream fragment
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