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    MeltingCORE's Dream Pyramid / Emily's Horizon

    MeltingCORE's Dream Pyramid / Emily's Horizon

    by , 10-03-2022 at 05:08 PM (135 Views)
    I will collect the dreams I've written recently on Discord to my friends in my first post! I have many more dreams beyond this (hundreds upon hundreds) but I'm just going to keep those archived on my computer. Can't get too silly now trying to upload every single dream I've had written down before this.

    Dream One (9.11.2022)

    I was in a big, random elementary school. A kid was crying because of over-stimulation (autism) and I was showing him toys to calm him down. There was a nice, older nurse and she asked me: "You usually work with special education kids, don't you? I can tell." (Yes, I do - in waking life!)

    Dream Two (9.17.2022)

    I had a dream about AI art overrunning real human artists on Instagram. (This is a big talking point in the waking art world right now.)

    Dream Three (9.18.2022)

    I had a dream about a bad person from my past. Their photo infected my laptop and then their face distorted into this ugly, monstrous thing. They had eyes oozing with pus everywhere and melting flesh from their skull. They hijacked my Discord and typed "I have become the villain the world wants me to be". (In waking life, I'm no longer worried about this person bothering or stalking me anymore.) Then in the second dream, a horse monster appeared and devoured a guy in the background. You could see him through the stomach and he was on his phone, completely unphased. Truly messed up. You got eaten, you're going to die - who cares about social media then!?

    Dream Four (9.21.2022)

    A false awakening. I "woke up" and went to use the bathroom. I noticed all the lights were on at 6:00 AM for some reason. I saw my brother and mom talking in the living room. I was like ??? and turned the light off in the bathroom. All the lights in our apartment turned off. When the lights were off I saw my brother and mom quit moving, like they were statues. When the lights came back on, they were gone. And then I woke for real and it was 2 AM.

    Dream Five (9.28.2022)

    I was flying in the sky, high above Hurricane Ian with lightning powers (that also somehow prevented me from getting cold so high in the atmosphere). Then there was a scene where I was trying to stop the Earth from getting sawed in half by a giant, cyberpunk saw.

    Dream Six (9.30.2022)

    I was with Steppe and Wunda in a random elementary school. I was trying to reset the timeline because we kept getting wrecked by Darkseid who would appear through a portal. (I guess he was mad about two soldiers being taken away!) At one point I was talking to them both on cellphones (we were at different areas of the school). I cautiously told them: "Remember - don't believe the propaganda, we are but mere tools to him". And then the screen turned bright red and shattered. I woke up. (These are all characters in a fan novel I'm writing for the DC Comics' series "New Gods". My book is called "Red Shift".)

    Dream Seven (10.2.2022)

    I was in an elementary school and was working on the "Red Shift" visual novel. I accidentally released the whole thing to the public (despite it not being done). People around the school suddenly started giving me reviews of the game. They were saying things like: "Great premise and locations but it feels unfinished? 8/10". (IT IS. Also, why the high review if it feels unfinished?)

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